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  1. Only 2 turns? sounds like slow play regardless of summoner or not. Could pick schemes that are easy to cash in on early if you face the same guy. If there are lot of summons there will usually be alot of corpse markers, with franc and burt gone up in price I could see a use for a taxidermist to make use of all those corpses(I almost auto include a taxidermist vs ressers for example). For all intents and purposes your crew is quite elite and will prefer staying semi close to lenny. Having fingers blocking interacts in a crew like this might be something . You can only go so far with list advice though. what works for some people doesn't for others. Try and see if you can make changes to your game play. For example: You can usually spot what schemes sandeep has early in his game on his behaviour. Think what schemes he has and deny him his points and focus not entierly on what schemes you have. Plan as far ahead as you possibly can. read up on sandeep and his crew properly and know what they can do and think about what your reaction to it and what is the expected result of your plan. And also practice makes perfect. 2 games against sandeep usually isn't enough to get a good feel for it. play more and often and think about the game afterwards(what was good and what was bad play etc). Like I've played against Hamelin maybe 15 times and I still get surprised sometimes.
  2. I've always felt that ophelia handles the construct quite well. Like both her, rami and franc can do quite some damage with dumb luck. Just go with my eyes closed on ophela and engange one of your choice. And save a ram or two on hand incase you dont flip one... Or use soulstones. Make sure franc is close for companion(oo it's a girl is a good skill here.) and have him nuke whatever contruct is left standing. Most models in the box should be able to bring down a construct if they can companion into either ophelia or franc.
  3. It's worth mentioning that you learn the game by making a plan with the schemes and making a crew around it. That being said here's what I'd do: First game Zipp is perhaps the best master at Entourage. keep him midfield until the last turn and just move into the enemy deployment zone. I also think protect territory might be quite easy since zipp can move away any enemy model trying to deny it. Second game I'd look at murder protege. zipp has this really killy combo that is easy to pull off with francois LaCroix where zipp uses his grab a rope to get francois into position, then he uses up we go to bring the intended enemy model within charge range of francois. chain activate into franc using reckless and charging said model(if you have 2 good cards on your hand you could even focus and then charge to cheat in a severe damage with dumb luck) Protect territory for same reasons as in game one. Third game... I don't remember take prisoner being that simple... you just wait until your opponent activated a model on a flank, fly zipp there and score full points. Breakthrough is a good one too, just fly earl up the board and have zipp keep stuff away from him. Vendetta can be done the same way as I described murder protege in the second game.
  4. You mean with reactivate? I don't have the card with me, but isn't lenny immune to conditions?
  5. He is a sniper who can double focus around stuff like hard cover, or double -flips on attacks(midnight stalker...jack daw...yin etc). Have a high ram/stand close to lenny/have somer teeth give him a ram with do it like dis and watch him put the pain on stuff on the other side of the board. He is also quite self sustained with his heal, so you can keep him alive through multiple dumb luck shots if you play your cards right. I've used him a few times when a quick murder is in the pool on a open board or when you need a model to stay behind and hold a quarter of the board you deployed in. You need to find a target who has lower DF than his shoot though if you wanna use his shot early in the round, or drain your opponents hand while keeping whatever card you intend to use for rami... he's done wonders for me in some games, in others he's just missed everything. He always makes it into my "bring to tournaments"- box.
  6. hmm, he maybe would be a good pick against ressers/TT to deal with a potential yin? Say you play iron skeeter + franc or burt, you buff up franc and deal with yin early in the game. Also condition removal is never a bad thing vs ressers. I deffo think Brin will make it into the "bring to tournaments Gremlin box" rather than the shelf at home.
  7. This is true, I could see myself bringing him as a backfield piece handing out sober ya up to pieces going after jack daw. I don't have his card on hand, but can he use it on peons? Say the pigapult.
  8. Wouldn't he be a good pick if youn know you are facing jack daw? or if your meta has alot of people playing the midnight stalker? Could also see him making an appearance against condition heavy crews.
  9. no one mentions Trixiebelle? Her (0) oo presents for me can be really useful for alot of schemes (I am looking at you set up) + the fact that she gives you alot of control of where your and your opponents models are with lure.
  10. To follow up on the death marshal recruiter counter... Would he be able to pull it of with the upgrade a debt to the guild? If you are sure you will face the vik bury bomb could even bring 2 just to make sure you get the job done ^^. might atleast make your opponent go for another build if he/she knows you have a counter to it.
  11. yea more to lock zipp down so you can kill him, Say you bring anna close to him after he activated and then have reva ghost him to death.
  12. Isn't Carrion emissary a good pick for reva against gremlins? Popping out shards and then first thing that happens is reva killing of a mid tier gremlin(such as an iron skeeter) with the zombie it spawns. Fingers is a god in headhunter if you don't stop him, He is though not that hard to kill for his cost, especially if you pin him down with either making him stuck between your models or anna lovelace... speaking of... Anna lovelace is really good against most of zipps crew movement shenanigans. Think it makes skeeters unable to ferry models within her aura. they can't move earl around with other skypirates... zipp can't use grab a rope, First mate can't leap, fingers can't squeel. Deffo a model worth looking into getting. (* I don't actually have annas card so I might be wrong on exactly what place/push etc she prevents)
  13. As some people have said: Burt is a good addition to any gremlin crew. He especially likes the dirty cheater upgrade(healing one wound + hard to kill will make him a pain to finish off) I'd also invest in a box of slop haulers as gremlins tend to hurt themselves, these are especially good with somer teeth who summons but I like em no matter what master I play. A worthy mention is also Merris Lacroix as she can both protect your crew and is a really good scheme runner. What to play and how to play it really comes down to what the schemes, deployment and strat is flipped. I'd suggest looking at the scenario and making a plan for what model will score what points. For example: I generally field Zipp over Somer in strategies where I benefit from blocking my opponent out of points by making em unable to reach the markers such as Guard the stash or Extraction. Schemes Zipp loves are undercover entourage(he is super hard to pin down), Leave your mark(can drop off earl far up the board) but also quick murder and sometimes eliminate the leader as he can bring a enemy model our from cover and have his crew nuke it. Somer teeth really shines if you face ressurectionists or any summoner with his discard the whole hand ability as they can't reliably summon anything then. He also preforms really well on schemes where you want alot of models such as Reconoiter or interference. But finally it all comes down to how you think you will be able to score and deny points for your opponent. Read all the schemes and strats and get an idea how you would gain points for it, Trial and error. An example: Eliminate the leader is in the pool and I've picked Zipp and francois in my crew. if I now face a master I am confident I can kill I'll pick eliminate the leader and set it up so I can use zipp to drag is master towards francois, use francois chain activate and nuke the leader, hopefully doing loads of damage, forcing him opponent to use his soul stones and discarding cards(zipps upgrade) And say it didn't work, then you analyse what went wrong, and do it better next time or try something new. Trial and error... Experience comes with time.
  14. When a bayou gremlin is reduced to 0 wounds within 3" sparks may take a Ca5 TN 16(crow) flip. if successful summon a survivor into base contact with the bayou gremlin before removing it. A Bayou gremlin used to summon a survivor does not count for any strats and schemes and does not leave a corpse marker. ...Gremlin machine apocalypse incoming
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