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  1. BORO's Painted Malifaux Crews

    Very nice OSL on the heel and the cobblestones.
  2. Monday Preview - Medical Automaton

    Great artwork! I'd love to paint one of those models.
  3. Grey_Kardinals' workshop

    Sounds cool!
  4. I like the rough brushstrokes! They add a lot of life to the miniature, looks more like a painting out of a fantasybook.
  5. Clash test dummies

    Painting some minis for testing is ALWAYS a very good idea. For a beginner this seems as a lot of wasted time, but it's worth the effort. But I think you will get best results on the actual range of minis from your system of desire. And you can alwas dip your testing minis in alcohol.
  6. After I read this (german) review I'm quite interested. Question: why would I need the complete palette and not just buy the sheets for my old one?
  7. The Seishin are superb! Great coice of colors!

  9. Treehouse's Tabletop Toys

    Aren't you from Marburg? We have a very nice private Meeting twice a year there.
  10. Finished my first "real" terrain pieces.

    After seven years in the hobby, it's the first time I read about someone using duct tape! I guess there will be always a first time!
  11. Odd player games

    Have you tried two against one?
  12. Your Misaki was in my top three favorites. A pity you hadn't multiple votes.
  13. Treehouse's Tabletop Toys

    Maybe you want to post them too in the Bemalforum? It's always nice to welcome new members.
  14. LGBT characters?

    Create a new master: a trans shepherd. With a herd full of goats, each different and one for each faction. Something like the meadow seven