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  1. Oni is an interesting one, because oni was previously a more general term for supernatural beings before the word yokai. It through me off too until I stared looking up the background/mythology of all the oni models and ended up down a rabbit hole.
  2. One thing to keep in mind is that models that summon can greatly unbalance the game at smaller game sizes. Summoning 7-9 stones worth of models can represent a %20+ increase in your crew size. Crews that can reliably do this every turn have a lot of potential to quickly overwhelm crews that can’t.
  3. I think Yas currently feels a bit confused as to what role it’s supposed to fill. Previously I had very defined roles for it in my crews. Not so much now
  4. So earlier in 3rd I looked at the Thunders Brothers and passed over them. I wasn’t impressed with what they did for their cost in the keywords I was playing. I’m working on Qi and Gong now and decided to revisit them, particularly now that GG1 is out. Has anyone else used them with much success? If so what strats/schemes are they working well in?
  5. I like to take a Terracotta Warrior with Asami to copy A Mothers Love. That can free up Asami from needing to and let her spend he AP elsewhere.
  6. I’m taking advantage of social distancing time to work on my Qi and Gong. Since they’re not out now or for the foreseeable future, I was curious what other people were using for Kabuki Warriors. They seem pretty essential to the keyword as far as I can tell, so I want to have at least one ready to go when I can get around to playing again.
  7. I didn’t see a location/address for this. Where is this?
  8. Fauxmaha is now part of the Central Faux Tour! https://thirdfloorwars.com/central-faux-tour/
  9. The Lincoln and Omaha Malifaux players invite you to join us for the Fauxmaha tournament at Nuke-Con on October 5th. This will be a 50ss fixed faction tournament with a $10 entry fee. Models must be painted. Players may use any current released model cards. (No beta or unreleased models). Proxies may be allowed pending TO and opponents discretion. Registration will start at 11am with first round starting at noon. Get Convention badges and tickets at nuke-con.com Ramada Plaza, 3321 S 72nd, Omaha, Ne
  10. I’ve not run three, but I have run them in pairs a few times now and they do quite well. Two of them can get up to Poison+9 on turn one in ideal circumstances.
  11. The flips aren’t effected. Pg 31 of the rule book. Shockwaves ignore cover and concealment. Also cover and concealment both require a model to be targeted and shockwaves do not. Pg 36.
  12. N No. Alt Otto, the alt Tannen and Graves, and the alt Vanessa are all just general release models.
  13. Yes On page 32 of the rule book it says summoned models are placed in base contact and line of sight of the summoning model unless stated otherwise.
  14. I wasn’t able to find any of the Miss models. Are they going to be available for print on demand?
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