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  1. See my thread started earlier this week asking the same stuff.. in my research I read somewhere that Wyrd on restocks distributors quarterly. However a ton of players in my area said a lot of the more popular crews have been OOS way longer.. I actually had to go to my third choice faction before I found a starter in set for a leader I was interested in. Kind of a bummer but least I’m playing and hopefully with 3E around the corner restocks and mew kits galore!!
  2. Thanks I’ll swap that out for the extra damage. Having never played a game before with Outcast / NB I can see where you want the extra dmg but didn’t know if the requirement to get it was so narrow it doesn’t come up often. I’ll give it a go though. Might get two games in on sunday so probably try one with journey and one with survivalist see how they feel in actual game play. Appreciate the pointers.. I’ll let you know how it goes lol kind of worried cause I can’t really see the synergy and tricks but I know they are there. It feels like as soon as you get a buried model or two you should just pile the wretches on and try and single target focus down buried models right?
  3. Declared Faction: Outcasts Crew Name: Voidlings 50ss Leader: Tara - Cache:(4) Emptiness 0ss Knowledge of Eternity 2ss Out of Time 1ss Dead of Winter 1ss Eternal Journey 1ss Malifaux Child 2ss The Nothing Beast 10ss Scramble 1ss Void Shield 0ss Scion of the Void 8ss Void Wretch 4ss Void Wretch 4ss Void Wretch 4ss Void Wretch 4ss Void Wretch 4ss Void Wretch 4ss updated.. Scramble and Void Shield now on Beast and dropped Surv for Eternal Journey. Thoughts? That was kind of my thought on for Survivalist too.. but Journey just seems a bit more useful. Granted it is my first game so I guess I’ll see. 4 cache SS seem like enough or should i maybe unload an upgrade or two to get a few extra?
  4. Thanks I’ll check it out. Any particular episode in regards to Tara? Or is their podcast more just general play tips and tricks? Got my first game with her this weekend, granted it’s my 3rd game ever. Other two were demos with the starter Guild crew and a 35SS Sonnia Crew just to learn the basics of the game. Just going to run a list I saw here.. figured it let me get a taste and get use to the bury mechanic. Declared Faction: Outcasts Crew Name: Voidlings 50ss Leader: Tara - Cache:(4) Emptiness 0ss Knowledge of Eternity 2ss Out of Time 1ss Dead of Winter 1ss Scramble 1ss Survivalist 1ss Malifaux Child 2ss Scion of the Void 8ss The Nothing Beast 10ss Void Wretch 4ss Void Wretch 4ss Void Wretch 4ss Void Wretch 4ss Void Wretch 4ss Void Wretch 4ss Any advice on upgrade distribution? I kind of just dump everything onto her. Think maybe I should put one or two on Beast or Scion.. not sure what though..
  5. My play group is very interested in this but we have been burned one to many time from KS plastic figures.. the saddest being Relic Knights. Well come to think of it every CMON project we all backed. I digress.. either way we will be waiting to see the in hand quality of the sculpts and casts before going in on this one. Wyrd hasn't let the group down yet so we have high hopes, just gotta wait and see though.
  6. Also tried that but they were out of the trapper which was a break for me.. I have used them for some other stuff though and they are great!
  7. Yeah I saw there was one old metal let on eBay but I’d really like to get the new plastics. Just crazy that EVERYONE in NA and in the EU is sold out. The one store I found in Australia that had one didn’t ship to the US and at their prices I’d probably pass anyways lol..
  8. Good afternoon, So I’ve tried to do some research and from what it looks like Wyrd on restocks quarterly at the distribution level? Just asking because I got into Malifaux about two weeks ago and literally the first three crew boxes I tried to purchase were solid out everywhere. I even was cruising shops in the UK who shipped internationally. Are we at the back end of a quarter or shouldn’t I settle in for a long wait? My local play group has advised me that some kits have been “out of stock” for a lloooooonnnggg while. Is this typical? Just really want to pick up The Queens Return and a Hired Guns sometime soon lol.. Thanks for any info anyone can provide on restocks!
  9. @Seadhna Sorry to bump this up and ask you but I just picked up the Tara box and an extra box of Wretches just in case. I just happened upon this list here and probably will start with what you suggested as the most common way to play her. I only have 2 games and one of those being a demo game under my belt and was just wondering if you would mind elaborating just a little more on this specific crew / list. How does a basic turn 1 or 2 play out in theory for you. What order of activation's are like etc. I'm still trying to grasp the concept of being "behind / ahead" in activation's as a tactic etc. I really appreciate any specific insight you could provide in running this list and how it tends to preform in actual games. Thanks!
  10. I was feeling these frustrations myself.. After years of my friends trying to convenience me to play I picked up the rulebook and some models only to find out that 3rd edition was right around the corner. I just finally decided to enjoy what I had while I had it and it was valid and just hoped for changes that could work for me. Since I just accepted that change is coming and my timing was poor it has been much better and I have been enjoying the Malifaux universe more. Also as was already touched on he is not completely unplayable in 3E. The masters that are no longer supported in the fluff will still be supported / playable in the game. I hope you can start to feel a little better about your purchase took me a solid 2 weeks to not have that gut churning irritated vibe every time I thought about Malifaux lol.. Good luck man!
  11. Item is gone. Trade went smoothly, I shipped first and two days later when package recieved items were packed and shipped the next day for me. Thanks @Rurouni Benshin!
  12. LJ Doxy.. it would keep me interested even if you were stomping me!
  13. This is awesome and just the sort of event I would love to pop my tournament cherry with. Of course I’m not available that week go figure.. I hope you all have an amazing turnout and here’s to breaking last years donation total!! /cheer
  14. Good day! I have one extra Nightmare Edition Curiosity Killed the Cat starer set. Looking to either sell it or trade. Trade wise I am looking for a ton of stuff but only NIB. I also accept PayPal offers. Currently item is listed on eBay but figured I would posted it up here too just in case anyone has been looking for one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/223111148770 Kits I am looking for: Herald of Obliteration Nightmare Edition Box Set, Neverborn Hide and Seek Crew, Neverborn Hungering Darkness, Neverborn Alternate Nekima, Of Metal and Flesh Box Set, Ashes and Dust, Desolation Engine. Would be willing to do a multi kit deal etc.. just hit me up and I'm sure we can figure something out. Thanks!
  15. Haha thats pretty crazy because my very first game ever came down to me losing because I flipped a black joker on damage where all I needed was the min and it was locked up lol.. that said I hope they don't change the mechanic. I love the fact that there is a chance no matter how small or likely that an attack has a 100% chance to miss or succeed or dmg or not. Hope it stays!
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