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  1. Have you guys seen that some box art contain a third swine cursed havr been popping up? Maybe box is delayed due to them adding another model to it?
  2. a shift I'd love to see is francois losing his infinity trigger on shooting and his brother raphael gaining it... would balance both those 2 models abit. it's sorta unfair that franc copied bot santiagos shooting and fransiscos melee while raphael only got the running away part of nino
  3. Just a thought. Would a gator be viable in a zoraida crew to paralyse a voodoo doll? Add mctavish to the mix and you got yourself something that both helps zoraida with her paralyse tech and assists mctavish
  4. I'd say somer is easy to play. But really hard to master. He can do so much, and learning how to properly use all his different abilities takes time. He' way more than just 3 boomstick shots a turn(even though he'd still preform well if that is how you play him).
  5. I've always found that it's easier to stop the viktorias, killing one usually stops alot of the tricks they can do such as slingshotting blood, sister healing flips and so on. That being said, I see some potential in viktorias... but I think they are alot harder to play properly
  6. Zipps grab a rope. Him dragging earl. Skeeter ride. First mate leap. Zipps df trigger. Are the zipp ones i was thinking of. But also ever singel form of squeel. Saddle. Trixie luring gremlins. Hitch a ride. Nudge them on. Let mah handle this. Lenny toss. Pigapult launch. Etc. It basically shuts down alot of stuff in almost every crew that makes gremlins good when it comes pushes and places. 'Nekima charged a somer with auto mask on df? Loudest Squeel? I think not' But yeah. Zipp still gets around. But killing him gets easier and he cant move his crew around as well as he is able.
  7. I see. For me reactivate was the definite dealbreaker. Getting an extra activation out of them litetally doubles their effectiveness. But as i said in my initial post... i am sad to say i'd never bring either to a tournament At 6 p you can instead get a rooster rider. Cast swill on your intended target and then obey a rooster rider to charge and that feathered monstrosity will bring some pretty sweet carnage Or better yet. Go 10t and get access to yadunori
  8. Afraid i wouldnt know. I just play gremlins... and i always know what merc i save my red joker on dumb luck damage for...^^
  9. I Think Anna Lovelace is a solid pick if you ever face gremlins, Especially against Zipp, it shuts his movement down quite significantly
  10. I second this, Go for the ammo or engage it. Killing it outright might be the wrong approach. if you lock it down it's a 14p investment or so not doing super much.
  11. Looks like I've found tonights entertainment.
  12. ... sorry for my ignorance... but where is that from?
  13. Fun hearing from someone who prefers the Moon shinobi, I've never meet anyone that had anything good to say about them. Could you share some insight? Personally I've always found that the monks and shinobi are quite identical statwise(Sway puts the monks on the same DF) Even their Main attacks are quite similar: Drunken fists of fury, Ml5/Rst DF or WP/Rg:1" 2/3/4 Fermented fists, Ml5(crow)/rst: DF or WP/Rg:1" 2/3/4 I think where the monk pulls ahead of the shinobi is the fact that it also get's positive effects from poison, without taking damage from it. That' plus the fact that it's triggers and (0) actions are in general better than the shinobi. (Reactivate is really good...) The only thing the shinobis have going for them is the drunken gremlin kung fu. But even if you manage to cheat in 2 severe cards on damage it's resource heavy and the monk with his built in trigger will do more damage on a weak damage than the shinobi did on severe. I just can't see a Shinobi out preforming monks, They'd need something that causes them no to take poison damage and maybe reckless in order for me to consider them over the monks. Sure you can take shinobis in a non brewie crew... but why would you ever pick them? I believe that even Bayou Bushwhackers would be a better choice with their critical strike frying pans. (2" engagement range is not half bad on the shinobi, but they fall behind on so much else) That being said...Moon shinobis are amazing models and I try to field them as much as I can, but I cannot see their worth.
  14. They are alright, I mean They heal alot and have nice offensive triggers... but once they have activated they are not tanky at all. Anything big will destroy a swine cursed before it gets another chance to activate with regenerate + (0) heal. Or you can bring franc and have him chainactivate with another model and nuke them down before they get a chance to activate. Master + franc, Trixie + franc or burt + franc will kill a swine cursed without any issue what so ever. I would call them good, but not broken
  15. Once they actually hit stores: swine cursed. They really shine('glow') in a wong crew Ba-dum-tsss The wong crew I usually go for is either a glowy mctavish or burt jebsen(both do fine, but i've found i prefer mctavish vs ressers and eat their corpse markers A box of slop haulers is never a bad thing no matter what gremlin master you play As others have mentioned:old cranky is the totem to go for. Some other choices worth looking into for more choices are, merris lacroix(excellent scheme runner) sammy lacroix(works well with wong if you give her oo glowy and wong his other limited upgrade) A solid box to have is creative taxidermy. Taxidermists are awesome. But what you really want is the stuffed piglets(ammo for a pigapult. Sammys summon etc). While playing wong i've often found myself using stuffed piglets to grant lightning bugs extra actions by blowing up near them Good luck