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  1. Has anyone had success with the freezing to weaken the glue process?
  2. Both of my breachlings come with 4 cardboard breachling markers. I cant figure out why. Anybody know?
  3. That is what mine says also. I just reread it and it makes sense now. After adding a comma it makes sense.
  4. Ok, I thought that is how LoS works but it seemed a bit more confusing the way they wrote it. So back to the diagram on p. 16 is it saying that the Warpig does not have LoS to Nino because only one line makes it to his base and the other runs into the bottom of the Gremlin base? My copy's explanation does not make any sense.
  5. Ok, so I am trying not to beat a dead horse. But, I have searched the forums...could someone please explain what the first example on the LoS diagram is. It is not written in any logical way. I would retype it but I dont want to get into copyright issues. And in general, basing off my experience with WarmaHordes and Warhammer, is LoS still basically being able to draw an unobstructed line from any part of the base to another base? Assuming nothing is obstructing it, then they get the Blocking, Obstructing, and cover bonuses? Thanks!
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