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  1. zeno

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    ETA on release?
  2. zeno

    Iconic Fate Deck

    Element Games in the UK had it listed for today, but have now changed it to the end of august. Seriously Wyrd, what the h*ll is going on?
  3. zeno

    Malifaux App Launched!

    Works in Sweden now! Question for Wyrd. How long will it be between stat cards/upgrades from just released books to show up in the app?
  4. zeno

    Malifaux App Launched!

    Region lock in Sweden - Android - Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
  5. Aha, I did not know that. That do make this whole card thing easier to handle.
  6. Thank you for your answers. So that upgrade does not come with any model and is only available in the Generalist Upgrade Deck? So they really are going for the X-Wing style... Well I guess our stop at Malifaux will be very brief once again. Its a nice game, but too much greedy stuff going on when it comes to them selling the stuff. I collect Gremlins as well and its really a joke how things are spread out in the crew boxes. It all feels too "You gotta catch 'em all!" to me.
  7. Hi fellow 'fauxers! Me and some friends are getting started with Malifaux again after a loooong hiatus. And I am getting my Neverborn repainted and some rebought (due to some models not beeing available separately, I'm looking at you Vasalisa...). But this whole upgrade card thing is confusing me. I've listended to some podcasts and read up on Pull my finger and other blogs. And there are some cards getting recommended over and over again. One of these cards are "Retribution's Eye". So far I've located that its available in the Wave 2 Arsenal deck. But since I'm planing on at least getting a couple of boxes I'm wondering if this upgrade is available elsewhere as well? So I don't buy the Wave 2 arsenal deck just for this upgrade. And then manage to get a box where this upgrade is included as well... Please tell me this isn't X-Wing all over again, where you have to get box A and B, where B is not even the faction you play, just to get X to work :\
  8. zeno

    Merris art

    These new gremlin designs all look too serious