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  1. its not letting me download this and do you have a form fillable version?
  2. Is there any good method or way to convert the miniatures and stats from the other side into through the breach?
  3. I just got the book and my starter box for the cult, so I may have missed it but what does strength refer to in-game?
  4. I have ran campaigns using both editions of the rules and the second edition is much better
  5. What's a good way to set up a investigation dreadful I know much of the main points but now how to set up the thread that leads between the plots or any of the small threads which branch out of them. Any help or suggestions on setting up the adventure would be much appreciated
  6. This one I ran is based of the Stephen kingverse. There has been some strange happens in contract town #13 aka Maine. There was a rabid dog attacking people at a mechanic shop. Then there is all the disappearances of little kids, and then there's the rumors of a cemetery that is able to bring people to life. Then there is rumors of a haunted hotel and a girl covered in blood that is killing people with her special gift the fated are hired to figure out what or who is responsible for these acts.
  7. Is there anyway to make a one shot guideline for coming up with adventures easier and knowing how to set it up and pace it out
  8. I think the ghost lights are some of the best things I've read about the quarantine zone. I also love the fact that my ressurectionist have a place almost entirely there own and so close to the guild
  9. There's alot of great places we don't know much about the knot woods the mountains where the ten thunders sneak through, but I think the most intriguing to me is the red cage in the bayou there is so much potential there. Then there is beyond the bayou and the waters to what lays beyond the ocean.
  10. One of my players asked me if he could do a wolverine esqe character with a bone claw manifested power to begin with an getting a healing factor my question is how do I balance this ik the bone claws we can base of the fighting claws but the healing factor I don't know how I'd balance that any ideas
  11. You can also have the test to command get harder the longer the rounds go as a way of showing the spirit of the person passing on or being tortured
  12. I was thinking of creative ways of making golems beyond a summon spell or mud calling. My first thought was like a ritual with a sacrifice for a blood golem. Then my second was an animate construct spell with the inanimate genus an the required amount of materials there for the golem to be created from. What are your thoughts on this feel free to post any of your creative golem creation ideas here
  13. Is the tarot's in above the law the same as the other ones or different cause I have nytheria, fire in the sky, a night in rottenburg, and in defense of innocence and so far haven't seen any that correlate with above the law tarot's yet or am I just missing something?
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