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  1. Looking at the art, it might be just me, but it looks like the wind is blowing Hans's hair and coat in two different direction.
  2. I have the alt Lazarus, unassembled and am looking for the alt metal Vicks from M1E (not the Easter ones). Prefer unassembled. If you also have an unassembled Student of Conflict (metal or plastic) let me know and we can negotiate.
  3. As a bar exam survivor, best of luck. And never forget, it is written by people who want you to fail, so always keep Admiral Ackbar in the back of your mind when reading a question that seems too easy... "It's a trap!"
  4. So, I have the translucent nightmare Tara. I have the idea of taking my Dremmel tool to the chest portion to go for that authentic touch of the hole in her chest. Any tips for head to use and speed? Or is this a bad idea and I risk shattering the model.
  5. Once again I am doing a pop-culture inspired crew, going with a Parker Barrows Firefly/Serenity crew. I have figured out the entire crew/cast with the exception of one character: Shepard Book. So, I need some ideas from people for Outcast or mercenaries that could fit in for the good Shepard. Keep flyin'
  6. A most brilliant idea your divine Nathan-ness. And, might I just say, your most magnificentness, that your avatar is looking extremely high resolution today. Very sharp and commanding. Yet, with just the right amount of personal relatabity, necessary in a forum. Oh, and if his gracious and infinitely wise and powefulness were to randomly decide to bestow such a gift on some random poster that happened to catch his eye...
  7. "How do you plead?" "Like this... Oh, please, please, please, have mercy on me!"
  8. Received and accepted an offer, so thanks to all who looked and inquired.
  9. So, I want the new Alt Lazarus. Problem: I am 3 Guilders Short. So, if you have 3 Guilders, I can offer in exchange: Vintage Misaki Vintage Rasputina Dr. Drufrense Alt Rafkin Translucent Bette Noir Alt Bishop Cash
  10. Any word on a January 2018 FLGS promotion?
  11. So, I have the following LE Stat Cards: Lilith And I am looking for the following LE Stat Cards: RasputinaColette (only if it is updated to reflect change to Prompt)KaerisShenlongBrewmaster (only if it is updated to reflect change to Drinking Contest)Viktoria of AshesParker Barrows (if one is around)Tara (reflecting change w/VOID characteristic)
  12. Guess I will be using green stuff and tree branch parts to make a Snowman Golem to go along with holiday Raspy. And doing some mods to a plastic Blessed of December for a twisted Rudolph.
  13. Have the October promotions been sent out? I submitted a receipt well before the deadline, but so far have not received anything in the mail.
  14. I am looking for a single Void Wretch, preferably unassembled and unpainted. For Trading: -Essence of Power in box (opened, but on sprue) -1 package of metal 30mm Ghost Town Bases -1 package of Ghost Town Bases accessories Of course, there is always cash. Make me an offer
  15. I have only just started playing Outcasts in a grow league, and picked up Big Jake as part of the lot to full around with. I have found him a great asset at 5 stones. His "I Got This" (or similarly named) ability where he counts as 2 models for Strategy VP purposes is great and worth the stone cost alone. In several games, he has been the difference in scoring points because of that. "Consult the Ancestors" is useful for one or two turns (depending on his health) as a last move during his activation to prepare yourself for you opponents next move. He is not tanky, nor is his tomahawk attack (melee or ranged) particularly special (although the melee trigger is useful to getting him out of engagement, which is beneficial for his VP ability). However, he is not designed to be a heavy hitter or a meat wall. He is a strat/scheme runner, and with his abilities and 0 action, I find him easily worth the 5 stones. For what he brings, I could see him worth the 6 stones he cost as an out of faction mercenary, depending on the strategy (such as interference).
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