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Found 9 results

  1. Here are the current Strats and Schemes for Gen Con 2018 (Subject to change) Thursday Tyrant Qualifier Round: 1 Deployment: Standard Strategy: Symbols Of Authority Schemes: Punish The Weak Hold Up Their Forces Dig Their Graves Show Of Force Recover Evidence Round: 2 Deployment: Standard Strategy: Ply For Information Schemes: Surround Them Covert Breakthrough Take One For The Team Take Prisone
  2. Hi fellow wyrdos, I´ve got some questions to those of you responsible for managing your local community: how do you keep your players attached to the local flgs, during these times of black friday, easter and gen con sales? Our local shop seems worried about the recent pre-release policy of wyrd, he says sales of all the new stuff since the Emissary-release is declining, seemingly because the players buy them at large during wyrds big sales. I don´t want to be the guy to tell others where and what to buy, plus who can blame them, it`s just so temtping to get a
  3. This will be my fourth year in a row attending Gen Con, the largest gaming convention in North America; Gen Con is my favorite time of year (seriously, I plan my year around this) and I know that not everyone can make it out the convention, so last year I decided to do a series of blog posts to share my adventures with the denizens of the internet so that those who can’t make it out to Gen Con can still get a little taste of the fun. Those posts turned out to be so popular and greatly appreciated that I’ve decided not only to once again do a series of posts on my adventures at Gen Con, but I w
  4. Greetings, Malifaux players! I will be returning this year once more to oversee and run the official Malifaux events for Wyrd Miniatures at Gen Con 2014 in Indianapolis, IN, this August 14th through 17th. All of the official tournaments being run will adhere to the Gaining Grounds 1.0 rules, which are available at this link (or in the Downloads section under the Game Files category) so please download and review this document. I'm happy to answer any questions, but it's highly likely Gaining Grounds has already addressed your specific question. Some of the details below are still being fl
  5. Hi all. I'm sure you already know that Wyrd's back again in full force for Gen Con 2014. Find our events at the online Gen Con catalog. Events Hall Tournaments - 2 story encounters, 2 Avatar Qualifiers, 1 Avatar. Malifaux Achievement League Download Now Demos - Malifaux Demos and Board and Card Game Demos available every day for free. Get your tickets to reserve a spot. If it's sold out, try showing up anyway to see if there's a no-show or even extra space. Through the Breach RPG - (Added June 30) Participate in a 3-day campaign or quicker 3-4 hour event. Exhibit Hall Booth
  6. Hiya, On my first Gen con order the Pay pal site seemingly didn't realise that UK means foreign and only charged me for domestic US postage, which I didn't notice until I did my second order and noticed the discrepancy. Is there anything I need to do to fix this?
  7. Not sure where really to post this so Moderators feel free to move. I attended last year my first Gen Con and loved it. I noticed other than the Wyrd booth (which i spent way more money than I had budgeted ) there were empty tables in the card hall where a few people played miniatures game including Malifaux. Is this where the forum people will be meeting, greeting and playing? If not where and when. We have our gaming club from up north Canada going done to play.
  8. While at Gen Con I stopped by the Wells Expeditions booth to get the lowdown on this upcoming "collectible mass-action miniatures game" direct from company President Ray Wehrs. He explains the new game's business model and just what comes in each of the boxes here: http://thescreamingalpha.com/2009/08/19/ray-wehrs-of-wells-expeditions-explains-arcane-legions/ And gives a brief gameplay demo here: http://thescreamingalpha.com/2009/08/19/video-demo-of-arcane-legions-gen-con-2009/ I'll be interested to see if Wells can bring the CMG model into the mass wargaming space, even in such a s
  9. 2008 Gen Con Indy Miniatures Hobby Events (MHE) They play games at Gen Con Indy?! How the heck would I know, I'm busy at the MHE area! We have so much going on and we're excited to see many of you year after year joining us at our events and having a great time, as well as the many manufacturers that support us consistently. The MHE Crew does this for you! Please find us in the second floor Serpentine Lobby this year! See you very soon! We're open to any and all manufacturers of miniatures hobby products to join us and contribute to these events. They cannot happen without you, an
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