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  1. Found this on Wayland games, thought it might be of interest. Looks like the spelleaters master, and Syndicate/seeker master?
  2. Someone who attended GAMA earlier this year posted this image, I imagine the timeline may have shifted though...
  3. Igpus

    Fae T-Rex

    Unfortunately, even if the Malisaurus Rex has the beast key word, Marcus won't be able to take it. Looking at the box it's faction is The Explorer's Society only, not Explorer's/Neverborn.
  4. @Mason So what size are the new cards going to be? People need to start sourcing new card sleeves. And can you advise approximately when m3e will be released? Half a year? A year? I can't be the only one holding off making any new purchases until it's released; especially as i'm a Neverborn player, so much uncertainty...
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