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  1. Tara’s Obliteration crew is completed (until Void Hunters get released), and Leveticus’s crew is next. I’ll be starting with his core box, with A&D, a Desolation Engine, Marlena Webster, and a box of Necropunks on their way. Also, I’ve recently purchased a whole bunch of markers/tokens from Art of War studios, and have begun working on that massive pile.
  2. Believe it or not, the Imperial Knights paint up pretty quickly. The open spaces aren’t so large that leaving large brush strokes is an issue, like when painting a tank, and the armor plating can be painted first, and attached to the “skeleton” afterwards, which makes it a lot easier to stay neat. A good metallic spray (like the can of Leadbelcher I have) makes painting the skeleton of it a LOT easier too. It turns a 1-2 hour job into a 2 minute job.
  3. Like the title says, DM me and let’s work out a deal
  4. I took a small vacation, and now that I’m back, I’ve got a pile of stuff to work on. The Scion is painted and has joined Tara’s crew, with Talos coming up next, and after that, I’m beginning on a Leveticus crew. Also, I did this guy. He joins a whole cabinet of guys kinda like him.
  5. Aionus showed up today, so he jumped the painting queue right to the top. Now he’s joined the rest of Obliteration’s forces, waiting the Scion and Talos to join him (once they show up).
  6. Tara’s box is now painted up, and they’re waiting for a few of their friends to show up in the mail. I’m the meantime, I’ve got a couple more ladies who’re up next.
  7. Tara is finished up, and Karina is almost complete. After their both finished up, I plan on taking some new pictures. In the meantime, here’s a little thing I did. I put the old M2e cards for the models to good use.
  8. I’ve finished up the Tormented crew, and now that Jack and his friends have all been painted up and are ready for battle, I’ve begun a little more work on my Obliteration crew, although no pics on their progress yet, aside from what’s been shown
  9. Another small update. My Crooked Men and all my bases/base toppers have arrived, so I’ve started some work on them. I’ve also painted up the Nothing Beast from my Nightmare Tara kit, and a few Void Wretches
  10. I think the Lucius story was fantastic, presenting real character development for him. He seems to be “humanizing” more and more as time goes on. The Freikorps and Tara fighting against Hamelin was another great one. It was an exciting story, with lots of action, and I like the confrontation between Tara/Obliteration and Plague. The part where he mentions leaving part of himself behind inside Talos in order to escape I found very interesting.
  11. Update to the crew. I’ve finished up another Guilty and Dead Outlaw, and am just waiting for my Crooked Men and bases to show up to complete the crew. I’ve also started on my Obliteration crew, with a Void Wretch painted up, although not quite finished up.
  12. Hi all! I’ve recently gotten into Malifaux, and been working on my first crew. I’ve got a few painted here, with a few more to go for the crew. Jack is painted as well, and I’m just waiting on another pack of bases to show up at my door step to finish him. I’ve still got another Guilty, another Dead Outlaw, and a Crooked Man to finish up the crew.
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