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  1. I'm allowing myself to collect the whole Resser faction to scratch the collector and competitive itches. Any masters I have outside of Ressers are self contained (Dreamer with nightmares, Freikorps). Getting crews that are self contained stops me from expanding in to the other factions. Sure I could run Dreamer with non-nightmares, but he's playable with just the nightmares and that's enough for me; Von Schill also works fine with just Freikorps. Next on this list is Marcus will only beasts, thus stopping me from buying in to arcanists. It also helps that I'm not in to the Asian themes of 10 thunders, this prevents me from branching in to every other faction.
  2. I like the exclusive nature of these models, I personally find it exciting when my opponent puts down a rare model on the table. It adds variety, if everyone had them it would be boring. I think it's a great idea to reward people who help to sustain the gaming part of the community, it takes effort and sacrifices to go to events/tournaments so I think unique models are fantastic prize. If I can offer a suggestion - I think it would be exciting to see another group of unique models offered as prizes for some of Wyrd's competitions, as a way to give exclusive rewards in other aspects of the hobby. Keep up the good work Wyrd, the community support you guys offer never ceases to amaze me.
  3. I think Guild autopsies are getting released within the next few months and a poison McMourning crew should function without Rafkin.
  4. I'm still new, but here's my take on it. Charging is an attack action, and charging requires a target. So charging a terrifying model requires a test.
  5. I recently had a missing and broken part in my necropunks, I submitted a report via their form on the site, got a response within 2 days and received the parts 2 weeks later. Excellent customer service, 10/10. With this time of year though I imagine it might take longer though.
  6. I was under the impression that you can hire 3 daydreams, but summon more in to bring you above 3? Am I wrong? Genuine question, I'm a new dreamer player.
  7. Yes, unfortunately they aren't available yet though.
  8. Cheers! It's quite cool that she's been purposely left vague. Gives the players room to make up their own reasons or stories for her
  9. I already understood the phrase, I'm more interested in what she actually is; spirit? witch? mindless monster? calculating killer? Stuff like that.
  10. I'm just starting to paint this model, can anyone give me a quick summary of who/what she is? I find knowing a little about the models helps to portray their character when painting. I've figured she bursts out of people in a pool of blood when they die and turns back in to puddle of blood and slinks away when she's wounded? Any info appreciated.
  11. That makes more sense, thanks for the explanation. Do all Masters have a personal totem or do some of them only get a generic one?
  12. Thanks for all the responses. Cool, I guess that explains how he can just teleport to Seamus in game. It's also kind of funny how McMournings spirit animal totem is a chihuahua.
  13. Is this guy a leprechaun or a man with dwarfism? A ghost/spirit even? I haven't got the main rulebook yet, as it has been pretty hard to find in stock anywhere, so know very little lore for the game. Is there a lore wiki or something for Malifaux?
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