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  1. I feel Hinamatsu is this crews Nekima.
  2. Forgot to add So it looks like his crew comes in at 28 stones. Anna 10ss Undergraduates 6ss each The other keyword options being. Valedictorian 9ss Student of Viscera 8ss Student of Sinew 7ss Student of Steel 7ss Necropunks 5ss Certainly alot of play options.
  3. Why it's a good idea to get as much info about all the crews as possible. Different players can like different styles(though the combat focused style is more popular, I like more control/scheme style) There's a crew for every player and expanding that crew is usually simple with a couple models(and omg is it cheaper then say warhammer). The question is do you just want to play for fun or competitively? As that will change your choices significantly as well. I'm currently in love with the game cause there's so much agency the game gives you.
  4. Yeah you see that definitely I've noticed. I got such mixed info when I started on which box to go with to learn from.
  5. True, I forgot the base size was so large.
  6. I've already got Hinamatsu, Bunraku, Qiran, and Charm Warders to prep my options(plus I like collecting the keyword).
  7. I expect as much, sets of 3 of each student. I'm gonna grab two universities now to prep.
  8. @Paddywhack I'm trying to limit myself to one Master/Keyword in each faction. But I want my options open for play.(I tend to collect more then play) and of course I will have to run a few proxies for a bit.
  9. @Adran I actually like the current sculpt for Anna is why I put her as a buy. I figure I could use her and the extra Valedictorian as bits or conversions into other models/proxies. The only firm must pick would be Student of Steel for Analyze Weakness.(I end up vrs alot of people who stack armor lately) @MajorUndead Twitter, I also saw the Youko and Basse boxs.
  10. So I'm looking to expand into this later this year. If I wanted to collect all the models would this be a good list ? Albus Core Box Anna Lovelace(Vintage now) Necropunks University of Transmortis x2 Mindless Zombies(Lovelaces summons) Should I add the Carrion Effigy/Emissary and/or the Dead Rider to this list as possible options or do you think keeping in the theme list is good enough? Thanks
  11. Good info for me to track down. I particularly like dark magic mixed with science/technology. Leveticus seemed to touch on it but the Transmortis things I've seen, seem to really embrace it.
  12. Can someone direct me to a good read for the Transmortis lore? I was looking at the encounter set and new crew box coming but had no idea what they are about. (I find all the ressurectionists views on Necromancy really intresting since they seem to all have the same goal but differant takes on it)
  13. Im curious on this as well. I just got into Malifaux recently and am bit by the bug so far. I started with Pandora but Parker intrests me as my next Faction/Crew. Whats your opinions of the other versatile models? and non-versatile. The Hoffman and Yan lo player ive gone against make me really consider analyze weakness in any crew now. (which for Outcasts is just Obedient Wretch. There might be some synergy with Benny maybe?)
  14. @Corn Good to know, im coming in on 3e beta even though I grabbed a starter kit from my local game store. I looked over McCabe a few times actually, he looks like a powerful shooting option for TT. I actually like TT as a concept they just don't have any masters I like outside of Youko(I'd like to see a different mage type, Yan lo and Asami didn't strike my intrests) @Drowsheep I picked up Pandora crew and Iggy at my local store since they were doing a sale. I also grabbed Hinamatsu and a box of Oiran for the future. I think I'm going with Pandora and Youko. (Great deal, cost me 50 plus tax for everything. I think they were clearing merch for 3e releases) I'll proxy Youko, her Totem and Bill for the moment. I think Charm Warders and Bunraku are also Qi and Gong so I may look for those. I'm looking at other Woes for Pandora and all I think there's left are 2 models not released(Aversions, Lyssa) the Carver and Insidious Madness. I hear Mr.Tannen is a good hire though too in her crew.
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