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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am having some trouble getting my head around stuffed piglets and specifically, when they drop corpse markers. As I understand it, if a model is killed it drops a corpse marker and if it's sacrificed, it doesn't. The "Bacon Bomb" action says that if the model's still in play after the action, it's sacrificed, suggesting that it can be killed by the damage it deals, giving a situation where if the bacon bomb deals enough damage to kill the piglet, it leaves a corpse marker, otherwise it's sacrificed and doesn't leave one. Is that right so far or am I missing something? The "It Goes Pop" ability allows the piglet to take the "Bacon Bomb" action when it's killed before being removed from play. At this point it's been killed so should leave the marker, but it takes the action, can't be killed by damage as it's already killed, and as it's still in play at the end of the action, it's sacrificed as well as being killed, so does it leave the marker or not? I've got a feeling I'm making this more difficult than it really is, but I'm getting really confused. Can someone explain this simply for me?
  2. Hey all, I'm just asking this on a hypothetical whim as the thought popped up in my head: Let us say that we have a game with Perdita (and family Francisco, Papa Loco, Nino, and Santiago) versus Seamus (and Sybelle, CCK, and whatever number of Belles - let's say 5 for whatever reasoning). The players agree that a model (Seamus) utilizes Corpse Markers, and thus living and undead models will drop them when they die. Corpse markers are dropped, and then by some miracle of fate, Seamus is killed. What happens to the Corpse Markers on the field? They no longer serve a purpose; can the players rid the field of them to save themselves from clutter, or is that illegal? Furthermore, Lynch as 10T v. that same Seamus. Lynch has brought along Rail Workers, which are both Living and Construct. Both players again agree that Seamus is using Corpses, but neither player is utilizing Scrap Markers. Seamus's crew kills one a Rail Worker. What can it drop, and what does it drop? This question might give some 10T players a knowledgeable advantage, I'd expect, if the way I am reading it is correct... Thank you all! ~Lil Kalki
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