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  1. Im paying well if you have one un painted or painted is acceptable as ill strip the paint. Thanks.
  2. with cards painted or un painted prefer un painted
  3. This makes me so happy had the idea awhile back...... So the carrion emmisary summons x2 50mm height 4 blocking terrain from his 0 action.... these 50mm blocking terrain include 30mm mindless zombies base inserts (coz at the end of the turn the terrain disappears and leaves behind 2 mindless zombies.... theses are a huge W.I.P and also the zombie climbing out of the pipe is also part of my display case diorama.... WORK IN PROGRESS.... Also i have quite a few little bits to finish on a lot of the models I've put up so far even from the early posts. i have a very strange irregular working pattern i get bored continuing on one model from start to finish. So i tend to start something do bit of work then go bak to old stuff slowly but surely everything is nearing 100% ready to be painted. I'm estimating sometime in the next 2-3 weeks my crew will all be based, green stuffed and bit bashed 100% complete so then ill be ready for a paint job. WATCH THIS BLOG ENTIRE CREW SHOTS INCOMING! "INSERT MANIC CACKLING"
  4. SIMULACRUM 29 (carrion emmisary) W.I.P yeah i carved out the 40k servitor cherub hands and positioned them so they are turning the wheel on his stomach plate...
  5. Are they the official Wyrd ones just standard plan black ones ?
  6. Wtb x2 50mm plain wyrd bases. Paying well
  7. W.I.P Simulacrum 29 counting as Carrion Emissary... this bad boy is just pinned not glued currently and i have a lot of Bits on order to complete him... watch this place the end product is gonna be epic! wait till you see how I'm gonna add wings to account for the carrion emissary's flight based movement! using this a a base I'm getting rid of the ribcage and bringing in a Soulstone heart fuck yeah!!! need to add a few more smaller arms to the body... this thing is gonna be BAD ASS!
  8. Are you still after a Nurse? Its Not painted and still on sprue? Nurse with large syringe on shoulder. Brand new on sprue with card and base. £8 including p&p
  9. Rouge Necromancy . Huge W.I.P The original sculpt is FUGLY i really dislike the model looks static and boring pose wise... Not sure weather to add a small snakes head to the tale or add a scorpion tail with stinger in homage to the original Malifaux metal model....??? help
  10. Thanks Butch! Yep your right I will adjust him when it comes time to glue currently he is just pinned onto his base through the foot not glued or positioned yet just wanted a quick photo The more i look at him the more i feel he needs a Cigar in his Mouth!
  11. MORTIMER My favourite model so far always liked the original sculpt. (Except his top hat). This is still a W.I.P little more sculpting on the hat and bag and little work left on the shovel head... TBC i love how this model turned out! *Parts. Warhammer Orge satchel. and hammer head. Mortimer Gremlin hands and bare feet added to bag. slop haulers bucket. Custom spade head from plastic car and dark elder saw blade ENJOY!
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