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  1. Woooh! Good idea. I already have them all in metal though. ? I suspect a number of them will look better than the metal version - I'm thinking "avatar" pandora in particular. Good choice on McMourning, Raspy, Hamelin, and Somer - some of the best sculpts you guys have put out.? You can only get them by playing? Boooo... I suspect they will be sold as limited editions later, anyway. ? I'd hate to see the gaming aspect take precendence over the hobby aspect - as it usually does. ? If hobbyists cant get their hands on these models witthout playing or ridiculo
  2. Shiny skin is intentional - His whole one side is burned away leaving the wet muscley bloodiness below. ? I use matte, satin, and gloss varnish on all minis to gove the proper effects. Stain works well for metals and gloss for anything "wet", for example.
  3. Trying to save his fellow carnies from the fire that destroyed the original freak-show, Boris fell to the raging inferno instead. When asked "Why would you bring him back from the dead in such a gruesome state?", Mr. Cooper replied - "I figure he's an even bigger feature performance now... and besides... he was really only half dead anyway."
  4. Does anyone have a shiney Somer or Leveticus Henchman card they want to give/sell me?!? PM me! >8)
  5. Woohoo! Thanks for the comments all! Sadly, I haven't been practicing all that much... I just took all the effort spent on a large model/display and sunk it into a single small model to unlock its full potential. If I had more time I would have done a cross-stitch design on the dress, probably a few more tats, and built a better lightbox and took a lot more pics until they looked good. You can barely make out the purple hearts on his pink dress... that's not a good sign. And when your model doesn't look nearly as good in the pic as it does IRL thats an even worse sign. I need to spend more tim
  6. Was just skimming through the gallery after posting mine to see that you chose this model as well! Great minds! Good luck!
  7. I was going to do the exact same thing with mine, haha. Great minds, or something. I can never seem to leave things be... one of my watchers in going to become Hastur. I like to mess with the games and paint up references to other games/pop-culture. Just because you did her up like Link doesn't mean I won't still do it too! The fairy in the bottle intead of it being a lantern was very smart. Negative points for filling in the cleavage window! Booo. ?
  8. A former Russian career criminal, Ivan went into prison an unbreakable pillar of vice and corruption. Through torture and solitary confinement, he emerged anew, a complete psychotic, a total nutcase... a unstoppable monster.
  9. Cool stuff. Congrats to both - Curtis because he's a dece painter and Mason, mostly because he gives me free shit at every convention. ?
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