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  1. Platov

    M3e sculpts

    That's hilarious. I will do same thing with my piglets, since i have 7 of em.
  2. Platov

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    Hm. I love Mancha Roja, and according to lore, he won tournament. So, I guess, I'll get that alt Lenny for convertion reasons.
  3. Platov

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    It's quite easy. One is black, the other is not.)
  4. Platov

    Nightmare Ulix box

    OK, here we go. Our nightmare box. My little pony - themed Ulix. Opinions?)
  5. Dunno. Maybe one day they will add this to FAQ.
  6. Platov

    Weekly Model Discussion - Iron Skeeter

    Sommer have the ability "Survival of fittest", which let's you draw 2 cards if gremlin in 6" is killed. Banjonista have the ability "Bayou Blues", which let's you draw 1 cars if gremlin in 3" is killed. Bayou Gremlin activates with reckless, and stays near Sommer and Banjonista. Sommer activates, does "do it like this" for masks, and "git yer bro"es 3 times, killing gremlin, and summoning new one. Drawing 3 cards, each time gremlin is killed. There you go, 9 cards. Also, you sycle 2 cards for SS at the beginning of the turn. That's it.
  7. That, exactly, is my point. Both opinions can be right, or wrong. Thank you. I guess, I'll ask my local henchmen on their opinion.
  8. This in not convincing. And what about "there is no "this model's controller flips a card" on said upgrade, either. And such reference exists too. And I belive, that if you flip a card from a model's action, during this model's activation, and there is no reference that this ismodel controller who makes this flip - it's models flip. " Because there is" model's controller " reference on Lynch Card, for example.
  9. I think, I solved this one. Let me show you an example. Old Cranky's "let me tell you a tale" says: "discard a card to draw a card". And if you do it near Sammy, or Crier, you can draw additional cards. Because it's obvious, that, even without reference, it's still Cranky, who discards a card. It's his ability, printed on his card. And there are a lot of such examples across every faction. Same applies to Wong. It's printed on his card. It's his ability. He flips those cards, even if there is no reference. UPD: I can even say: there is no "this model's controller flips a card" on said upgrade, either. And such reference exists too. And I belive, that if you flip a card from a model's action, during this model's activation, and there is no reference that this is model controller who makes this flip - it's models flip. Sorry for bad English.
  10. But the action, resulting this flip, belongs to a model. Like, if you do some additional flips from trigger, it is considered that this model makes those flips, even if there is no reference in wording. That's why I'm a bit confused.
  11. Hello everyone. We had a little debate today, on wich flips are affected by "A Gremlin's Luck" upgrade, and I need some advice. Wording is: This model gains plus flip to all flips it makes during it's Activation wich are not part of duel or damage flip. 1) Shooting randomization flips. That one is quite obvious. 2) Pulse flips from Lightning Jump. Quite obvious too. 3) Healing Flips from Quality Mash Liquor(or any other way to make healing flips during Wong's activation)? 4) Prevention Flips during Wong activation(from hazardous terrain for example)?This one is in question, because prevention flips are made by "player", not by "model". 5) Flips made for "Oooo... Ahhhh..." action, from "Behold my Effervescence!" upgrade? This one has strange wording. Not "This model flips", but " Flip a card for every model", that's why clarifications needed. Thank you for your answers.
  12. Platov

    Weekly Model Discussion - Iron Skeeter

    As for Iron Skeeter - there are some ways I use him. Most obvious way - Franc slingshot. Late in turn 1\2, Skeeter transports Franc ~14" ahead, and gives him fast. Then, Franc with 4 AP charges opponent master\key model. There is even specific list for that: 50 SS Gremlins Crew Somer Teeth Jones + 4 Pool - Family Tree (2) Francois LaCroix (8) Trixibelle (8) Burt Jebsen (8) - Dirty Cheater (1) Iron Skeeter (6) Iron Skeeter (6) Banjonista (5) Bayou Gremlin (3) Bayou Gremlin (3) It works wthis way: Somer draws 9 cards(2 Survival of Fittest + 1 Banjonista) for killing and summoning new gremlins. You can kill 1 more, if you need more cards, but 9 + 2 for SS + 6 in initial hand is quite Ok. Bayou Gremlins give you 5 chaff activations(2 initial Gremlins, +3 summoned.) Then you activate Banjonista(Pushing Gremlins 2" ahead). Then Trixie, to "lure" opponent models away. In the end, we have this order of activations: 2 bayous, Somer, 3 more bayous, Banjonista, Trixie, 2 Skeeters, Franc+Burt. You have 8 activations before you even start attacking. Then you fly Burt and Franc ahead. You have 12-18 cards in hand, so you will most certanly have needed tomes. Then you charge Franc and Burt, both with 4 AP, to the enemy lines. With good cards in hand, they can kill alot of models, if you choose wisely. But there should be at least 6" between them at the end of your turn. Turn 2 starts, you take new cards +2 for SS use, you cheat initiative with Trixie, activate Burt, then Franc via companion. Both have Reckless and 3 AP to kill even more opponent models. That combo can be devastating, if you do it rigt. And it's quite hard to counter. And, as you can see, Iron Skeeters are the reason, this combo exists. As always, sorry for my broken English.
  13. Platov

