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  1. The OSL looks good. Maybe I would put some more reflections on the figure. At the moment it looks a bit like a spotlight. But for the second attempt its more than good! The lamp itself should be brighter than the reflection on the mini. So there you could do a littel improvement.
  2. Happy painting. For playing I'm a big fan of basecolors, wash and some highlights. Don't try something too fancy - it will only delay your projects and will lead to frustration. Learning to paint ist for display miniatures IMO.
  3. I'm with marke83.
  4. Fantastic! I like the Medusa most. The display looks great but seems a bit empty at the moment (lots of space).
  5. For very small dots I use a sharpend toothpick. Works for me a lot better than my brush.
  6. I think this is an important one. If my opponent declares what he wants to do and its possible to do, than I will not messure afterwards to see if may he placed the model 1mm bad.
  7. 1. For remembering abilities I write important things on a note. So I can check them very quick during the game. Most often you only need this some games, after that I rember it. 2. Yes a critical move shouldn't taken back. 3. In competitive play: if you've made a big mistake, go with it. Read more careful next time.
  8. Are you started painting SEptember 2016. If yes, you have awesome results! I would strongly recommend in painting the rim of the bases black. All colors influence each other. With black you have a neutral surrounding.
  9. I'm a very unexperienced player. What leaves me with a bad feeling is denial in any form of my models/crew/army/activation. I see that this is an important part of the game, so I do not complain!But more fun is always when I have the feeling I can actiavate all my models and use their abilites. So if you win by clever positioning, movement tricks etc. I feel like I lost to a good player and not to a "WAAC" who likes to destroy my game. AND the big plus: if you win with clever movement etc. I will learn a lot more about the basics of the game. And you will faster get an experienced player to play the game with all the tricks it meant to be played.
  10. Very good ideas so far! What I like: - boards with terrain and maybe some explanation from the game designers - interviews with game and miniature designers. What were there particualiar thougs on something etc. - conversions are always good! - battlereports (or single phases from games) with tactical tipps or explanation. - generell tipps to the game (cards, activation etc) or single models or maybe a particular built. I'm not into previews. We see them every Monday if necessary.
  11. Totally agree with that. I like your fast approach and the really good results. And I can understand your intention in painting the base rim in the crew's color. But the yellow you use in my eyes just doesn't fit the other colors. Maybe you should at least give 'em the same wash used on the models.
  12. Leatherjacket and trousers on the redhaired reporter are great!
  13. This one is an actual one. In the germen painting forum i'm active we have some kind of "c'mon everybody lets do some dwarfs" thingy. First I was not that much interestet. But at the time I found my old miniatures from the 80s in our cellar. So I took one of the old grumpy dwarfs and tried to make somthing quick. But I should have known: quick painting and me will never happen. Mostly everything is scratchbuilt. The story is about a dwarf who was quiet upset about a not so well tapped pint of beer. Leading in the demolition of the pub. The moment shown is when he walks away in the night.
  14. I think that's the secret of painting beautiful B&W.
  15. Love the Mechanicus Skaven!