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  1. gimlisredbeard

    Shenlong Burn like Fire

    Hello All, Just got my Shenlong crew box recently and I need some rules clarification on the ML attack "Burn Like Fire". Does this rule only ends and transfer "Defensive, Focus, Fast and Reactive"? or does it transfer other conditions as well? Say "Chi"? I know its very deviated from the rules printed on the card, But I've heard it somewhere in the podcast that it does transfer other conditions as well. Is there any FAQ or Errata on this subject? Thanks!
  2. gimlisredbeard

    Rooted Condition

    Thanks so much for the answer. I almost thought that it is such an OP condition. It will definitely help me and my newly born Malifaux Community in Indonesia to grow
  3. gimlisredbeard

    Rooted Condition

    Hello Guys, I'm kinda new to Malifaux and yesterday I got to face Lilith. I'm using Ulix and my pigs they got obliterated with rooted condition. As it says that it "Rooted stops the model from Walking or Charging, and if they are pushed the condition is removed" Is that mean that the only way to eliminate rooted condition is by pushing the model? or it is just a temporary condition that will be remove next turn? just like slow and paralyze.