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  1. Congratulations to rzaba, and well done to everyone else. The standard of this years entries was really high and everyone who made it to the end should be very proud.
  2. Hello! Couldn't you, please, explain me, what's wrong with my work and tell me my mistakes? Thank you very much! 


  3. Well firstly, I think the judging is going okay. It’s not perfect, it never is, but we’re judging from photo’s and judging in general is subjective. I do think it’s as fair as it can be for an online painting competition. The whole point of having more than one judge is to provide a backstop for any errors that we make. Now, I’m not saying there have been any, but just explaining that having more than one judge is the right thing to do. I did notice some comments earlier complaining about one of us, but if that judge decided to be harsh in their scoring, that’s their prerogative. All of us have a lot of experience with painting miniatures and we all paint to a pretty high standard, but we’re all still improving. If one judge decided to score a mini low, then he obviously saw a reason for it — something the other two missed. As for how the judging works, well I hope I’m not revealing any secrets here, and if so I’m sorry. First up Terry and I do ours together over FaceTime. Wyrd sends us an email form with the details and criteria for the round and with every persons name, a link to their image and space for the three scores, which are on drop down lists, so we can’t score anything other than the range intended. We then go through each one individually and without taking into consideration the individual battles, scoring each piece on its own merits. Once we have filled in the score, we add our own email address so we can get an automated copy of our scores and we submit them to the Wyrd team. We find doing it this way is a good way to get the fairest score. Terry might spot something I miss or visa versa. We discuss each entry, but we, as you can see by the scores, don’t give the same marks. I certainly don’t know if was intended to be done this way, but it works for us. As for feedback. I know Angel has given some already this year and I know that Terry and I are perfectly willing to give feedback, we don’t consider it as spam. All’s you have to do is drop us a PM with a link to your image, to save us a bit of time trawling through each category.
  4. Please feel free to PM me and we can chat about your entry.


    1. Alastar


      Ty for your courtesy but there's no problem at all for me, really ?

    2. shanerozzell
  5. Hi!

    I'm sure you got 100 requests like this right now - but would you mind if I took you up on that Iron Painter round 1 feedback that you offered on the forums? Would love to hear some honest criticism to know how to improve my skills  :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. shanerozzell


      Honestly, not much wrong with your piece in theme or technique. And she'd be a miniature I'd be proud of. If I was going to pick on anything, I'd say the NMM is a bit flat needing a brighter highlight. More on the gold that the blade.

      i think she didn't score high on aesthetic because the piece is, as you said I your reply, is being used as a gaming piece, so there isn't much narrative to the mini. 

    3. zombiedragon


      That's fair, I think. I love painting, but I find no fun in making bases, for some reason - so I guess thats always some points I'm practically giving up on.

      And yeah, gold NMM is a bit more tricky to get right, for me.

      Anyways, thanks so much for taking time to reply to this :)

    4. shanerozzell


      No worries dude. if you're on Facebook then send me a friend request, we'll see if we can get you over this base-phobia :P


  6. We do have a newletter which goes out once or twice a month, if you're not getting it then check your email address on your FPM account. Some people opt out of receiving the newsletter, but we use it sparingly because I hate spam mail as much as everyone else and the last thing I want to do it add to it. As far as the tutorials go, Like Demonn said, we have lots of tutorials for all levels of painters. One of the thing I have been trying to get over to our readers is that you might not be interested in a certain miniature that is the subject of a tutorial, but you might learn something from it that can be used on your own miniatures, so I think they're all worth a read (or I wouldn't publish them...simple!)
  7. I'm liking the new look forum, congrats guys on the smooth switch (well I presume it was smooth )
  8. ON SALE NOW: £1 Figure Painter Magazine issue 7. In this issue we have a brilliant insight interview with Spanish painter Pepa Saavedra. We also have tutorials from Sergey "We7" Chasnyk and Alex "Warploque" Huntley as well as chapter 7 of our regular gaming table build. We have lots of reviews plus all of our usual features that keep you in touch with all the latest products, news and new releases the hobby has to offer. Don't forget to post pictures of your painted miniatures on our facebook wall and be in with a chance to win a free display plinth courtesy of Model Display Products. Even if you haven't got a picture to post you can go online and vote for the miniatures you like best. The miniature that receives the most likes each month will win the prize display plinth. https://www.facebook.com/FigurePainterMagazine http://www.figurepaintermagazine.co.uk
  9. Hi Mako, Thanks for changing the FPM thread title so quickly :) Shane.

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