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  1. November FAQ

    Can't say I'm too happy about the emmisary change, I always assumed it was the shards that summon the zombie. It made more sense like a demintion was opening up to release a zombie rather than the emmisary turning the shards into a zombie.

    Giant grim reaper reva as well....

    Yan Lo, toshiro, rouge necro, molly(hate 1 footed pose) kirai(1 footed again) and Mortimer and Sebastian.
  4. Summoners into GG2018

    Like it has been stated before....summoners arn't a problem, only when they can summon without adding a suit, and without a scrap or corpse marker (or enemy) or something to tether the model down to....do you have a problem. Summons coming in slow and can't interact is enough of a restriction. Maybe on "Ours" have models interact with the board to claim a corner...or scrap the strategy. honestly I play loads of masters, summoner and otherwise and I hate that strategy It's boring and I always reroll the strategy unless I'm in a tournament. Head hunter is a perfect strat that penalise summoner. Models come in at half wounds, and can't interact with the head marker. And typicly are the first thing to lose their own head.....