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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, So I've taken a long break, but I am back and will be running the monthly events down at Wayland Games Hockley, to help bring some of the local life back to the game. Link to Wayland Games Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/731292680374409/?active_tab=about Venue: Wayland Games, 17-19 Eldon Way Hockley Entry: £10 To be Paid on the day at the venue. Date: July 28th 2018 Starting at 10:00 and finishes at 18:00. Date Confirmed. Player Slots: 12(/24 to be discussed) Available. Rules: 3 rounds, 50SS, fixed faction. Standard GG2018 Rules. Rounds will be 120 Minutes long. Player Scoring: This will use the standard scoring for tournaments in the UK. The "Bag 'o' tools" app will be used. The game will be submitted for UK rankings. Schemes to be generated soon. Round 1 Schemes & Strategies: Deployment: Standard Strategy: Ours Scheme 1: Guarded Treasure Scheme 2: Covert Breakthrough Scheme 3: Public Demonstration Scheme 4: Show of Force Scheme 5: Inescapable Trap Round 2 Schemes & Strategies: Deployment: Flank Strategy: Public Executions Scheme 1: Eliminate the Leadership Scheme 2: Hold Up their Forces Scheme 3: Set up Scheme 4: Take One for the Team Scheme 5: Undercover Entourage Round 3 Schemes & Strategies: Deployment: Close Strategy: Supply Wagons Scheme 1: Guarded Treasure Scheme 2: Take Prisoners Scheme 3: Search The Ruins Scheme 4: Vendetta Scheme 5: Dig Their Graves Prize Pool: Will be provided both by myself and Wayland Games. Entries 1. Insomniakwulf (Reice Chaudrhy) 2. Granty1982 (Grant Dickenson) 3. Gitli (John Burgess) 4. Kewldown (Soner Hasan ) (filler) 5. GMFaux (Harley Lazzel ) 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  2. Insomniakwulf

    April Demo games at Wayland games, Hockley

    If you would be interested in having getting into malifaux i am free most evenings from about 6pm, please feel free to message me if you would be interested, and we can get something arranged. Wayland Games Limited 17-19 Eldon Way Hockley Essex SS5 4AD United Kingdom
  3. Greetings all, I'm running an 8 player tournament to generate some money for new malifaux terrain for the community. NOTICE: This is my first officially run Henchmen event, I hope the information here is correct, and that I have posted it in the correct place, if not please notify me and I will correct ASAP. Cause: The Malifaux Community In Southend is finally in a position to grow so I am running a small tournament to help it. Venue: Wayland Games, Southend-On-Sea SS1 2NE. Entry: £10 Entrance can be paid on the day as long as its confirmed with me. Preferably pay can be made to my personal Paypal. Please put your User-name on the notes of the paypal transaction. PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/Kewldown/10 Date: July 15th 2017 Starting at 10:30 and finishes at 17:00. Date Confirmed. Player Slots: 8 Taken. Rules: 2 rounds, 50SS, fixed faction. Standard GG2017 Rules. Rounds will be 2 hours long with 15 minutes separate set-up time at the start. NOTE: Although I would like this tournament to be beginner friendly, it is a tournament, so bring out all your Malifaux Faction filth in hopes to win, no one wants to pull any punches. Player Scoring: Win : 3 Points Draw: 2 Points Loss: 1 Point 1-3 Victory Points: 1 Point 4-6 Victory Points: 2 Points 7-9 Victory Points: 3 Points Tournament Day Plan: 10:30: Arrival & Greetings 11:00: Round 1 Organization 11:15: Round 1 13:15: Lunch 13:45: Round 2 Organization 14:00: Round 2 16:00: Prize Giving 16:30: Relax, Unwind and Chat some Wyrd Round 1 Schemes & Strategies: Deployment: Close Strategy: Extraction Scheme 1: Claim Jump Scheme 2: Dig Their Graves Scheme 3: Leave Your Mark Scheme 4: A Quick Murder Scheme 5: Last Stand Round 2 Schemes & Strategies: Deployment: Flank Strategy: Guard The Stash Scheme 1: Claim Jump Scheme 2: Accusation Scheme 3: Leave Your Mark Scheme 4: Show of Force Scheme 5: Mark For Death Prize Pool: 1st Place: 2 Guilders, 1 Small Mystery Box, 1st Place Certificate 2nd Place: 2 Guilder, 2nd Place Certificate 3rd Place: 1 Guilder, 3rd Place Certificate 4th Place: 1 Guilder 5th Place: 1 Guilder 6th Place: 1 Guilder 7th Place: 1 Guilder Best Painted Crew: 1 Small Mystery Box Entries Kewldown - Guild Manxs - Neverborn Potato-Dono and Molasses - Guild Into-the-dreamland - Ten Thunders InsomniakWulf - Filthy Un-dead Horde Gems93 - Neverborn fanteegi - Ten Thunders Bucky0H - Gremlins Have a Great Day, Your Friendly Henchmen Kewldown