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  1. Kublacon malifaux tournament, next weekend califaux...i would love too but can't. I'll try to do it Tuesday though, malifaux night at the lgs.
  2. Yeah, like other resser players in the playtest forums, I too was sad to see merc leave him...the mercs have been more interesting than our own models from wave 5. As stated above would love retainer on him He has a chi blade!!
  3. It was the first thing I did Wednesday morning was check and I was sad too. Honestly if bonepile and this guy don't get tweaks they will be the first non resser models I won't buy. I play ressers competitively...and hard to wound isn't what it used to be when so many things have plus flips, 1 AP charges, hands out fast easy and 3+ on minimum damages...so it is a little disheartening to see no real improvement...and now they can take away our corpse markers and we get this guy... our points were already tight and now we have to fight for our resources? At least make the model good! The whole thing is leaving a bad taste in my mouth, and I'm wondering if ressers are even worth it in the tournament scene...I do well with them but the power curve isn't really going our way.
  4. That's odd...it wasn't even worth my AP to make it fast for me... on a side note, why can't a minion be good? December accolites are amazing, joragumo are godly, young nephilm are some of the best 6 Ss minions ever...need I remind you of the tooth, claw and thorn? Id say this dude is lacking even with mobility of a master( let's face it, our masters AP isn't really for killing in ressers minus reva and Seamus, and Seamus isn't killy if you ask me. And reva can't be targeted by this.) I would totally be cool with a powerful 8ss minion even with rare 2...not that joragumo have that or anything....as it currently stands, ressers are the summoning faction and we don't have the best summons...taadaa there it is...and even the mighty joragumo isn't a auto win, I had an opponent summon 3, 3 of them next to my master and I still won the game....just because something is powerful didn't mean Jack squat. (For the record I activated my nurse and used the red joker and a 13 of crows to paralyze 2 of them and accompliced into Mcmorning to kill the 3rd. It took a good game but whatever....this was turn 1, turn 1....she has a 6 inch place and sensi yu....not much of a difference in movement we will get with this guy...except ahe can go further cuz 1 is a place.
  5. Oh yeah, he is quickly becoming a favorite of mine!
  6. I'm soooooo down for more enforcers and henchman that can do awesome things...i want stuff that hands out defensive and focus and special stuff...even minimum 3/4 damage would help the faction...its hard to make a Seamus crew that competes with an experienced player. I usually hire 2 mecanaries to ATTEMPT to get Seamus to work as the in faction stuff doesn't sit too well with him...at this point, why play him when reva does his job and more...
  7. I agree, he is in a perfect place, competes with a dog as -1 defence can be just as good.
  8. A walk action and an attack...i find my MZ out of range for things I want to hit anyways...i don't see it as a big deal the malifaux child gives my viks +2 damage every turn....chances are they will hit for that IF they hit at all. And he is 1 SS less....
  9. Scrap the whole thing, make a giant pile that moves, put it on a 50 make it hight 4 and give it blocking terrain as an ability....boom seamus buff! Also it hands focus out..ill play Seamus again I sware!
  10. Hmm instead of worrying about the card number or suit...how about she removes shambling on all MZ in play? They now have 2 AP, anywhere, even outside of nicos crews? Also I agree, her summon should be on a 0 that's once per turn.
  11. Yeah but it would be nice to have things worth hiring, especially outside of nico....add a wound, add a point in defence and give "rear up" a 2 inch push away instead of damage. And fix wording so hight 1 can ride too and bam....golden.
  12. I guess your right I forget what other factions get for 7-8 stones 🙄 I guess we just get caught up in the summon aspect and never hire things because they are NEVER worth hiring because of "summon tax" but now that there are non ressers summoners and their summons are better....its time to remove the tax.
  13. I love this for my guild friends! They have a real problem with moving models! Happy this was the solution! Also this will help up activations too! Only thing that's sad is seeing nicos decay (life and death) on them...its even at the masters strength of cast 6 🤔 oh well at least it cant heal 1 to full! Im sure its fine though.
  14. I love this dude, he does seem a little strong, but when compared to a joragumo he is perfect at 8 stones. Ressers are a faction of utility and movement...more of that isn't going to break us. Currently one of my favorites in the wave.
  15. Hmm I like the idea of this model...the charm of vanish does need work as previously stated...maybe adds manipulative or a flat target number that increases with your own duel total? Up to a WP 15 ? Most models need a 10 to pass...but make it so you can only test once like a horror duel? With the added scary effect of can't be cheated? Complete untargetability is too scary, but this will add a chance...small for most models. Plus if they pass and the target already has terrifying you need to pass 2 tests.