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  1. Thanks, will take a look, you going to do the others?
  2. afternoon all, am painting like crazy and have my first games of the Other side coming up next weekend. Am really looking for some advice / tips / tricks, I've seen a number of psts with some great ideas but they tend to be very specific and i'm looking for something more general. We'll be statrting with allegience boxes and moving up to 2 commander games over the weekend, all four factions are represented and we were all commander level kickstarter backers. What I'd like is some general targeting priority advice against each faction. some guidance as to which strategems work well ag
  3. Pictures look great, I've seen pics of someone else's project who has tried a yellow scheme. but the depth and choice of shade colours you have used is much more effective. I've tried a number of things and been less than pleased with the results, I did try a copper and green scheme however which I do like.
  4. What can i say, the green and silver simply isn't doing it for me. Does anyone have some examples or ideas for other schemes?
  5. Hi, Something of a newcomer to Malifaux, Love the game but only tend to play very infrequently with friends that live far enough away to prevent casual gaming. Could anyone point me towards gaimg clubs in the Buckinghamshire area (Aylesbury specifically) that play Malifaux? Best Drew
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