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  1. Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    This is true, I could see myself bringing him as a backfield piece handing out sober ya up to pieces going after jack daw. I don't have his card on hand, but can he use it on peons? Say the pigapult.
  2. Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    Wouldn't he be a good pick if youn know you are facing jack daw? or if your meta has alot of people playing the midnight stalker? Could also see him making an appearance against condition heavy crews.
  3. Which are Gremlins best scheme runners?

    no one mentions Trixiebelle? Her (0) oo presents for me can be really useful for alot of schemes (I am looking at you set up) + the fact that she gives you alot of control of where your and your opponents models are with lure.
  4. Surviving the Viks alpha strike

    To follow up on the death marshal recruiter counter... Would he be able to pull it of with the upgrade a debt to the guild? If you are sure you will face the vik bury bomb could even bring 2 just to make sure you get the job done ^^. might atleast make your opponent go for another build if he/she knows you have a counter to it.
  5. yea more to lock zipp down so you can kill him, Say you bring anna close to him after he activated and then have reva ghost him to death.
  6. Isn't Carrion emissary a good pick for reva against gremlins? Popping out shards and then first thing that happens is reva killing of a mid tier gremlin(such as an iron skeeter) with the zombie it spawns. Fingers is a god in headhunter if you don't stop him, He is though not that hard to kill for his cost, especially if you pin him down with either making him stuck between your models or anna lovelace... speaking of... Anna lovelace is really good against most of zipps crew movement shenanigans. Think it makes skeeters unable to ferry models within her aura. they can't move earl around with other skypirates... zipp can't use grab a rope, First mate can't leap, fingers can't squeel. Deffo a model worth looking into getting. (* I don't actually have annas card so I might be wrong on exactly what place/push etc she prevents)
  7. As some people have said: Burt is a good addition to any gremlin crew. He especially likes the dirty cheater upgrade(healing one wound + hard to kill will make him a pain to finish off) I'd also invest in a box of slop haulers as gremlins tend to hurt themselves, these are especially good with somer teeth who summons but I like em no matter what master I play. A worthy mention is also Merris Lacroix as she can both protect your crew and is a really good scheme runner. What to play and how to play it really comes down to what the schemes, deployment and strat is flipped. I'd suggest looking at the scenario and making a plan for what model will score what points. For example: I generally field Zipp over Somer in strategies where I benefit from blocking my opponent out of points by making em unable to reach the markers such as Guard the stash or Extraction. Schemes Zipp loves are undercover entourage(he is super hard to pin down), Leave your mark(can drop off earl far up the board) but also quick murder and sometimes eliminate the leader as he can bring a enemy model our from cover and have his crew nuke it. Somer teeth really shines if you face ressurectionists or any summoner with his discard the whole hand ability as they can't reliably summon anything then. He also preforms really well on schemes where you want alot of models such as Reconoiter or interference. But finally it all comes down to how you think you will be able to score and deny points for your opponent. Read all the schemes and strats and get an idea how you would gain points for it, Trial and error. An example: Eliminate the leader is in the pool and I've picked Zipp and francois in my crew. if I now face a master I am confident I can kill I'll pick eliminate the leader and set it up so I can use zipp to drag is master towards francois, use francois chain activate and nuke the leader, hopefully doing loads of damage, forcing him opponent to use his soul stones and discarding cards(zipps upgrade) And say it didn't work, then you analyse what went wrong, and do it better next time or try something new. Trial and error... Experience comes with time.
  8. Sell me on Sparks

    When a bayou gremlin is reduced to 0 wounds within 3" sparks may take a Ca5 TN 16(crow) flip. if successful summon a survivor into base contact with the bayou gremlin before removing it. A Bayou gremlin used to summon a survivor does not count for any strats and schemes and does not leave a corpse marker. ...Gremlin machine apocalypse incoming
  9. Who to use and when

    All of this depends alot on scenario but: Ophelia against outcasts is something I would only do if I knew for certain my opponent was fielding jackdaw as she can plink away upgrades and negate his -flip when attacking him making him one dead jackdaw. Otherwise Somer is usually a stronger pick than ophelia. Two trappers and hans? Quite the sniper squad, sounds like you could make use of the terrain and just stay out of line of sight. Another option would be something like the iron skeeter rush having 2 skeeters who drop off a fast ophelia and burt(or a lightning bug) in the face of those snipers late in a turn(have 6 stuffed piglets for activation control etc...) and then just using plink + soulstones to keep ophelia alive when he retaliates. Something that counters snipers well might be worth considering like the pigapult if the board is full of line of sight blockers(beware hans though) or rami if there is alot of lanes of line of sight as he can usually outrange other snipers. The pigapult is quite a solid choice vs outcasts in general, it will decimate viktorias, threaten Leveticus waifs, Give jackdaw a hardtime if you can either give it + flips(earl burns) fast(Sparks) or no -flips (big brain brin...upcoming model) . just don't take it when playing collect the bounty... When it comes to somer teeth though I must admit I fail when playing him in his summon version... I've had quite some luck when playing him in an elite crew. His skeeters should be excellent at shutting hans down, but trappers will be harder(they have some sort of 0 action push right?)... I'll just let some one who plays somer better talk about him^^
  10. Thank you for an amazing tournament. Deffo coming back next year if i get the chance.
  11. Swine-cursed in limbo?

    Have you guys seen that some box art contain a third swine cursed havr been popping up? Maybe box is delayed due to them adding another model to it?
  12. a shift I'd love to see is francois losing his infinity trigger on shooting and his brother raphael gaining it... would balance both those 2 models abit. it's sorta unfair that franc copied bot santiagos shooting and fransiscos melee while raphael only got the running away part of nino
  13. Just a thought. Would a gator be viable in a zoraida crew to paralyse a voodoo doll? Add mctavish to the mix and you got yourself something that both helps zoraida with her paralyse tech and assists mctavish
  14. "Hard to master": which is hardest?

    I'd say somer is easy to play. But really hard to master. He can do so much, and learning how to properly use all his different abilities takes time. He' way more than just 3 boomstick shots a turn(even though he'd still preform well if that is how you play him).
  15. Misaki's niche?

    I've always found that it's easier to stop the viktorias, killing one usually stops alot of the tricks they can do such as slingshotting blood, sister healing flips and so on. That being said, I see some potential in viktorias... but I think they are alot harder to play properly