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  1. Finished my first "real" terrain pieces.

    After seven years in the hobby, it's the first time I read about someone using duct tape! I guess there will be always a first time!
  2. Odd player games

    Have you tried two against one?
  3. Your Misaki was in my top three favorites. A pity you hadn't multiple votes.
  4. Treehouse's Tabletop Toys

    Maybe you want to post them too in the Bemalforum? It's always nice to welcome new members.
  5. LGBT characters?

    Create a new master: a trans shepherd. With a herd full of goats, each different and one for each faction. Something like the meadow seven
  6. Treehouse's Tabletop Toys

    For night scenes I take VMC Sky Blue. It's just the tip of a brush sometimes. As I'm learning this at them moment myself: maybe it's better if the color isn't too dark or too bright?
  7. Treehouse's Tabletop Toys

    Had you chosen an atmosphere color and mixed a drop of it in every (!) color you used? I always avoid this fearing it might be too much work. But after I tried it once, I will never go back! It's amzing!
  8. Monday Preview - August 7th

    Next year we will be having burning skull riding zombies! I'm looking forward for that.
  9. Model Priming Questions

    I assemble all of the miniature. Most of the time I will glue the model on its base too. For priming I use GW sprays. First black, followed by a mist of white from the top (2 component priming). I like the GW sprays. I tried Army Painter an Vallejo, but GW spray is the most "forgiving". But it still needs some experience.
  10. Malifaux gets coloured - Various Fractions

    Great Freehands on Shen Long. Also like the skin.
  11. First time trying OSL. Help me not mess it up

    If it radiates under the badages I would take an approach more like lava. Paint the yellowgreen between the bandages, mix it with white an paint some spots, and in these spots pinots of white. Maybe a little drybrushing with the green on the bandages (before or after, you must try). Always be relaxed. Every miniature can be easily stripped of the paint again. Try and error is the way of the painter.
  12. LGBT characters?

    What I like about this discussion is the fact, that nobody seems to vote against LGBT becaus its "unnatural" or something like that. Seems to me we're a bunch of open minded people. I share the opinion, that it doesn't matter, because an interesting characcter in the Malifaux setting ist not based around its sexuality. In real live it shouldn't either - but as for example a frined of mine is trans and has a lot to struggle with his/her coming out, so sometimes it takes more about the character of somebody. And I really do like that Wyrd is making no difference between male and female charcters, they're all created equally interesting.
  13. It depends. Either I go with different bases for each faction, or if you happen to play on a certain table in your club, I would chose this theme for all models.
  14. The fur is astonishing and for sure the very best I've seen until now!