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  1. Yeah that is exact that what i mean. There is no special timing im which way you resolve those effects. So lets hop for a quick answer from wyrd
  2. C1 is a phase. Not a point. The phase c1 dont end with the placement of colette. It is still phase c1 and then the aura comes in play.
  3. The at the start of the activation is just saying it is resolved in phase c1
  4. Ok i reread it again. In c1 they tell about effects. So it is ok It is all happening in c1: colette unburys, at this point there are no simultanoeus effects because she just can unbury. If she unbury inside the aura it follows the sequential effect that she get blighted because she is inside of 6β€œ. remember it is still phase c1.
  5. Hm both seems not the Solution of this Problem. Its not simultaneos because its not an effect that cause the bury and the aura. Its not sequential because it didnt creatr the aura effect
  6. I found this: SEQUENTIAL EFFECTS Sometimes, an effect will create additional effects as it resolves. In these cases, fully resolve the initial effect before mov- ing onto any additional effect. Additional effects are then resolved in the order they were generated, after any effects which had been previously generated have page 34
  7. Where is it written with the section of effects getting resolved for a model. Do you have a page number?
  8. If you do it this way, she is still affected because the aura is not β€žherβ€œ effect.
  9. The point is phase c1 do not end with the unbury of colette. In c1 she checks if she is buried. Yes. So she can unbury. If she does, she will be affected by other effects. Else it have to be a timing when a special effect is timed. So if unbury is the last in this step i would say she is not affected. But i think how it is written all effects have to be resolved
  10. the thing is exactly the question if colette can skip hamelins aura, even if it is in the exct same step. Both is at the start of the models activation
  11. Hi, rulebook page 35, activation phase c1: how works it with two actions in this phase. In this case collette unbury at the start of her activation. Inside 6β€œ of hamelins aura. Does she geht blighted?
  12. I like them in Urami too. They are worth every point. Kirai profits so much. Retarget an attack on a drowend force the enemy to do a terrifing test and if it was melee he cant even cheat. It is so nice.
  13. gelter


    I had a game on Friday evening. I played daw vs basse. The guilty worked very well. He deployed near my deployment zone so we had action in turn 1. the guilty i sent straight to engage basse and frank( his henchman). In turn 3 i had 9card handsize. He killed them but they come back every time. Sure where they go again, straight to the master and the henchman. Montresor wasnt that effective because i deployed him a bit far in the back. Jack daw was doing his minion movement stuff. Lady ligeia didnt do much too. I had a jaakuna with me, and she was really nice. Incorporeal is a wonderful thing, charge through buildings etc. in the end i won 4vs1. We both go a bit killy. For me the crew feeling was nice. The models are good. At crewbuilding stage i dont know why to take a hanged, for me it seems he is to expensive for what he brings on the table. Maybe i oversee something. Daw was very nice and frustrating for my opponent when he did 3 or 4 dmg and i reduce to 1. sure there are crews with more ping damage and then it will be frustrating for me.
  14. gelter


    Projectile vomit hit very often. It is against mv and you give out a lot od staggered. You can relatively easy get 3 blast markers and spread distracted. They dont score but they are perfect for denying points. You engage so enemy cant interact and they are durable. Terrifing, and enemy cant cheat. And that they are slow isnt and argument because you can throw them with daw.
  15. gelter


    Pls do not change the drowned. i love them like they are. Cheap and durable. Ok they are slow but that is not a problem for daw. And for kirai they are essential like they are. A good target for the protection ability.
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