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  1. I'm interested. Molly's been pushing me to write something, let's go!
  2. McMourning is an obvious go to flavor wise. Nurse Heartsbane's movement shenanigans and taking away attack actions on enemy models? Doug loves that. It makes the things he's stabbing not stab back. Team her up with a pair of Nurses and they can tie up a few enemy models very nicely with attack action denial. Plus, Doc McMourning can make Doc Grimwell ignore armor, which is nice, especially on an attack that can do 4/6/10… Grimwell has nimble too, so taking both Doctors and Heartsbane with a couple nurses gives you a big old bag of hefty movement tricks filled with sharp, sharp objects.
  3. of course. at six stones, she is an enforcer at a bargain. When playing undead, I often forget about the living models i can bring too, and they tend to be very useful!
  4. Chiaki the Niece can remove conditions. I think she might be just what you're looking for.
  5. I like Killjoy because he gives my opponent a big something to worry about, but every time i take him I always end up with a dead Killjoy who didn't really do that much and maybe killed one or two things… I think Ama No Zako is far better with Jack than Killjoy is anyhow. Extra obey like action, no killing your own crew, a devour action to take advantage of paralyzed models from your horror duels...
  6. Ama No Zako is a great addition to a Jack Daw crew. She's terrifying, can fly, has an Obey-like action, and can dish out some hefty damage while healing herself. Plus can outright kill a non-leader ht 1 or paralyzed model! Perfect for a Jack list that is running hanged (and other terrifying) or crooked men/drowned!
  7. Thanks Rob! Your name has me dying. I'd have to buy you one right back!
  8. Cant wait to see what we all whip up for the next round
  9. Great job everybody! The competition is strong! It was a hard vote. Killjoy is amazing, and the tribal warpaint slash voodooesque take on him is super duper fresh. Taelor's shading is sharp and she blows my Taelor outta the water. The tattoo and basing, not to mention the contrast of the blue fabric, on the TT Archer is very well executed. In the end that lovely performer took my vote. That gold detailing and the rich, sultry red of her dress blew me away.
  10. I'd go Tara, Yan Lo, Molly. Grab Izamu, the Hanged, and Yin... They work amazing between Molly and Yan Lo. Haven't tried Tara, but they are all solid models with any master.
  11. I seem to gravitate towards Masters. I know that some of my factions will never be complete because there are just certain models that aesthetically I don't want in my collection. I started with the Viktorias in 1.5, and have been building master specific crew pools ever since. Once I accumulate enough masters and extras I wind up playing a faction (so personally my Arcanists, Outcasts and Guild see a lot of play). For Molly, she only ever wants to play Ressers so we are working on fleshing out the entire faction so she has every option to use at all times. Everyone does it just a little differently it seems
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