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  1. Mine's up in the Elims. Still not entirely happy with it. I feel like the wings need more work but I'm just not sure how suggestions are welcome! Anyway, I'm calling him done for now, or I'll never stop haha And then I'll forget to actually upload the pic!
  2. (Mostly) Malifaux related miniatures and terrain pieces (or pieces suitable for any game)
  3. Ouch hon that really sucks I hope you heal very quickly and everything goes better for you!
  4. Err what's our Drop Dead date btw? I'm prolly missing it (am bit blind anyways) Also, WIP??
  5. That's what you win 😃 forward movement. And a painted mini! lol (or two... or three..)
  6. I can't believe how long t his dragon is taking... I've been doing orks for my 40k army for so long I feel like I should have been done days ago and I"m still working on the body lol
  7. It totally looked like this was reading the forums at first lol
  8. Yes! I finally found my gallery again lol
  9. See if I can get this to work... Booo nope, can't get pic to post. Oh well, I'm doin a Reaper Bones Dragon =D
  10. wow some of those were *close*!! well done everyone who finished =D
  11. He looks awesome Darthslider love his base!
  12. Love her so much! that brown is gorgeous and that base fits her perfectly as well! I'm sadly not rebasing mine at present - he's going to eventually be part of a larger group of similar minis and I prefer to base them all at the same time (I've found it keeps it a lot more consistent!)
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