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  1. The lockdown is really nice for Brewmaster, who typically likes to party and not kill anybody. And as a Gremlins player, the Lotus eater's new kit is basically the bane to my faction. Most of my models are high damage and low wounds, so the lockdown hurts pretty bad. Aggressive stance, while not great, does hamper almost my entire faction.
  2. Guess we'll just have to settle with Roosters.
  3. Yeah totally. I think that could be pretty good. Or Wyrd just needs to make more gremlins with crappy willpower ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. I can see giving a Rooster reactivate to be pretty nutso. They are essentially mini-Warpigs, or at least mine tend to cause just as much damage as my hogs, even after losing Reckless.
  5. In Pere Ravage's case though, if you sacrifice him, that does not allow Explosive Demise to go off.
  6. Yeah I agree. That would be a little too crazy. Perhaps this just opens a window for some cool models to work with in the future? I honestly think even Wp5 models could get out of hand.
  7. I totally missed that. Nevermind, seems good!
  8. I too was also thinking of the idea of them having Rebound, but then Mancha loses a bit of his identity if you do that.
  9. I would also at least summon them if they didn't take the damage. I would also strongly consider hiring them AND summoning them if they just had more wounds to begin with, yet it would not make it so that I would hire them every game or would it stop me from considering hiring Piglets or Stuffed Piglets over them.
  10. Hardcore tourney players may or may not also have any insight into game design, as well. There are simply no tourneys in my area but I have a lot of experience in games design, and I assume a few of our more proactive members are as well. Being hardcore or casual isn't a very reliable variable.
  11. Speaking of the 4WP restriction on Brain's reactivate action, what candidates do we have for that anyway? 4WP and the Gremlin characteristic limits us to three models of the top of my head; Rooster Riders, Bayou Gremlins and Hog Whisperers.
  12. Unfortunately he does not count as a corpse marker, except when being targeted by Actions. Reva cannot draw LoS from them, but she can use her tactical actions on them. I believe it's not as unlikely as you think. You have lots of cheap junk to clog up activations while you wait for the ideal positioning. Your opponent is less likely to be able to move your target or protect it with a high card later in the turn. And if you're worried about his Cg value being lower, the text states that you may choose to pick up the markers, which means you can leave markers be if you want to guarantee the dank Ram.
  13. If they had a couple more wounds I could definitely see myself summoning these things as speedy little scheme runners, or even hiring them. Piglets would still get hired do to their tarpit potential, and Stuffed Piglets would still be taken for their offensive capabilities.
  14. The only problem is that I would rather just summon the stuffed piglet, since it'll be likely the Flying Piglet wont live to see the light of day let alone to kill itself and drop a scheme marker. As for hiring, I would rather just take a regular Piglet since it's more reliable and drop scheme markers just as easily.
  15. Getting him into position with the Kentauroi seems pretty easy enough and I don't think you guys have realized that Wheelbarrow Ram gets around both Manipulative AND Disguised. At max range, which is pretty easy to set up with aforementioned horsie, 6 damage is enough to kill most models with those abilities. And then you draw a card and pick up a corpse marker. Pretty solid if you ask me. I see it as a beater model who excels at crapping all over other support models.