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  1. Dreamer nightmare crew = Alice in Wonderland. That rabbit fits in <3
  2. Agree with the Goblin/Gremlin King version of Zoraida. The hag is one of those miniatures that NEEDS desperately an alternative sculpt. We all love to play nice or badass miniatures. Not so many want to do it with an old creepy lady. Offtopic: I'd love a Baron Samedi/Papa Legba version of her.
  3. Wow...ok, I'll do it then. As a new player I've turned mad trying to find that box. Thanks a lot for your time, really. Have a nice sunday :)!
  4. But not distributed to EU stores? Cuz three of them told me they wouldn't receive the box anymore.
  5. Hey! On two of my local stores I tried to get the University of Transmortis box, and they told me they wouldn't receive that box anymore. They told me this box is gonna get out of production. So...is it true? I think the 4 Iron Zombies are one of the best profiles in the Resurrectionist faction. Will they release a new box with new sculpts or we Ressers have to resign to proxy them with converted models? I honestly think those are one of the worst miniatures in the whole range, too hardcore. Yeah i get it, those 4 guys are the worst among the worst lunatics, but hey, they could be more...appealing? Well, does anybody knows anything?
  6. Mr.Cat

    M2e Kaeris

    Hey guys, i've read many of the posts in this thread, but still have some questions: 1- Is Kaeris competitive? Because in her card i can't see damage output, so does she work solely arround fire...? I see her like the Brewmaster in some aspects. 2- What does her crew do when you're stacking Burning condition (for example +4 Burning after a few combos) and the enemy removes that condition? You've spent many AP on that strategy and then you're sold...well in fact you've WASTED those AP. So am i wrong or you must focus the condition removal miniature? I'll surely come up with more questions, but for the moment i can't remember them
  7. Woah yeah, got completely confused. Who doesn't love a lovely piggie stuffed on explosives...man i love explosions...
  8. What I've realised is that Sammy Lacroix is so badass with its (0) action, summoning Stuffed Piglets from corpse markers. Damn! Looks like a lot of fun! Has anyone tried it?? Tell me you can do it more than 2 times per game xD
  9. So those 3 attacks you say with the Wild Boar, where do you get them from? I can count 2 and if well positioned, maybe 3. - Bayou Ramage: At the start of this models Activation, if it is not engaged, within (X)2 of a friendly Gremlin, or within (X) 8 of a friendly model with the "Pork Whisper'n" Ability, it must take the Charge Action if it is able and there is a legal target available. My doubt is: this rule, forces you to activate the Wild Boar if he's not in those two situations it mentions? If the WB got to kill someone, would benefit from the rule "Eat your fill"? Sorry guys, but i'm a total noob with just one game and still reading the rulebook :/ I love Zoraida, but i'm feeling discouraged with her. On paper seems to lack something...maybe more than that. Thanks for your time guys
  10. So Zoraida can run barely any model and still be useful for the crew?
  11. Oh! I didn't realise wild boars didn't have (1) charge. Damn, anyway, it's nearly impossible to play pigs without hog whisperer or gremlins right? Cuz they charge each other if i'm not wrong :/
  12. And Barbaros? I see him like a nice beater for Zoraida !
  13. That's the idea. I know it's pretty stright forward but seems so fun (and crazy) facing a bunch of unleashed hungry piggies.
  14. Well, i was thinking on them taking care of themselves, and some extra actions by Obey and successful fights with her card control.
  15. Hi there! I was thinking how would Zoraida perform with a crew based on some terror tots, barbaros and some other nephilim models, maybe combined with some swampfiend models? Has anyone thought about it? Could the crew aspire to accompish the objectives or would be too killy? PS: I've been thinking on running her with Jacob Lynch's crew: illuminated, beckoners and something more. Thanks for your time
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