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  1. How to choose colours?

    I love them all! If you think the red comes to hrash, maye try a desaturated red. Or try to mix one with the red you used and a very little drop of the green. You are already a very good painter. So maybe you get some cheap miniatures (or a miniature board game) and do some quickpaints while experimentating with colors.
  2. Butch's other stuff

    As Nikodemus said: Mice and Mystics. If you just want the mice for painting, maybe the actual Kickstarter "Mouse Adventure" from Cartonn Miatures is something for you.
  3. How to choose colours?

    I think it would be easier if you'd post pics of the painted models. You might learn a lot more when we discuss your models than show you what we painted. Don' t be shy: we all started at some point. When I paint models after finishing the first colors usally it looks like a clash of colors. But with more adding in the shadows and highlights all falls together. When I do quickpaints I cover most of the model (or all of it) in the same wash. Mostly Army Painter's Strong Tone. This puts all of the colors together. When I put more effort in my painting. I usally try to mix the same color in the shadows and nearly everytime mix the same color into the highlights (Vallejo Model Color Ivory). Another very good idea is to shose one color as the mood color and put a little drop of it into all the colors you use. This should avoid a clash of different colors. If your painting looks boring chose a contrast and add small details with it. This gives a strong focus.
  4. Butch's other stuff

    I finished the mice. Yes, there are still moldlines on it. And yes, the bases are extremely simple. I'll leave it that way. I have already spent almost twice as much time as I had planned. I like the result very much. But I left the bases so washed out that they fit a bit better on the game board. Mice: Bosses:
  5. Monday Preview - Executioner

    That's a well executed artwork.
  6. Butch's other stuff

    Some new stuff: mouse and mystic. The first batches are ready. Nice to paint, but not more. But I'm looking forward to playing with the painted figures! I was looking for something I could play with my wife. I should not paint the figures "disgusting".
  7. Butch's Minis

    Finally I finished the base of Rogue Necromancy. I am really happy how this monster has turned out. I had no idea what it might look like. Most of the pictures I had seen of a painted RN, I did not like. Mostly the monster just look much too colorful. But I wanted the Mini to look harmonious despite the different "components". A good friend then brought me to mix the main colors together and then go into shadows and lights. So purple, green and beige mixed into a desaturated brown-gray. From this I mixed the other colors in different compositions. The exception is the bright purple of the tail head (?). But then I picked it up again at the tongues. In addition, the tail has a slightly yellowish green, which only exchanges there. The red of the eyes is only there then. I am less proud of the result than rather amazed at what I have achieved. Also the many positive comments on the last malt meeting have really made me happy!
  8. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    I like the B&W Riflemen. Nice idea, well executed.
  9. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    Did I spot Geezer Butler as a mad doctor?
  10. In germany we have something called the Vollmetallischer Universalstrukturierer (full metal ubiquitous structuring tool). Maybe he used one of those. The technique with the ball point pen is used very often by Gerard Boom. But he has other very interesting techniques too. (the vidoes are in german, but you sould easy understand what they're doing just by looking at it)
  11. What could possibly go wrong?
  12. Black Friday Sale

    Where can I see pictures of all the alternate sculpts?
  13. Which Master to chose

    I think one importing question is missing. You should also ask: which faction to chose As Rasputina and Marcus are both Arcanists this might be a faction worth considering. If you like most of the models that should be a good choice. In a Malifaux game you first chose your faction and when the setting of the game is determined you chose your master out of this faction and hire your crew. Normally you start with one master, learn the game and get used to some models. After that you will develop in a second master from the same faction etc. So before chosing a master I recommend first to shose a faction you like.
  14. New TTB One Shot - Jurassic Faux

    Next year we shoud be able to kitbash such dinosaur. Take a TOS Horomatangi and add tentacles at will.
  15. Butch's Minis

    Finnish the RN. Now I'm waiting for the ordered base. I'm really happy how this little fella turned out. At the start I had no idea how this could turn out in the end.