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  1. Wyrd has already announced a re-sculpt for the Neverborn Dreamer crew and I have to speculate if all crews will get a re-design in M3E. I also have to wonder (and hope really) if the models will increase in size. After M3E was announced, I got excited and dusted off my un-assembled malifaux kits to start making my crews and I forgot how ridiculously small some of these miniatures are (I was putting together gremlins). I played other games between the announcement of M3E and the open beta (Kill Team, WarmaHordes) and comparing some of the models to each other Malifaux easily comes in as the smallest. So... will they ever get bigger and will other crews be getting re-sculpts?
  2. Somer summoning in 5 of them with a 9 with a single action would be a bit ridiculous.
  3. DF 4 and 2 HP that cannot interact and place schemes? Nah, I think they're fine where they're at.
  4. While it doesn't specifically say no... for all intents and purposes the model you use "Grow up strong" on is the same entity as the original and I would argue it is the "same model" even though it's replaced with a different model as during step 3 all the conditions, upgrades, schemes, strategies and effects transfer to the new model. Reading step 4, You could say that "Grow Up Strong" would place an effect of "This model cannot be targeted by this ability again this activation." But it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a clarification from Wyrd.
  5. I played a quick 35ss game last night with Ulix using the following list: Ulix - Leader(0) Penelope (0 - Totem) Old Major (10) Hog Whisperer (6) Hog Whisperer (6) Slop Hauler (5) Slop Hauler (5) Piglet (3) My basic plan was to build a pig farm on the way over to the center of the map and it worked so very well. My first hog whisperer walked up and interacted to place a scheme then summoned a Piglet with a 6R using his ". (The fact that HW's can summon pigs as a Bonus Action by targeting a scheme marker is amazing!) My second hog whisperer activated and picked up the 6R and discarded a 2R (Tools for the Job) giving him Rams on the rest of his duels. He then walks up flips a 7 to summon a piglet. Ulix hitches a ride on my original piglet and then that piglet places a scheme. Ulix activates and Uses Grow Up Strong on all 3 piglets turning 2 into boars and 1 into a squealer. The remaining 2 slop haulers walk up. One uses the existing scheme token to...you guessed it... summon a piglet. The other one sadly failed his piglet summon (was out of cards by that point). and I couldn't get a Ram. Old major walks up and we get ready for round 2. After round 1 of pig farmin', my list had the following models: Ulix Penelope Old Major Hog Whisperer Hog Whisperer Slop Hauler Slop Hauler Wild Boar Wild Boar Squealer Piglet I ended up losing because I spent more time summoning pigs and lost track of what my schemes/strategies were (I mean... my goal was to make a pig farm and I basically did that) By the end, I had lost 2 slop haulers and a hog whisperer but my table had: Ulix, 2 piglets, 3 War pigs, 3 Wild Boars, 2 Squealers, Old Major, Penelope, Hog whisperer It was just so damn fun to breed pigs. What I needed to do was utilize my Slop haulers to heal and pull pigs out of danger while also using pigs to place scheme markers more effectively. I also didn't realize that Ulix had a Bonus Action "Proper care" Pulse 6 that heals friendly beasts 2hp... otherwise I would've been popping that every round. I do worry if my initial hand was bad, it would be harder to get the farm started but I had a blast playing last night. Please pick me apart because I couldn't find anything that said, "You cannot do the same Tactical Action more than once" and I thought the old rules specifically said you couldn't. The one thing that kept me scratching my head was, "Can I or can I not push out of enemy melee range?" There's a ton of push effects in this list and I can't find a solid explanation in the M3E rules.
  6. Thanks. I noted this because I have a Tinkerer player that wanted access to a Grimoire so I asked him what spells he would be interested in. He wanted the Construct Genus Immuto so that he could cast buffs on his constructs which had me wondering if constructs are immune to spells/magic but I couldn't find it anywhere. I realized after searching that Construct Genus is for spells like Heal where he wanted ti repair his Construct but Heal only affects the living so it started to click.
  7. So I've seen a lot of reference in the rulebook to Living, Undead, Spirit, Construct Characteristics and I'm curious: TTB Mechanics wise - What is the purpose of these characteristics? In other Pen&Paper games they usually have a tooltip or explanation of what can/cannot effect these but a lot of abilities have specific references such as "Undead Characteristic is immune to the Bleeding Out condition" whereas a living character will suffer from it. Is there anywhere in the rulebook or elsewhere that explains the purpose/bufs/debuffs of characteristics?
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