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  1. Terrain - better terrain is a valid point. If anyone has specific suggestions (after all, you know better than me what works in a tournament setting), send me a message about it, and I'll get back to you. Tournaments - We had space remaining for all of the tournaments last year. Running them is a huge investment for us, so I'm not sure it makes sense to add more. Perhaps details about the tournaments could be improved - time, type, etc.
  2. Hi everyone. Wyrd's really looking forward to Gen Con 2015, and we'd like to know if there are any event suggestions you'd like to give us. Any suggestions and feedback are welcome. Our typical events schedule is Malifaux Demos - 1 hr - about 8 per day Board and Card Game Demos - 1 hr - about 8 per day Malifaux Tournaments 2 Story Encounter 2 Avatar Qualifier 1 Avatar (Final) Malifaux Achievement League Through the Breach RPG (new in 2014) 3-4 hr event 3-day campaign Additional Activities Wyrd CosPlay Contest Coloring Contest Speed Painting Events (through MHE)
  3. Try this .. http://wyrd-games.net/community/gallery/album/240-gen-con-2014/
  4. CaseyJ

    Gen Con 2014

    Wyrd at Gen Con
  5. No, there won't be a different US shipping option added. However, we at Wyrd are firm believers in your body; your choice, so if holding gets you the jollies, go ahead. Though we'd add the disclaimer that you do it near a couch.
  6. But I got all offended and found my fighting gloves, er, head-choppin' off tools so I could do this .. yay! cosplay! (excuse my lameness for still not being able to figure out how to upload images better on the new software)
  7. Regarding US Shipping The 2-day FedEx option is not a glitch. Wyrd's rate with FedEx ensures that 2-day shipping is the best option for price and delivery - slower options wouldn't save money. Wyrd does not ship through USPS.
  8. Strat/Schemes & Arsenal - October New Crew boxes - we won't have that announcement ready until after Gen Con. It's Oct-Jan release time frame.
  9. Strat/Scheme Decks at Booth - yes, there are some at the show. Just as with the web store, there are a limited number available.
  10. This is correct. (Just in case you were waiting on an official response.)
  11. Ah. What we've got here is a little left hand-right hand thing going on because they happen to be connected to different brains. Our own little Zaphod paradox. Got it all straightened now and updated first post with details. Yes! Wyrd is providing manufacturer's awards for the MHE Painting Competition. No! There is no cosmic right answer. But! The best brush will win.
  12. There is no Wyrd painting contest this year. As in previous years, we're sponsoring Paint-and-Take and Wyrd Speed Painting events.
  13. Expect a trickle of product updates over the next week. You probably already know what I just listed.
  14. Use this as inspiration for Cosplay this year.
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