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  1. Yeah, should pay more attention to that possibility, thanks!
  2. I think, there are two ways: Firstly, they may help Mah fighting with enemy - make them stronger in melee, or make them ignore friendly fire, or smth like that. Secondly, make Pit Traps more usefull - let Bushwakers push Pit Trap markers, like Kaeris, or make them create Pit Trap SUDDENLY, when an enemy model in 6 declare a walk action (as for me, that would be very fun and cool ), or anything else
  3. Well, I don't see a good universal teem for Mah. Mah's idea - to go forward and to beat the opponent's models. But there are only roosters who can create attacking pressure. Brin and Trixiebelle are marvelous, but they are supporting models. Other option - to play using Pit Traps a lot, but you need to fill your crew with Bushwakers. And what will you do with them further? They don't ignore friendly fire, when they shoot into engage. They place Pit Trap near you - that means, you're waiting the enemy to come to you - but they can't suppress melee beaters. And I don't see how to use the synergy with constructs effectively. In-keyword are only survivors, test subjects ang soulstone miners. Mostly schemerunners. To say the truth, I played Mah not much for now, and I definitely should try more, but now it's not clear for me (except the roosters )
  4. Rooster riders are GREAT! the rest of Mah's crew makes me a little bit confused...
  5. Ttiggers that do not specify a timing are assumed to be After Succeeding Triggers, so it definetly after the model is moved.
  6. I found out recently that Mah's Horrible Hollerin' wording is a little bit confusing. It says "models within p3" without clarifications within p3 of this model or of the target? For example, Som'er's Make Me Proud says "Models within p2 of the target" and Brewmaster's Shower of Booze says "Models within p2 of this model"
  7. gertermit

    Moon Shinobi

    I respectfully disagree with the idea that Brewmaster should get the old Drunken Kung Fu. He has his own possibilities to deal damage (and we're talking about a lot of damage) with much more intresting mechanics.
  8. That's cool! Criers would have their place in the crew - to counter opponent's scheme running minions. And they will do it with a great and interesting mechanics, not just killing them! It's adorable! Two thumbs up!
  9. You don't need to. a lot of players just know their crew and ask about the opponent's crew just before game. It's enough to play, to have fun, even to participate local tournaments. You should know all the cards to play strictly competetive. But this is "hard-to-master" part, it must be difficult.
  10. I don't see problems with Vics. They're killing maschines, but this is their only option. And they're pretty easyly conterplayed. 8 wounds = a couple of moderate damage from any strong model. Wp 5 - you can lure them wherether you want them to break their positioning. There're a lot of options how to play with Vics. Just don't try to go straightly to them if they're not activate yet
  11. Then Big Hat playstyle will crush. Bayou Gremlins for 2ss fit pretty good in Somer's crew after the last update.
  12. I didn't read it but i like it (just kidding) What's interesting - how Kaeris boys maintain Burning condition? Are they had to hit each other? I see Firebranded, and Piro markers for now. Other ways? Is it complicated, or Burning is just what happend when you play Wildfire, and you don't need to pay a lot of attention? What amount of Burning points your models have during the games? Kaeris has Armor, so, to suffer 2 damage from Burning she must have Burning +7 at least. I don't believe she needs immune to it.
  13. gertermit

    Moon Shinobi

    I think, without old-style kung fu, Shinobi are purely scheme runners. They wouldn't last long in battle. But fot sceme run you may take Lighting Bug for the same cost! Bugs have Fast and can operate with markers. I thing, that Shinobi should have the previous version of kung fu and cost 7ss. Like Wong's Swine-Cursed.
  14. I don't see them playing out of Somer. Even if you add them keywords of other master, they would be quite useless. It would be interesting only for Zoraida and Ophelia. I'd be glad to have a reason to hire one or two in any master's crew, but now they aren't worth to hire even in Somer's crews.
  15. Thanks, guys! Corrected the rep.
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