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  1. The problem is not whether some people will try to solve a problem as perfectly as possible. The problem is when a format mandates you solve it at maximum cost to your opponent. It is antithetical to the fundamental method by which you foster sportsmanship. By limiting the margin of victory to binary and ensuring sufficient rounds, balanced terrain, etc, you maximize the sportsmanship potential in any one game, even though you can't literally force people to be sporting. A TO should generally seek the optimal environment for his broadest target audience to enjoy their experience, while remembering that optimal doesn't mean perfect.
  2. It's pretty appropriate to have enough rounds in a wld game system to determine a clear winner. At least one person conflated winner with best player. Tournaments establish the best for the weekend, not the best period. Sufficient rounds for attendance improves the fairness grade of the event. That said, not all local events can do this time wise, and bigger con style events should offer simultaneous alternate formats for people who don't care as much for tourneys. Which generally is how things are handled. As an aside, vp differential and margin of victory are hobby destroying metrics. They add a requirement to not just win, but also seek to both win big and actively try to crush any opportunity your opponent has to do anything. If I'm sure I'm going to get ten, and i know my opponent can only get 9 at most, we can enjoy the rest of the game. If it's in a tournament where margin matters, I'm going to keep getting ten but also try to crush the life and every single point out of him. This is bad. Don't do this.
  3. Lilith has terrible match-ups within that framework (i.e. Som'er basically auto-wins vs. her in very similar fashion to how Rat Engine did). Kirai, Lilith, and Shenlong are the 3 "solos" you'd try for each of those factions, but none would make it through as readily as the Guild (Sonnia), Arc (Marcus), Gremlin (Som'er), or Outcast (several choices due to the fact the best Outcast build isn't really because of the Master) would.
  4. Each of the first 4 can play a single master in a tournament and win the thing, in any field, if played well. This isn't true for 10T, NVB, or Rez, presently. And, generally speaking, as an example point, when we recently played in the largely-attended Bragging Rights team event up in CT, it was very easy to deal with teams who chose not to bring Guild/Grem/Arc/Out, b/c the match involving Rez or 10T or Nvb was one where they were on the back foot from the first flip. It was a visible handicap. $.02
  5. Honestly Guild is one of the strongest factions. This is primarily b/c they have one of the most efficient sets of beater list build options out there, where you can have enough models to not be terribly out-activated, while each model can generally be quick and highly lethal, and pretty durable comparatively. These things all make for a giant PITA to deal with when someone plays them quickly or efficiently to their strengths (kill lots of things reliably). Guild, Arc, Som'er, and Outcasts are still the strongest 4 factions by a wide margin (IMO).
  6. The fences are gonna look awesome! Team scratch-built them, and now we've got molds for durability and volume. Anyone in the DC area looking to learn about terrain building and what-not should also ping us and come join NOVA terrain days. Free food, beer, and fun.
  7. Update for all - Down to under 20 spots left for the Malifaux National Championships Additionally, only 14 spots remain for the Narrative 6 spots remain for the Enforcer Brawl 6 spots remain for Hardcore 8 spots remain for Treacherous Ties 12 spots remain for the Trios Team event (12 team spots) Also, while you can cancel your hotel room as long as it's 48 hours before the time of, we already sold the hotel block out and had to ask the Hyatt for an increase. They gave us all the rooms left in the hotel, but THAT larger block is now 75% gone.
  8. Hey all, Just a regular info post that we are always welcoming new players to join us for Monday Night Malifaux in Springfield, VA. We host out of a home with ample space to game (up to about 20 players' at a time) and a regular e-mail distro group of 48 players. Activities occasionally also include non-Monday events, such as an in-the-works plan for a Saturday tournament, Shifting Loyalties campaigns, and the like. Terrain and tables are very high quality, as is the company (if we don't say so ourselves!). PM me if you'd like to be added to the e-mail google group (which we use for weekly sign-ups/etc.).
  9. They did not pre-register then, I am gathering, which makes it doubly disappointing. 4 of us from DC were registered with our wives/SOs making the trip and planning to hit up NYC while we played. Unfortunately, as of Tuesday night, we were the only paid/known registrants, so they scrubbed the event (as we weren't going to drive up to play ourselves for 2 days). Is a bummer, as BFS on the whole is one of the best / most fun events in the country.
  10. Update I believe they may have reduced the cost of this ... hoping the event organizer will post somethin' of an update.
  11. It is $50 ... no con pass or anything, though, so just straight $50. Plus, you will be joining a group of pretty radical dudes and dudettes who will be hanging out and socializing before/during/after games all weekend.
  12. Why aren't you making it? Do you need a hotel room to share? We have several. BRING THE PEOPLES. Defend NE from DC. Or don't.
  13. Who is going to this? A bunch of us from DC are going up, b/c the people at BFS (even for us former 40K players) are some of the best at any organized event in the nation. Plus the venue is collocated with a Yardhouse, so ... yeah. Brewmaster will be in play even when rounds are not active. Anyone able to challenge us?
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