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  1. 50 SS Enforcer

    March Newsletter

    can we push back ToS instead then? I knew malifaux would take a back burner to ToS. Very Sad.
  2. 50 SS Enforcer

    Sandeep nerfs

    I feel Sandeep is over tuned, opponents apologize before the game even starts, so his own players think this way as well so i made a post and a petition for the lulz. Here it is! https://www.change.org/p/wyrd-games-minitures-get-wyrd-games-to-nerf-sandeep
  3. 50 SS Enforcer

    November FAQ

    Can't say I'm too happy about the emmisary change, I always assumed it was the shards that summon the zombie. It made more sense like a demintion was opening up to release a zombie rather than the emmisary turning the shards into a zombie.
  4. 50 SS Enforcer


    Giant grim reaper reva as well....
  5. 50 SS Enforcer


    Yan Lo, toshiro, rouge necro, molly(hate 1 footed pose) kirai(1 footed again) and Mortimer and Sebastian.