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  1. Solicitor 6

    W: 3 Guilders H: Come and See

    Received and accepted an offer, so thanks to all who looked and inquired.
  2. Solicitor 6

    W: 3 Guilders H: Come and See

    So, I want the new Alt Lazarus. Problem: I am 3 Guilders Short. So, if you have 3 Guilders, I can offer in exchange: Vintage Misaki Vintage Rasputina Dr. Drufrense Alt Rafkin Translucent Bette Noir Alt Bishop Cash
  3. Solicitor 6

    LGS Promotion FAQ

    Any word on a January 2018 FLGS promotion?
  4. Solicitor 6

    LE Stat Card Swap-O-Rama

    So, I have the following LE Stat Cards: Lilith And I am looking for the following LE Stat Cards: RasputinaColette (only if it is updated to reflect change to Prompt)KaerisShenlongBrewmaster (only if it is updated to reflect change to Drinking Contest)Viktoria of AshesParker Barrows (if one is around)Tara (reflecting change w/VOID characteristic)
  5. Solicitor 6

    Black Friday Sale

    Guess I will be using green stuff and tree branch parts to make a Snowman Golem to go along with holiday Raspy. And doing some mods to a plastic Blessed of December for a twisted Rudolph.
  6. Solicitor 6

    LGS Promotion FAQ

    Have the October promotions been sent out? I submitted a receipt well before the deadline, but so far have not received anything in the mail.
  7. I am looking for a single Void Wretch, preferably unassembled and unpainted. For Trading: -Essence of Power in box (opened, but on sprue) -1 package of metal 30mm Ghost Town Bases -1 package of Ghost Town Bases accessories Of course, there is always cash. Make me an offer
  8. Solicitor 6

    Big Jake, a Big Impact?

    I have only just started playing Outcasts in a grow league, and picked up Big Jake as part of the lot to full around with. I have found him a great asset at 5 stones. His "I Got This" (or similarly named) ability where he counts as 2 models for Strategy VP purposes is great and worth the stone cost alone. In several games, he has been the difference in scoring points because of that. "Consult the Ancestors" is useful for one or two turns (depending on his health) as a last move during his activation to prepare yourself for you opponents next move. He is not tanky, nor is his tomahawk attack (melee or ranged) particularly special (although the melee trigger is useful to getting him out of engagement, which is beneficial for his VP ability). However, he is not designed to be a heavy hitter or a meat wall. He is a strat/scheme runner, and with his abilities and 0 action, I find him easily worth the 5 stones. For what he brings, I could see him worth the 6 stones he cost as an out of faction mercenary, depending on the strategy (such as interference).
  9. So, I received the good doctor (alternate McMourning) in a small mystery box, but I do not play Ressers. Interested in trading it for the Vintage Hamelin model or the Arcanist master LE cards (I already have Mei and am not interested in Colette, unless the card includes her January 2017 errata). I am willing to take cash for a reasonable offer. U.S. based
  10. Solicitor 6

    See You Hired Sword

    So, my group is getting ready to do a grow league, and I am deciding to run the Viks. I have long had an idea of doing a Cowboy Bebop inspired theme for a Viks crew. Have who is who all figured out, but I am at an utter loss for basing ideas. I have never played Outcasts before and what few Outcast mercs I have done up are on a simple sand, scrub brush, and rocky outcropping theme. I am wanting something a little more for this, but can't quite come up with anything that captures the feel of both Bebop and Malifaux. Anyone know a good theme of molded bases for this idea? Post links to them below. Thanks for the help. See you, Wyrdos
  11. Solicitor 6

    All sold

    I have an LE Katanaka Sniper, if you are interested. New on sprue
  12. Solicitor 6

    H: January 2017 Errata Cards W: $

    Not sure if there is a market for these as Wargame Vault appears to have gotten their act together. I have received my THIRD set of correct January 2017 errata cards. Selling them for $20 ($17.50 for set, $2.50 for shipping and handling, U.S.). Will ship internationally, but will increase shipping cost (depending on country). I only have one set for sale as I already sold my first duplicate set. Any takers?
  13. Solicitor 6

    GenCon Shenanigans

    I think this leads to the ultimate idea... Turn the entire vendors hall into a Malifaux board. Have cosplayers set up as models with Wyrd Staff on cherry pickers as players over looking the floor with microphones to direct the action. A giant screen showing the fate decks. Use other booths and patrons as terrain. cuddle Peacebringers; foam katanas; a wheelbarrow full of firecrackers; wirework for all flying models; real horses for all mounted models. Surely that would help increase traffic to the booth.
  14. Solicitor 6

    GenCon Shenanigans

    I say you haven't gone goofy enough. We need the Alpha Crawler fist bumping the Nightmare Whiskey Golem from a couple of years ago over a pathway in the hall. Wyrd also needs to make the swing on the Golem workable to allow people to swing to their heart's content before launching themselves into the waiting arms of their life-sized Teddy several feet away. ...and I will just be hanging around with business cards offering to help anyone who has an "unforeseen accident" from such an attractive nuisance.