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  1. gertermit

    login? did i miss smth?

    Hello, friends! I've mentioned that there is a "login" button in the app now (login and password from this forum didn't fit) Do you know what it is?
  2. gertermit

    Old Major with Mah?

    As i know, Mah has extreemly mobile crew. Well, not like zipp, but Mah can push herself and 3 other models if she needs. If you want Old Major, you should use his ability to give "+" to atack and damage flips to other pigs. It could be great, cause Mah's crew has a huge attack potential. Trixy may cheat fate to give +1mi, Emissary may add +1 more, and you get ~8mi and positive flips for pigs who start their activation near Major (just place your crew correctly with Mah's help and let them attack!).
  3. gertermit

    [GERMANY] malifaux in düsseldorf

    That's great, thank you! I'd do my best to participate!
  4. gertermit

    [GERMANY] malifaux in düsseldorf

    Hello, guys! I'd be in Düsseldorf at the end of october and I'd be glad to play with german players. Can you tell me please about any malifaux clubs there, were I can find a company or maybe participate a tournament? Thank you all and sorry for my bad english!
  5. gertermit

    Round One Results & Round Two Begins

    I'm sure it's not the vault boy he's talking about...
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  8. gertermit

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One

    Yeah, think I have an idea
  9. gertermit

    charge and manipulative

    Ladies & gentlemen Am I right, assuming that there is no need to pass Wp duels when you charge a model with manipulative? Charge isn't an Attack Action, is it? I mean, you TARGET a model during charge action, not during attacks actions. Thanks and sorry for my bad english!
  10. gertermit

    hamelin's woes

    Ladies & Gentlemen! I've tried to create a hamelin crew in Bad Things Happen app, and get the message "You have more models with woe characteristics than allowed" when added Candy and Baby Cade. Is it some app error, or is there a role about Woe's that I don't know? (Hamelin has his Sewer King upgrade, so he can hire Lost models) Also, can I hire more than one The Stolen (theu have rare 3), or I can only summon the second and the third? Thank you and sorry for my bad english!
  11. gertermit

    Transporting thralls (McCabe)

    The main question, as I see, is what should master queeg do after this. How can he support the crew on the next turns?
  12. gertermit

    Transporting thralls (McCabe)

    Thanks! I'll try to use it wisely 😃 What's a good choise for McCabe to hire for the rest crew?
  13. gertermit

    Transporting thralls (McCabe)

    Yeah, got it. You don't need to pass HD to target model with terrifying, it just happens, when you target them, right? And to perform an action from master queeg, you must pass it before. OK, now it's clear, thank you all! So, we can't move them so far. Is it worth to move them at ~9'' by this combination? Or it's just a waste of resources?
  14. gertermit

    Transporting thralls (McCabe)

    I don't get it. If you attacked Seamus, 4 example, once and passed a Horror Duel, you can't attack him once more? Cause you can't pass a Horror Duel, being immune to it? And how exactly it works with Thralls and Master Queeg?