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  1. TheUnseemlyOne

    Assigning Schemes and Strategies

    That’s how asking questions works, isn’t it?
  2. TheUnseemlyOne

    Assigning Schemes and Strategies

    If you tap on the scheme/strategy on the left side of the screen it will show crew 1, tapping the right side gives the option for crew 2. That’s how it works on iOS anyway.
  3. TheUnseemlyOne

    6/30 Henchmen Hardcore at Gauntlet Games, Lincoln, Ne

    Spot saved
  4. There will be a Henchman Hardcore event at Gauntlet Games on June 30th. Entry is free, so just show up and play. Gauntlet Games 3231 S 13th, Lincoln, Ne The first round starts at 1:00
  5. TheUnseemlyOne

    (Likely) Stupid Question about Killjoy and Tara

    Killjoy could charge Tara. A model is only engaged by enemy models, so if Killjoy is unburied, unengaged, and Tara is the only model that can be charged, that’s what will happen.
  6. TheUnseemlyOne

    Malifaux Events at the Bugeater GT

    Will the story encounters be posted before the event?
  7. TheUnseemlyOne

    Malifaux Events at the Bugeater GT

  8. So I had something come up recently that I’m pretty sure I know the answer to, but wanted to confirm. Sensei Yu’s (0) Disciple allows him to take a (0) action belonging to a friendly master. Yan Lo’s Awakening upgrade allows him to take the (1) Lightning Dance as a (0) action Can Sensei Yu use Lightning Dance if Yan Lo has the Awakening upgrade?
  9. TheUnseemlyOne

    Neverborn and Outcast crews plus misc models

    Where are you located? I’m interested in a few things on your list, but shipping costs are a potential concern.
  10. TheUnseemlyOne

    Malifaux Events at the Bugeater GT

    Haven’t been able to find the rules for the events posted. Can you post a link or post them here?
  11. TheUnseemlyOne

    General Draw Methods in Ten Thunders?

    Sensei Yu can use that 0 action as well when taken with Lynch.
  12. TheUnseemlyOne

    What is our Answer to Sonnia?

    I’ve found pushes and large engagement ranges to be very useful. Sonia can’t blast if she’s engaged. You can push models into her or her into your models. I find Sensei Yu to be good for this.
  13. TheUnseemlyOne

    Gaining Grounds Bugeater Primer

    I’ll see you there
  14. In this case it’s not an attack action. It’s simply an opposed duel. An attack action causes an opposed duel, but actions aren’t inherently required to cause them.
  15. TheUnseemlyOne

    Looking for Sim 29

    I have a Simulacrum 29 in the US I could part with. It’s painted and assembled if condition makes a difference.