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  1. Well...there's certainly nothing wrong with your self esteem if you believe that to be "+2"...
  2. Not that anyone would take the Proxy over the Enslaved Nephilim with Perdita...right? He's just so full of pushy goodness, that lil' slave.
  3. Ooh, that was me. Wyrd had nothing to do with it, they'll have to pay for the privilege, same as everone else.
  4. Does the same logic follow for A Line in the Sand? Touching the centerline? As the rulebook says (I think) "on the centerline", so any part of the base is fine?
  5. If I were a member of Wyrd - which could give the go ahead for this box - I'd rather do that and deal with all those complications then listen to 5 minutes of smooth jazz while I'm on hold...
  6. Wouldn't it be easier just to release a new - proper crew - box with Von Schtook, a cool Totem and alternate sculpts of the Iron Zombies? Instead of dealing with the hassle of speaking to distributors?
  7. Hi, I'm asking for reviews of the starter box set, a kind of introduction to the game as it were, not for me but for my LGS, who would like to know how best to promote the box, to new players - highlighting the different mechanics of the crews, why it's a good building block for later expansions, if indeed it is etc. But also to people who already play the game - why they should get the starter, seeing as they're all mercenaries and which models would benefit which existing crews and so on and so forth. Any such reviews out yet? The box drops in a week or so if I'm not mistaken, and gencon'ers up to the task?
  8. I's like to see compressed versions, of about 15-20min. - edited. The broad strokes as it were, important moments of the game, and a post-game wrap-up, what worked, what didn't, mistakes were made etc. Mini-pod casts as it were. As someone who has seen quite a few of these videos (and other games bat. rep's), poor editing/lighting/parkinsons-camera-syndrome etc., and 60min.+ battle reports can really sour ones enjoyment of games being watched. I think the battle reppers need to go smaller - with better productions - as opposed to more info. (such as current hands/flips etc.) and screen time. I often think of FFG related videos when I think of the benchmark for battle rep's. Commentaries (the better ones anyway), easy to follow (if done right), a static camera above the board, cutting between turns etc. This could easily be applied to a Malifaux game, if done right. Realising it takes a lot of effort to but a video together - I for one appreciate all the brave souls out there trying, regardless of outcome. Keep up the good work all y'all!
  9. She'll hear from my lawyer I tells ya! I've written an epic account of a magical summer in the spanish isles involving sentient beings of destruction, unspeakable soulcrushing horrors and romance. I call it: "Touched by the Void". We'll settle this in court you mark me. Mark me well!
  10. Hi, I seem to remember some topic where someone used a holepuncher of some kind to get a good result for the faction icons on the side of the boxes, to use as scheme markers. Have been trying to find such a tool, without success. Any tips?
  11. A mini-manufacturing game! Brilliant! A player will dread the card that reads: "your consumer base feel entitled, immediately reveal all your face down cards to all players". or: "NERD-RAGE!1!: During a pre-release teaser on your homepage you accidentally reveal rules still being playtested, the internet takes this a sign of the apocalypse. Sit out the next game round while you placate your fanbase."
  12. I like this idea, perhaps there could be an end boss, like, a large gorilla, maybe Cojos father...he could be throwing barrels around, and once he's thrown enough of 'em a Whiskey Golem appears. Perhaps a sewer-dweller like Hamelin might appear, dressed in a fancy new work suit and sporting a moustache?
  13. That is truly terrible. While disagreements may happen, it should never lead to anything even remotely like this, and it is in times like these that a community should voice outrage. I understand many whom have read this tread have chosen to remain silent, for reasons of their own, but I think with a case like this, it is up to the dwellers of this community to stand up against discrimination and petty, juvenile attacks. To continue to remain silent is the same as condoning what happened, and it reflects poorly on the community, the game, and - not least of - you, as an individual. Ferossa, you have my support.
  14. Not a bad idea all things considered, as long as some input remains from the community, if nothing else then for the piece of mind you'd get from knowing that the community couldn't blame everything on you alone when a player fails to win a game somewhere down the road...
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