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  1. Amazing! Love the new graphic design for these cards too. I would absolutely buy a cyberpunk miniature game published by Wyrd.
  2. These are really clean and well done. Maybe tone down the contrasting color of the edge highlighting slightly? So for the dark pants and cape, use a dark grey or very dark blue. Keep going, I look forward to seeing the rest of the crew.
  3. Not to dismiss your post out of hand, but when I first read it I thought it might be a late April Fools post. The fact that Wyrd makes such nice minis is a huge draw for me to play this game, so no, I definitely don't want cheaper and poorer quality minis. I think most people see the miniature quality as a major advantage, and the monetary cost is only a slight drawback. You get what you pay for, in this case. A few fiddly boxes aside, Wyrd makes some of the best miniatures on the market, especially given how few manufacturers produce High-Impact Polystyrene minis. Really, the main competition in terms of quality is GW, and they're a massive company with vastly more resources than Wyrd, and GW minis aren't exactly inexpensive. I agree that it would be great if it were easier to buy single miniatures when you don't really want the rest of the box, but I think Wyrd has consolidated more minis into fewer boxes to help keep SKU bloat down and to make restocking more straightforward for retailers, which I'm sure we're all in favor of. I could see wanting some cheap proxies to try out a model or something before you buy the real thing or while you wait for something that hasn't been released, but you could just use an empty base for this. When I sit down to play, I generally want to see nice (painted) minis across the table from me. The aesthetics are important.
  4. I've been listening to all the Malifaux podcasts I can to learn more about M3E and I haven't heard anything like this, but this description makes it sound like this is a common and widespread sentiment. Can you please clarify where you heard this? Saying that "asian culture feels out of place and intrusive in the game" sounds...odd at best and perhaps even prejudiced, given the panoply of things in this game, as other posters have already mentioned. I think you'll have a hard time finding anyone who will own up to a statement like that, which is why I ask where you are hearing this. To lay all my cards on the table, it's steampunk that I find boring. Can't say it's out of place, but it just does nothing for me.
  5. I use a converted a gremlin with a tophat as my copycat killer. It's what gremlins do, so I think it works.
  6. A loss of $29,000 is huge! Who is paying for that and how is this sustainable? Forgive my incredulity, but I find it difficult to belief that anyone is willing to eat the cost for the sake of having a gaming con. Perhaps you're including business contributions which are loss-leaders or something? Sounds like fun though; enjoy the con!
  7. I have no problem with the inclusion of Wave 3 models, but I think you should be clearer about what you are choosing to incentivize. The championship should determine the best Malifaux player (and it is perfectly legitimate to include Wave 3), yet the factors you list above are peripheral to actually playing Malifaux and, worse, they do not effect players evenly. You are penalizing people who do not have friends who went to GenCon, which disproportionately and adversely effects players with smaller play groups or for whom travel to GenCon might prove difficult, either through geography or cost. The location of the NOVA Open is already an obstacle for those of us on the west coast. You are also penalizing people who have no interest in beta testing and who do not want to spend time reading forums, podcasts, or blogs. I do not think that internet media consumption habits, geography, or how many friends you have who happened to go to GenCon should be factors in a tournament. Again, I take no issue with the inclusion of Wave 3 rules; they will be released and legal. I do think that the rationale you provided is problematic.
  8. Yeah, I was in there a few weeks ago on a road trip and there was stuff everywhere. Their in-store boardgame library was overflowing onto the floor to the extent that about a third of the gaming space was not accessible. The location is great. Right next to Sundance, my favorite place to acquire hippy snacks. Good luck finding some Malifriends!
  9. I assume you've checked out Evolution Gaming in Eugene? I've never played there and don't know if they carry Malifaux, but they seem pretty minis game centric. You could try posting a flier there or talking to the owners to see if you can do a Malifaux demo night.
  10. While we're just speculating, there are a couple reasons beyond rules differences that the Other Side and Malifaux might not be compatible. 1) While set in the same world, the games might not be contemporaneous. The technology in the illustration looks a bit more advanced, and the Other Side could be set slightly in the future in relation to Malifaux. If this were set during the 1930s or 40s, we could be looking at a transition from steampunk to dieselpunk, which I think would be great! 2) The scale of the miniatures could be different. I'd love to see the Other Side in 15mm for a true army scale game that does not require an absurdly large 40K apocalypse style table.
  11. All the Malifaux stuff looks good, and the alt Colette crew looks amazing. The bearded lady is my favorite and that makes me feel strange. Still have my fingers crossed for a Puppet Wars expansion at GenCon.
  12. Minor gameplay nitpicks be damned. This is very cleanly produced, easy to follow, and will do more than most henchmen to get new players into wargaming in general and Malifaux in particular. This obviously takes a tremendous amount of work to create, so thank you for being so generous with your time.
  13. I'm interested in buying some Guild metals, preferably a good chunk of the faction in one go. I have Bartertown references and I'd expect some form of references from a prospective seller. Please PM me with a list of what you have and what you want for it.
  14. Regarding NASM, it looks like the footprints at the bottom might correspond to factions. Since the prints aren't scaled or super detailed it's hard to tell exactly what they are, but my guesses are (from left to right): Raven or Crow Bison; while bison hoofprints usually look a bit rounder than this one, the toe isn't as narrow as deer or elk. Fox Eagle Wolf or Coyote Bear Based on this collection of animals, the rattlesnake monster, the figure in the foreground, and the landscape, it looks like it will most likely based on the American west (albeit Wyrded out, of course). Great to see the design team working on new projects!
  15. Those are such amazing figures. I wish there was some way for Wyrd to acquire the Rackham license from CMoN. Classic Confrontation art + new Wyrd plastics. Nathan...
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