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  1. gelter

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    I had the grave golem with me. But he died to brewmaster in one single activation.
  2. gelter

    Brewmaster clarification: Alcohol+Blood Poisoning

    Yep, i played vs him. He is so strong. Do a lot of dmg and heals so much. Maybe he is to strong? Against Pandora he will suck i think
  3. gelter

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    The sad thing is, that molly need the dmg for this ability. You have only a short range of models to chose from. You have only one beater(Archie). The point ist he hits hard but die quickly. Hard to wound is way more bad than in me2. Focus is everywhere and so it doesn’t defend him. Molly has the same problem. She die very quickly. Even with no los needed, i wasnt aware that you can charge even no model in range. So no Problem to get your models where you want them with walk and charge.
  4. gelter

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    I had a test game yesterday. Molly isnt worth it to take as a leader. It goes off the whole game only two times. That was at the moment he attacked molly directly in her face. Short time later she was dead. It isnt a big problem with los needed. Two moves were affected. And were easily solved with walk charge instead of walk walk.
  5. gelter

    Molly's disturbing story

    Yeah, give an opponent cards is always bad. Its the key ressource in game. I try to avoid it, thats why i use only NM because you see what he will get. Fore sure it isn’t optimal. It wouldbe better if it work the other way. That you get + if you have more cards. You can control it better
  6. gelter

    Voodoo Curse functionality

    Yes! God thank you, that was horror
  7. gelter

    Mindless zombies

    There are way better options to get corpse markers. Like Mortimer. So no its nit worth taking them. The only crew for them is with asura. Because then they are a bit useful scheme wise
  8. gelter

    Molly's disturbing story

    Yeah true, but then i will use the necrotic machine to have control he get some bad cards.
  9. gelter

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    Just move a ht3 model in front of her. Problem solved....
  10. gelter

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    Then maybe your board is the problem. We play without hills and 4-5 Houses. You have los blocking terrain.
  11. gelter

    Molly's disturbing story

    It would be a nice ability if you can choose a number between 1 an max hand size. Then you have a good dmg output, molly havent any good dmg right now. And the tradeoff is that the opponent get maybe good cards. This is the main point atm. Why should i do 1 to 2 dmg an give my opponent cards? No way
  12. gelter

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    Why should high wp help against Zoraida? If you cheat she go to your deck and hit your cards. A good one on discard pile or a shitty one on top. It is also every model in los. Its a game mechanic. You have to avoid the los. Same as molly. Again there are lot of ways to do this. Personally i think it isnt a overpowered ability. If you want to benefit from it you have to play aggressively with molly and risk her being attacked. If you hide her she do nothing. For me it look like the los add was good change. Remember it works only if molly is the leader. Thats a point too. I consider not to take molly as leader anymore just because of the difficulty of getting this ability going to work
  13. gelter

    Jack Daw Typo?

    Jack lost his Arcane Reservoire, maybe because of the typo
  14. gelter

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    That is how the game works. Diffrent opponent need diffrent handling. I could complain now that as McM against Pandora you are way more fucked up, because she easily remove all of your poison. But hey thats the game. At least there are ways to handle mollys ability. Now with los needed it is easy to avoid.
  15. gelter

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    Exactly! She is a support and that ability make her worth to take. Her dmg output ist very low. This ability help her a bit. But you as an opponent can totaly avoid it. Get out of los. You can block the los or hide.