    Weekly Model Discussion - Iron Skeeter

    That is, actually, wrong. You can not do that. Crier cannot be moved, pushed or placed if you activate his aura.
  14. Platov

    New to the game! Seeking advice

    I ment THROW enemy model in prison. Like: You make smoke screen, charge enemy model, and throw it with "Up we go".
  15. Platov

    New to the game! Seeking advice

    Hm. Well, i don't have any secret tricks, except of playing with caution. But I'll try to explain. Zipp is highly mobile, and i try to use that as much, as i can. I don't rely on Earl much. I place Earl, like, 12-15" ahead, near the centerline, and leave him there. On first and second turn i try to save as much masks in hand, as i can. With 2-3 masks in hand, and SS use, Zipp is almost impossible to pin down. And then i stick up with hit-and-run tacktics. Zipp makes diatribe or grab a rope, walks 1 time, and charges enemy model i want dead. He uses "up we go", throws enemy closer to your crew, and follows enemy model with trigger. Then, he does the same thing again, and flees with trigger. First Mate or Franc makes the kill, if "kidnapped" model is still alive after "Up we go". In general, i don't play reckless. And I always fall back, after attack. But at the same time, i play quite aggresivly. It depends on enemy master, tho. I utilize same "hit and run" tactics for both masters i love, Mah and Zipp. There is one thing about Zipp, that you can use to surprise your opponent: His smokescreen is impassible, and you can use it to wall-lock opponent models. Or you can just throw enemy model in smokescreen-prison like that: It's not game-winning wombo-combo, but it sure can help some times. As for the lists, well, i don't use one list, it always depends on schemes and strategy, but there are always alot things in common, so ill try to give a list with some explanations. This is my most agressive list: 50 SS Gremlins Crew Zipp + 6 Pool - No Quarter (1) - Rambling Diatribe (1) Earl Burns (3) The First Mate (9) - Where The Captain Can't See (1) - Treasure Map (0) Francois LaCroix (8) Burt Jebsen (8) - Dirty Cheater (1) Iron Skeeter (6) - Poorly Handled Explosives (0) Lightning Bug (5) Lightning Bug (5) There is stones left, so i can take DC on Zipp as 3rd upgrade, if im not sure about how i will play schemes. Zipp is my disrupt, he moves enemy models, or supresses scary chargy things like Rail Golem, Langston or Killjoy with "twitching" condition. Earl is mostly for marker-placing. But i can use masks-aura turn 2, or turn 3. First Mate is my anti-scemerun + his Pounce can be good for "free" kill sometimes. Franc - my master-killing tool. It's deployed near skeeter and Burt, but i activate him turn 1, and walk ahead. Skeeter then makes him fast. He's activated already, so he will have fast turn 2. Franc slowly follows Zipp for supre-killy combo. Zipp "Up we goes" enemy master close to your crew, Franc activates via companion, and charges enemy master with 4 AP. Few can survive that. Burt and Skeeter work together from turn 2. Skeeter gives fast to Burt, and places him where he is needed. Also, skeeter goes as "Sucker" target, he's annoying, so enemy wants it off the table asap. Bugs, well, they are just best 5ss minion we have. Quick, good at schemerun, with decent atack action, acces to heal and so on. They act as schemerunners, or go for killing heavy armored opponents. Yes, 2\3\3 is not much, but 3+3+3 is 9m with ignore armor. And that's kinda ok. Heavy-armored models rarely have more then 9 wounds. If i expect alot of scheme markers, i can switch bugs(Or 1 bug and Franc) for Fingers with stilts. He is walking medkit with good resilence, and amazing shemerunning capabilities. Rarely, i can use dread pirate Zipp with 2 bayou gremlins. It's 9+1 activations at the start of the game, and it's good for interacting on the enemy side of the field. I hope, my post will help you. It's not much, but that's what i learned playing Zipp. And sorry for my broken English. If i knew Engish better, i would translate my Zipp guide in it.