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  1. Friday Preview - Twisted Horrors

    The puns are so great! Wyrd will have to continue with the previews for ever!
  2. If you're painting b/w, painting structure gets more important. This means spending more painting in how the materials reflect light etc. I would not only youse blck and white and greys, but one tint of another color. Maybe sepia. A very quick way to have a b/w crew would be to basecoat the miniatures with rattlecans. Black, grey from 45° and white from above. maybe you can skip the grey. This creates a nice zenithal lightning. Framo there you can work with glazes. (The issue with the structures is ignored).
  3. Philip and the Nanny

    I'm so happy about this thread. I always struggled with Philip. And as he was the reason I started with Molly in the first place I idn't want to exchange him for another henchman. What I still don't quite get is the "an errand for the master" upgrade. When do you use it? And i'm still confused that you draw a card to get the condition and not to discard a card.
  4. Monthly painting challenge - February

    What is this painting technique? Autopaint? You lay the models on the paint stained cloth - and the color moves onto the models?!
  5. Highest Resser Model

    Thank you very much!
  6. Highest Resser Model

    And what are the hights in inch?
  7. I'll build a transport box for my ressers. I have my models on magnets and they're standing in the box. So I#ll need to know what minium hight the box should be. So what is the highest resser model (or highest model at all)?
  8. Interested in Malifaux

    You'll need patience for the beard...
  9. Switch to the crews in an encounter

    Last game we created an encounter and exanged our crews. I can see the crews in the crew manager, but I cannot switch to the crews in the encounter. You should be able to look both crews taking part in the encounter.
  10. M2E Single-Piece Sculpts?

    Yan Lo's beard is one piece.
  11. January 2018 Errata

    Can't wait to buy and paint me a Dead Rider!
  12. Enforcer Brawl for Ressurectionists

    I had a game with an extremly nasty Bete Noir. She denied killpoints by buring herself and unburied next to injured models.
  13. Gallery of NicoWZ

    I love the amount of detail: towel, socket, wire etc. Awesome!
  14. My first crew ( and those who followed )

    I like the style of the painting a lot. On hte big pictures it really looks very sloppy. But in the distance it looks great. And even the close ups show bold brushstrokes - reminds me a litte bit of impressionists. You really know where to put shadows, lights and atmospheric colors. Great!