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  1. So, I received the good doctor (alternate McMourning) in a small mystery box, but I do not play Ressers. Interested in trading it for the Vintage Hamelin model or the Arcanist master LE cards (I already have Mei and am not interested in Colette, unless the card includes her January 2017 errata). I am willing to take cash for a reasonable offer. U.S. based
  2. So, my group is getting ready to do a grow league, and I am deciding to run the Viks. I have long had an idea of doing a Cowboy Bebop inspired theme for a Viks crew. Have who is who all figured out, but I am at an utter loss for basing ideas. I have never played Outcasts before and what few Outcast mercs I have done up are on a simple sand, scrub brush, and rocky outcropping theme. I am wanting something a little more for this, but can't quite come up with anything that captures the feel of both Bebop and Malifaux. Anyone know a good theme of molded bases for this idea? Post links to them below. Thanks for the help. See you, Wyrdos
  3. I have an LE Katanaka Sniper, if you are interested. New on sprue
  4. Not sure if there is a market for these as Wargame Vault appears to have gotten their act together. I have received my THIRD set of correct January 2017 errata cards. Selling them for $20 ($17.50 for set, $2.50 for shipping and handling, U.S.). Will ship internationally, but will increase shipping cost (depending on country). I only have one set for sale as I already sold my first duplicate set. Any takers?
  5. I think this leads to the ultimate idea... Turn the entire vendors hall into a Malifaux board. Have cosplayers set up as models with Wyrd Staff on cherry pickers as players over looking the floor with microphones to direct the action. A giant screen showing the fate decks. Use other booths and patrons as terrain. cuddle Peacebringers; foam katanas; a wheelbarrow full of firecrackers; wirework for all flying models; real horses for all mounted models. Surely that would help increase traffic to the booth.
  6. I say you haven't gone goofy enough. We need the Alpha Crawler fist bumping the Nightmare Whiskey Golem from a couple of years ago over a pathway in the hall. Wyrd also needs to make the swing on the Golem workable to allow people to swing to their heart's content before launching themselves into the waiting arms of their life-sized Teddy several feet away. ...and I will just be hanging around with business cards offering to help anyone who has an "unforeseen accident" from such an attractive nuisance.
  7. So, I received my second set of cards last night, and they were correct. Again. I will respond to @Steve Wieck's message request to help them route out the problem as it is strange that I got the right cards, made no complaints, but got a second set. Anyone here want a full set of errata cards, minus the 3 Death Marshall's? I'm keeping those to sell some unassembled models on ebay, with the updated cards. PM me.
  8. I actually contacted Wargame Vault about this as Aaron had said in the 2017 Errata thread that he had provided them to Wargame Vault. They said they were not provided with such cards/files from Wyrd. I listed Special Editions in general and cited Mr. Cooper (alternate Colette) and Miss Terious (alternate Death Marshall) specifically. @Aaron, someone from Wyrd may want to contact Wargame Vault as there seems to be some issues of internal communication. As to my Wargame Vault experience with the 2017 errata, I lucked out and actually got the correct cards the first time around. Then last week, I received an e-mail that they are sending me another set of cards. Have a tracking number and everything. Anyone want to take bets on whether I get correct or incorrect cards in the second set?
  9. I wonder if we are going to see a TOS Malifaux model similar to TTB Hannah that will be a sculpt superior to that standard release, and only available through the kickstarter or as a rare award for Wyrd sponsored events (or through the secondary market for one working kidney).
  10. The beagle needs a defensive trigger: "Condescending Laugh" When a Sh attack fails against this model, it gains +1 Df to subsequent Sh attacks until end of turn.
  11. Gah! I do not know what to do... Do I keep up my plan of having 2016 be my year of 10 Thunders exclusively? Or do I go back to tender arms of my loving Arcanists?
  12. Try using it as part of a 1-2 punch. Samurai pushes in, slices through the armor doing decent damage, then pushes away. Then let one of your shooters (sniper, second samurai, etc.) take out those last couple of wounds without having to worry about randomization. It can be very useful for Interference to create separation and getting across a table quarter border. *leans forward* Tell me more.
  13. I did it for you. Why? Because when the option is available, I will always vote my for my lovely lady.
  14. I want to express my hope that possession of the app does not become a requirement to play. I own a cell phone, but not a smart phone, and I do not see a need in my immediate future for such a device. One of the reasons I tabletop (RPG and skirmish) is to be disconnected from the constant demands of the outside world for a few hours and focus on the people in my immediate LOS (even if we do have our heads buried in cards half the time). I think several of the ideas for the app are good ones and if people want to use it, good for them. But developing it to the point where the app is a requirement to play in tournaments or at all appears to be a bit excessive. Regarding a damage tracker...trying to say this as kindly as possible, but in my opinion, reliance on a computer damage tracker to automatically account for everything seems a little bit lazy. If you are going to play the game and the models, you should bring yourself up to speed on what they can and cannot do. Forgetting things can sometimes be a useful tool in helping to retain the information as part of the learning experience. There was a time or two when starting out I forgot a model possessed HTK and I just took it off the table when it was hit with Red Joker Damage. I have just started playing Shenlong and I have had a couple of games where I forget when a model uses Focus close to Sensai Yu they are able to add the number of Focus they used to the attack total, which could have been the difference between success or failure on an attack. Going back over my cards after said games, I will see the abilities and remember the moments where I missed them. It reinforces in my mind their presence for the next time I play them, which leads me to become (in theory) a better player.