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  1. I didn’t see a location/address for this. Where is this?
  2. Fauxmaha is now part of the Central Faux Tour! https://thirdfloorwars.com/central-faux-tour/
  3. The Lincoln and Omaha Malifaux players invite you to join us for the Fauxmaha tournament at Nuke-Con on October 5th. This will be a 50ss fixed faction tournament with a $10 entry fee. Models must be painted. Players may use any current released model cards. (No beta or unreleased models). Proxies may be allowed pending TO and opponents discretion. Registration will start at 11am with first round starting at noon. Get Convention badges and tickets at nuke-con.com Ramada Plaza, 3321 S 72nd, Omaha, Ne
  4. I’ve not run three, but I have run them in pairs a few times now and they do quite well. Two of them can get up to Poison+9 on turn one in ideal circumstances.
  5. The flips aren’t effected. Pg 31 of the rule book. Shockwaves ignore cover and concealment. Also cover and concealment both require a model to be targeted and shockwaves do not. Pg 36.
  6. N No. Alt Otto, the alt Tannen and Graves, and the alt Vanessa are all just general release models.
  7. Yes On page 32 of the rule book it says summoned models are placed in base contact and line of sight of the summoning model unless stated otherwise.
  8. I wasn’t able to find any of the Miss models. Are they going to be available for print on demand?
  9. I was told that in a response when I filed a damaged/mispacked product report
  10. They have the typos, but I’ve been told they’re shipping reprinted ones if you’ve already bought the card pack.
  11. Got my faction pack. The High River Monk cards are the misprinted ones.
  12. I think page 8 Under Flips and page 9 under Fate Modifiers answers this. For a flip you reveal the top card of the deck and then add it to the conflict. Fate modifiers cause multiple cards to be revealed, but only one is placed in the conflict and any others are discarded. The way the jokers are written, they only add their effect if added to the conflict.
  13. I’ve had this issue come up a couple of times and I think I have it resolved, but I wanted to hear some other opinions in case I’ve missed something. Final Repose: Models killed by this model do not Drop any Markers when killed. (Demise) Excess Material: After this model is killed, Drop a Scrap Marker anywhere within 3” of this model. So the question is would Final Repose stop this Demise ability from working? The rule book uses the same “after a model is killed” terminology for dropping corpse and scrap markers, which makes me think that Final Repose would stop Excess Material from working. Am I missing anything or is this correct?
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