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  1. Custom characters in Penny Dreadfuls

    Good to know, thanks. I think I'm leaning towards Heart of Darkness. My group has a giant spider mini that we've managed to shoehorn into just about every game we've done so far. (Shudder... Mouse Guard) so that bandersnatch on the cover makes it most appealing.
  2. Brilliance

    They've looked into it but all the agents file the same report, "Nothing to worry about. This place is awesome." Well that and it's kind of 10 Thunders turf and the Guild does't seem particularly good at policing the Little Kingdom, most likely due a mix of bribes, disinterest and ninja attacks.
  3. Custom characters in Penny Dreadfuls

    Hey there, I'm looking to sway my play group into some TTB. So this Halloween I'm going to hit them with a one shot. I have enjoyed most of the Penny Dreadfuls I've seen so far as good intros. In fact I have run the Free RPG Day adventures at my LGS for the last 3 years. However, I also really want to show off the character creation system. Are there any PDs that aoore better or worse for including custom characters rather then the usual pre-gens? I'm sticking to basic book only, so no non-humans to complicate things. Thoughts?
  4. 2nd Edition Character Sheets

    That's a shame. I always used my FM's screen as my critical effects table so that I didn't have to keep looking it up in the book. With the change in crit tables, that's a bit of a pain. Any chance we could get those in a printable form on the resources page? For the record, the other section that I find that I have to look up almost constantly is the master skill list, just to remember which skills are available, which stats they go with, etc. I eventually broke down and just typed all that into an Excel spreadsheet. I'd rather not have to do that with the crit tables.
  5. August 11th - The Lord of Steel

    It's true. Last time I tried to Whoom I had to go to physical therapy for 3 months. So yeah, respect!
  6. Wyrd GenCon Newsletter

    Ah, grootslang, perfect for a Through the Breach Buckaroo/Alchemist build I want to try sometime. Speaking of Through the Breach, that was 60 dollars... to the promo page!
  7. Monday Preview - July 31st

    Oh very nice. That should be perfect. Now I just have to convince everyone that she's 'Too Pretty For The Bayou'.
  8. Monday Preview - July 31st

    So which Gremlin masters do we think he's going to be good for? Also as much as I love this I do wish it were female to match my TTB bokor character.
  9. Summer 2017?

    Yeah same here. I want to add some fish to my order but starting my own company has proven to be a giant cash hemorrhage. Hopefully I'll get a decent client before the backer kit closes.
  10. Summer 2017?

    So, funny story, I just got back from my local game store where I was checking to see if my copy of Through the Breach 2e was in only to be told that their distributor had sent the wrong books. That's when he pulled out two copies of The Other Side. Somewhere along the line a couple of books that must have been planned for Gencon ended up here. Obviously they are getting sent back but I got a few minutes to look through one. They look gorgeous. Just getting bigger pictures of my body horror burning brethren made me so happy, as did the little "coming soon" teaser in the back. I'm not sure if I can mention what it was. Waiting just got so much harder. Also I'm grumpy that I need to keep waiting for TTB2e.
  11. July 21st - The Frenzy

    I think my favorite part is that they're apparently just psychically screaming their inner monologue at everyone nearby. Although, I'd guess that at least 70% of that is just "Seal!?! Seal! Swimswimswim. Seal?"
  12. July 7th - Adeodatos

    Well, we'll see when TOS comes out. I may need to get a second faction just for teaching purposes.
  13. July 7th - Adeodatos

    Our entire local meta dropped minis some years back when our game of choice, Confrontation, shot itself in the face. I've been trying to use Through the Breach to bring them into the clutches of Wyrd in the name of our beloved Burning Man. Its been slow going.
  14. June 23rd - Stormsiren

    Of course as we get closer to the release date, if there is a further chance to alter our backer levels I may find my resistance... floundering. I'm sorry... I'll see myself out.
  15. June 23rd - Stormsiren

    Oh I am well aware of Horomatangi. As a New Zealander I have a special place in my heart for taniwha of all kinds. I'll actually be celebrating Christmas this year none to far from Lake Taupo, where the big guy's namesake is supposed to make his lair. I'm just not sure that my wallet can withstand going dual faction, even as logical as the pairing is, especially if I need a giant dragon as the 'bridge' unit,