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  1. How to deal with McMourning?

    McMourning can only turn living and undead models into flesh constructs or canine remains. Rats are neither.
  2. According to the FAQ (question 38) restrictions only apply when hiring crews, and when attaching upgrades during the game you ignore all restrictions that are not mentioned in the action/abillity that is used to attach the upgrade.
  3. Thoughts on KE units in Aby Kassa?

    While the quote makes it sound like dual Kassa can only ever bring 12 scrip of squads from her other allegiance, Wyrd stated when asked, that dual commanders can bring half of the total scrip, not just half of their own. So in a two commander game Kassa could bring 25 scrip of KE squads to Abyssinia (or the other way around).
  4. Combined Arms Squad Thoughts

    The Steel Legion's offence looks amazing, but it will probably love some reinforcement tokens.
  5. Abbysinian Strats and Rules

    We need two tomes in order to declare both triggers. According to Aaron there are a few ways to add suits to a duel. Also, Basotho Cavalry can be hired in King's Empire thanks to Kassa, in which case they I don't think they get to use the rules for the Abyssinia alllegience.
  6. January 2017 Errata

    The post says Tara gained the Void characteristic, but in the document she doesn't have it. So, does she or does she not gain it?
  7. Jack Daw and upgrade

    Jack Daw has great synergy with The Bigger They Are, but there is no reason that he must be the one bearing it. Just but it on any melee beater and make them attack models with curses attached.
  8. Divergent Paths: Outcast Edition

    Just won with Parker against Reva in the Trickster scenario. Turns out, if Parker really doesn't want to die, he won't fricking die.
  9. Is Desolation Engine Bad?

    You only randomize when the engaged models are within 2'', so the DE with it's 3" melee range can be far enough away to avoid randomization.
  10. Is Desolation Engine Bad?

    When used with Levi it can sometimes be sometimes be worth the AP to make Levi shoot the DE so it gets a free attack from Unmakings build-in trigger. If the attacks wounds, the DE will even be able to heal back the damage.
  11. Jack Daw Project

    If I'm not mistaken "The Bigger They Are" only affects actions, so Suppressed Memories won't be affected.
  12. Return Fire

    But the riders already have a Df trigger that competes with return fire, so it won't be as efficient on them.
  13. Parker Tactics

    It won't necessarily cost you a card, only if you don't flip a 7+. And if a model has taken I Pay Better it will be possible to fire two focused shots per activation.
  14. Parker Tactics

    Hans upgrade doesn't need a discard to give focus, it needs a 7+.
  15. Montresor

    TN 12, -1 from his aura and -2 to enemy tormented models, so effectively TN 15 for enemy tormented models, TN 13 for enemy non-tormented models and TN 12 for friendly models.