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  1. Never wanted to hire them. They look like summon-only models. And it's quite worthless to hire them at the moment. Dunno bout the first option, but having something like " This model is treated like it has same keyword as master. " might be an option for additional synegry. Third option might be interesting too. So yep, i totally agree with Scoffer, they need improvement.
  2. It's after success with quite low Stat, tho.
  3. Oh, ofc. Hiring Pool Remaining: 7 / Soulstones: 7 The Brewmaster Apprentice Wesley (0) Fingers Leong (9) Whiskey Golem (10) Cooper Jones (7) Akaname (4) Akaname (4) Sparks LeBlanc (9) You can switch Sparks(Still testing Sparks with this crew) with Emissary, he's construct. You can add Tanuki\Shinobi, or switch one akaname with something. Depends on schemes. Brewie+Fingers for poison+disrupt, Golem as beater, Cooper for summoning, akaname for spreading poison and markers. This exact crew was for Dig Their Graves and Claim Jump.
  4. I have a construct-themed crew for Brewie, and there is 3 things you can use them for: 1) They help to stack poison on friendlies turn 1 2) They can place scrap markers for Gamin summoning. 3) They can guarantee you 1 point for Dig their Graves, placing scheme and scrap\corpse markers in your deploy. 4SS model brings you 1 VP. Good enough for autoinclude. Also, they are cheap, and they have ok stats overall.
  5. He's good as he is. Against some crews he can be devastating, but mostly he's just ok. He's weak against gunlines. There are a lot of models that, in my opinion, should be nerfed. Like, Fuhatsu(stone-using, unlureble, insane damage track) or Jury's ability to damage summoned models anywhere on board by just activating(It should be aura with range, auto-damaging looks unfair. Bayou gremlin have 2 health. Summoning them against crews with jury is just pointless). But Brewie is ok as he is. Fair and quite strong. Much better then in m2e.
  6. Nah, you can't disengage with twitchy. "Twitchy: After another model ends its Activation, if this model is unengaged, this model may move upto 1""
  7. He is OK with Tri-Chi, if you take Golem and summon gamins, tho.
  8. Exacly. In my last game, first turn, i pushed brewie ahead with Golem's trigger, then lured enemy beater with smashed trigger. Then lured him again, blood-poisoned, and tied him up with charge, succesfully dealing 5+2 damage, and 2 poison(+2 dmg at the end of turn). And that was quite easy. New brewie is good for agressive play, where you take centerpoint and hold it. Big stats and heal make brew quite sustainable.
  9. As for shinobis, i made a conclusion, that monks and shinobis are quite equal, but there is one thins. "Stealth" helps shinibi agains gunlines, and poison\chi mechanics of monks are better against melee. So, i decided that i'll use drunk ninjas against shooting crews, and monks agains melee. Like, hunting Fuhatsu with Shinobis are quite an option.
  10. That is strange. We have ways to spread poison, making Brewie dangerous. Like, you go ahead, lure enemy models, spread poison with Fingers(causing the commotion with the obey at the same time). It's especially good against melee crews. And, about Brew. If you stack poison on him early turn one, and succesfully land a charge after that, you can deal... Let me count... 6(+6 poison)+6(blood poisoning)... 12 damage minimum, +2 at the end of the turn. Or around 27 maximim damage. That IS scary. And after first hit, you will attack with 8 stat, having a good advantage.
  11. Yep, tottaly love new Fingers. Imho he's autoinclude in Brewmaster Crew. First thing is "A Toast!". Good for card draw, and amazing 6" pulse to spread poison, without any card flips. He's still undesirable target for enemy attacks, and Toast+His attack is 100% obey trigger, since enemy model have 3 poison. He's solid support, and good model for claim jump, as far as i can see.
  12. Ok, i have 2 crews for brewie right now. First one - just Tri-Chi with 2 monks and 1 tanuki. Second one - construct-based, with Akaname for scrap markers, Cooper and Sparks. Overall, i find brewie good. Like, really good. One of the most damaging Bayou master now. He's still tarpit with his slow aura, he have lure, obey-like trigger, attack with 4 minimal damage(with trigger), EVIL blood poisoning ability with 6 damage max, and best stats. Like, as far as i know, he's the only master with 7 df, 9 wp, and 8(!!!) attack action stat(via ability, but still). And, he can heal himself. With such utility, he can do alot of things, and he is good at everything he does. In my opinion, he might be new Tier-1 gremlin master.
  13. That's hilarious. I will do same thing with my piglets, since i have 7 of em.
  14. Hm. I love Mancha Roja, and according to lore, he won tournament. So, I guess, I'll get that alt Lenny for convertion reasons.
  15. It's quite easy. One is black, the other is not.)
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