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  1. Really not my cup of tea. I am very happy I managed to grab an old Victoria box set.
  2. Interesting art but I am not a fan of this Colette. The choice of colours is great I think. However, the body is too bulky for my taste. She looks older also, which is logical but not that appealing. She lost the mischievous feel she had on some of her previous sculpts. I will miss our young sexy trickster.
  3. I enjoy painting M2E minis because they are very dynamic and highly readable. (I don't have to spend my time figuring out what I am painting as I have to do for other ranges). They don't have the mass of accessories, trinkets... that pollute the readability of the mini sculpts from other ranges (especially PP). The design is simple yet elegant and the lights and shadows + focus points of each miniature come naturally to the painter. Wide surfaces allow for very smootth brush movements & blending (However, they require a bit of skill to paint because of those wide surfaces). The scale is also quite nice overall as the minis are not as bulky as some other miniature ranges. Wyrd M2E minis were the most enjoyable painting experience I have had during my 25 years as a hobbyist. For that I am gratefull to the artistic team of pre-Wave 5 Malifaux.
  4. This is awesome. I really like the idea of faction books. My guess is that in M4E you will make keyword books ! Now please tell us that next week, you will publish novels set up in the Malifaux universe !
  5. Can we expect the pdf version to be sold on drivethrough rpg as the other books?
  6. Many people I talk to feel that Wyrd does not really care about the European customers. The TOS KS was botched, Wyrd's product distribution is in many places catastrophic... Just out of curiosity, I made a poll so that each European customer can give a feedback regarding how developped the community is.
  7. Miss Understood - Alt First Mate or Alt Archie
  8. The Wave 5 models I own are bulkier than the pre-Wave 5 ones. I think it is safe to assume that there is going to be a shift towards bulkier models based on the renders we have seen so far for M3E and the Wave 5 models. It is annoying but it happens to a lot of miniature companies when they change editions.
  9. If a Bisento is anything like a Bo, many moves would be very hurtful imho. She has to use soulstones to heal the damages of the pick axe to her fingers during her fighting moves... Same for the spikes on the back.
  10. There is no render though and M3E renders are not always identical to the art.
  11. The artwork is very nice, please keep on that trend ! I don’t get what the 3 spikes on her back are supposed to be though. I am also not convinced about the practicality of her weapon (the pick axe part seems too much).
  12. Nice artworks ! I actually like them although the third drawing may have an issue with wind representation (the front grey cape is immobile while the part behind the model moves a lot).
  13. Nope you are not alone I have been complaining about that for months. If you look at all the human sized arts from this artist they all have the same style/flaw (I vote flaw personally...). The difference between the render and the art is not a technological limitation, otherwise there would have been the issue in M2E pre wave 5. Wave 5 started to show render / art discrepancies (Maddox....). My guess is either a change of sculptor or a lesser cooperation between the artist and the sculptor.
  14. I made the same decision a few weeks ago. I think Wyrd is no longer capable of drawing and designing innovative minis. I don't know who they lost that was at the origin of their previous designs but this is likely going to be a very damaging loss. Previously when people not in the game came near a Malifaux table, there was always a sense of awe when they looked at the mini. With M3E stuff, we will be lucky if we get a dismissive shrug. I don't see how you can attrack as many hobbyists as before with this kind of render. Perhaps this is just a trick from Wyrd. They have old stocks from M2E they want to sell and they release ugly artworks and renders to push us to buy old sets out of fear. Then, once the stocks are sold, they will release the true products :D.
  15. The floating cape is the poor man's dynamics :p. FYI the M3E render is even worse than the artwork. The M2E artwork was fully WYSIWYG
  16. I also live in France where you really have to want your Wyrd products if you want to get them. I ordered from Wyrd's webstore at the start of M2E and one time on Black Friday. The shipping have too much of an impact, Wyrd's supply chain management has done nothing in the past 5 years to find EU friendly solutions. This is very frustrating. Distributors amortize the shipping costs better than the average customer because the shipping cost are spread among more products.
  17. The M2E artwork had the merit of being inspired of Trigun There was a cool feeling about the guy playing with a bullet between his fingers. This artwork is really ugly imho and the render looks like a botched Wild west exodus mini... Hans looks seriously constipated and his gun is completely out of proportion. What the f*** is happening?
  18. One of the upsides of waiting for M3E is that I have achievement goals for my painting plans. For example, before M3E hits the shelves, I want to have finished painting the whole Swampfiend theme and a few versatile models (I am halfway there). Hopefully, by the end of the year, I'll also have finished the Honeypot & Woe keywords and started the Mercenary keyword. I don't have time to play at the moment but I have a bit of time to paint so having all the keywords known gives me some visibility and purpose in my painting endeavours. Additionally, I must confess I try to get hold onto the M2E minis I like because I hate what I have seen of the M3E renders with a passion. So I'll get as many nice minis I can before the epically bland ones replace them.
  19. Sadly I think you are right... Mortimer is now a retired Battletoad who became fat when he stopped working out...
  20. I liked the M2E art. He actually looked dangerous. He looks goofy now. No menace.
  21. Having assembled 2.5 factions, I do not think this is the case. Additionally, since when does Wyrd care about the size of their bases :D? I think there can be the following possibilities for this model to be as it is: Wyrd thinks the render looks cool and likes it very much. In that case, At the end of the day, art is art and everybody is entitled to have her/his own tastes. The current staff from Wyrd (artist and/ or sculptor) may not be skilled enough to provide the level of aesthetics, creativity, inspiration and miniature variety that was characteristic of M2E. Wyrd wants to lower down production costs, especially mould costs. This is a perfectly acceptable reason. However, I think one of M2E's strongest asset was an outstanding miniature range with dynamic and colourful miniatures. Losing on this aspect, Malifaux's minis will just look like the rest of the steampunk games out there. Wyrd wants to ease the assembly process. It is true that some of the M2E miniatures were not friendly to non-hobbyists and having easier to assemble miniatures may help attracting newcomers.
  22. Don't criticize Nathan's nephew. He may be an intern but he is very talented for an 11-year-old :D. And he works for candies.
  23. You can even go back 15-20 years ago for a few more dynamic assassin poses. Although some weapons are a bit thick for my taste, Rackham did make interesting minis.
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