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  1. Davegotsu

    Henchman help in Birmingham Uk

    While I'm not a Henchman I do live in Birmingham and have done demo's in the past. Would be happy to help you learn Malifaux, I have plenty of crews I can demo with. I also have a small group who semi-regularly play games, so would be more than happy to get you and your friends involved. Drop me a message if I can be of any help! David
  2. Davegotsu

    Looking for players near me! Birmingham UK

    On the 19th November, I'm running intro games of Malifaux at Wayland's Forge in Birmingham (UK). Everyone welcome, I'll be there from about 10:30 until they get tired of me and throw me out. I appreciate that during the day isn't ideal for everyone, so if you are interested but can't make it, please let me know. If there is enough interest, I'll try and arrange something for a weekend. I'm not an official Henchman, but looking to get out and meet more Malifaux fans, and hopefully convert some new players.
  3. Davegotsu

    Looking for players near me! Birmingham UK

    Hi. I'm actually trying to build a Malifaux group out of Waylands Forge in Birmingham City Centre. I'm hoping to run some demos there soon, first date likely to be 19th November during the day.