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  1. The fur is astonishing and for sure the very best I've seen until now!
  2. Great choice of colors. I love the warm feel of it. Nice detail is the orange highlight on the leather parts. I usallly go into bleached bone, but I will definitely be more experimental in the future.
  3. The tea cup is amazing!
  4. I would try isopropanol. Test it on some spare parts or the mold.
  5. Great kitbash! I'd advise a little repositioning of Mortimer on the Base. At the moment he looks very instable and like he's falling back due to his backback. I would tilt him a litte more to the front.
  6. I would go with anything with woodplanks.
  7. You cannot thin them down as other Paints. So if you want to achieve very smooth blendings you may not be able to thin them down enough. They will fall apart (?) with too much water. Same is with Vallejo Game Color due to the high pigmentation. The VGC are much worse than the GW-paints in my expreience. They're not bad, but better for other techniques. So if anybody wants to buy new colors I recomment other than GW or VGC. If you already have paints I recomment to stick to what you've got and you've experience with until you reach a point where you may want to change something. At the moment I'm painting a lot of Zombies for Project Z. For this the GW paints are ideal: basecolor, wash (Army Painter strongtone) and highlights. Edit: this is my experience and some infos I have from Roman Lappat's beginner workshop. I have no idea about the chemics.
  8. If you're familir with the GW paints stick to them. If you're into more sophisticated painting techniques you should change. I paint with Vallejo Model Color and Scale 75. But why change a winning team?
  9. I do like your individual approach on Johann an the Flech Construct. Very beautiful choice of colors.
  10. One way to paint eyes - and the one I useally forget - is to make dark/black eyeball and with a tip of white/bleacheb bone in the corners you can very much control the direction the eye ist aiming at.
  11. The OSL looks good. Maybe I would put some more reflections on the figure. At the moment it looks a bit like a spotlight. But for the second attempt its more than good! The lamp itself should be brighter than the reflection on the mini. So there you could do a littel improvement.
  12. Happy painting. For playing I'm a big fan of basecolors, wash and some highlights. Don't try something too fancy - it will only delay your projects and will lead to frustration. Learning to paint ist for display miniatures IMO.
  13. I'm with marke83.
  14. Fantastic! I like the Medusa most. The display looks great but seems a bit empty at the moment (lots of space).
  15. For very small dots I use a sharpend toothpick. Works for me a lot better than my brush.