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  1. So, played my first game today, I had fun but some also had a couple questions in regards to Horomatangi's Tide Caller Asset. 1.) Does versatile only allow one extra action from the asset or can you do each as extra from versatile? 2.) How does the duel and targeting work for both of these actions? The duel looks like an opposed duel because it is against Sp, but then the range is a pulse. Then the result says it effects everything within so many inches of Horomatangi, so for example, Tidal Wave: would you target one model within pulse three of Horomatangi, perform a Sp duel against that model and then if you succeed, all enemy fireteams within 3 inches take a penetration flip? If so, why is the range pulse three instead of just three inches? Thanks!
  2. I think in general for Invested characters, it goes along with something special about you (being a sentient construct) that you don't really worry about going inert. Maybe the regeneration on your soul stone is enough to keep you going or whatever. Our group has never really even brought this up for consideration, you're a player, no one wants to just stop working We've also never applied anything with an Invested's soul stone actually recharging from kills, either. That just seems too granular and opens up so many nasties to happen with losing that soulstone and such
  3. At the very least there are definitely oceans somewhere, since that's where the Gibbering Hordes are from .
  4. So, a friend and I where talking about Swineherd and we both read the Piglets! ability and came to two different interpretations. So the ability reads as such: "At the start of each session, after the Prologue, this character may make a TN 8 Husbandry Challenge to gain a single subordinate Piglet (pg. 161), plus one subordinate Piglet per Margin of Success, up to a maximum number of subordinate Piglets equal to her total completed ranks in this Pursuit (minimum 1 Piglet). These Piglets remain under this character’s control indefinitely (or at least, until they’re killed). This character can command a subordinate Pig with the (1) Order Action." Our interpretations differed on what your max number of subordinates are. Do you gain 1 Pig plus 1 per margin with a cap of your Pursuit ranks at the start of each session, with no cap on how many you have following you in total? -or- Do you gain 1 Pig plus 1 per margin at the start of each session with a cap on the total pigs you have following you equal to your ranks in the pursuit? Hasn't really come up in play, but we both read it differently and would like to konw which is proper. Thanks!
  5. Augments oddly (or purposely) are both on page 178 of Into the Steam and Fated Almanac. Into the Steam has a more detail selection and specifically calls out augments. In the Fated Almanac, they are listed under the limbs, being Piston Driver, Military Brace, Steam Coils and Trade Custom.
  6. Hmm, I never even considered that, I only looked at the SS Cache and went from there. That is definitely something to ponder.
  7. I'm thinking Ohaguro with Recalled Training Ama no Zako Yokai 1 Yokai 2 Hoping for some Oni fun!
  8. So I'm tossing around ideas in my head for a character who's focus is on self-improvement and buffing. He's starting off Augmented and I'm hoping to get at least Animate Limb at some point so I can be self-suficient, but i'd also like to pick up some of the other buff Magia in some fashion. Kinda like a Magical 60,000 Scrip Man if you will. I've been thinking Mage or Tinkerer as places to dip into (a construct buddy never hurt). My question to everyone here, are there any pursuits that lean themselves to the Enchanting skills? So far it seems Dabbler leans Sorc; Grave Robber leans Necro; Illusionist leans Prestidigitation....I just haven't seen/can't remember of a pursuit that leans towards Enchanting like those.
  9. Okay, that makes more sense. Thanks for clearing that up!
  10. I don't mean to be pedantic, but what do you mean by this? In the quickstart rules, it looks like [-][-] = Tie; [-] = 1-4; Flat = 5-9; [+] = 10+; where Malifaux (and TtB 1.0) is Tie; 1-5; 6-10; 11+ (At least how our group plays Margins). So, this has me concerned on how we've been playing, lol. I guess a good question would be, does a single Margin in TtB mean your total is 5 or more /or/ more than 5 higher than the TN?
  11. @Mason You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar!
  12. Yea, i wanted to build my own mount too! I was just curious if Animal Handling would by silly to still apply or if a different skill would work, just haven't thought of something that makes sense.
  13. So I was looking through the Bayou book and I was wondering if there anyone had any cool ideas for using the Buckaroo pursuit with Constructs instead of Beasts. I thought it would be neat if you could build your own mount to ride around on.
  14. Would you mind elaborating on what features that a lot of gamers don't like? I haven't really heard many from my local group, so i'm interested in a different perspective.
  15. I'm not sure if this has been addressed before, but, if a character gets armor from a source other than actually wearing physical armor, is that character's defense also reduced? I know in the Fated Almanac that it says that Armor reduces defense unless they have the armor training talent, and it specifically mentions wearable armor and pneumatic limbs; so it would make sense. On the other hand, it seems weird that gaining armor from turning into a Spirit (Ghost Eater's Transcendance ability) would also reduce defense. I just want to confirm that any time you gain an Armor bonus from any source, then the character's defense is reduced even it if isn't specifically mentioned. Thanks!
  16. Who are you and why are you in my head? I started a Ten Thunders dabbler who summons Light+Electric Gamin no too long ago 0.o
  17. I can't think of an answer that makes me more excited than this!
  18. So I was going through the general talents of the three books and I noticed that both Pugilism and Melee have related talents that give defensive triggers to deal damage to an attacker. I was curious, why is there nothing like that for Martial Arts? Did I miss the talent? Is it an oversight or a design decision? Martial Arts does have a lot of very cool talents related to giving neat triggers to that skill, so in that sense I can understand not having a talent that gives a Df trigger with a Martial Arts trigger. (TBH I'm really hoping it was a specific design decision cause Mason gives pretty awesome rundowns of the whys of such choices )
  19. Lol, it's actually my character's Dislocated Hip. I failed the Res+Tough check for 'Lasts until Healed' Crit Effects and so it became permanent.
  20. Kinda says it all right there. I like the track of clockwork replacements though!
  21. Hey everyone, I just got my new Bad Ink Deck today and I just want to say, I love this thing. The smooth plastic is very nice and not nearly as slippery as one would expect. But, make sure you put them in sleeves or otherwise protect them! I had just pulled them out of the box and began shuffling when I dropped a couple cards (of course), and when I tried picking them up I ended up rubbing the back of a card over on the floor were I scratched it up pretty good. I didn't really expect it to scratch so easily, so I figured I'd put this out there so that others might be able to avoid my bad luck. And if anyone from Wyrd sees this, and this may seem silly, could you maybe add a ruggedness test with new decks in the future? Everything about this deck is awesome, it just seems much less hardy than my retro fate deck. I may very well be in the minority of being overly clumsy too
  22. Oh that's funny, it's been so long since I looked at the winner that I thought it was just a shift from dark to light on the theme. I was always under the impression that the Bad Ink deck was done by the winner of the contest. Huh.
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