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  1. That is correct. It’s item 2 in the general section of the FAQ
  2. It generally starts with 2 FRM and a LRM. After that it’s heavily stat/scheme dependent. I don’t use HRM, tried them and they never seem to work out well. As a general rule I tend to decide 1-2 River Style upgrades that I expect to use during the game and take Monks that will benefit from that.
  3. A pair of FRM makes it into most of my Shenlong lists. As a pair, they have a lot of staying power for their cost, and Fermented River Style is still one of the better choices for Shenlong every turn.
  4. You are correct that Shenlong would still have Poison +3. Page 29 of the rules says that when you gain a condition with a value, it is added to any value you currently have. Because of this Sacred Ink would only stop the additive from happening, not remove the condition entirely.
  5. It looks like you’re trying to limit each master/keyword to two green options, but pretty much every Yan Lo list I’ve seen and played begins with both Manos and Chiaki. For Qi and Gong, Lust has a great deal of synergy with Youko that should take her out of the never category.
  6. With the recent changes, this question applies to Youko now too.
  7. That’s true, but I think Youko still gets just as much out of them, if not more. We may see them in Qi and Gong now that she’s been updated
  8. Students still make sense. They’re trying to achieve enlightenment too. A Grit ability and a self heal would go well with this.
  9. Sometimes, but not often. When I do, it’s definitely for the Pneumatic Toss. I’ll sometimes take one into pools where it looks like an enemy model needs to be in a specific place, just to make it more difficult. They can also move any slower models of mine up the board in the meantime.
  10. I like the idea of where Shenlong is going after he learned first hand what will happen to him when the dragon decides to separate from him. I think it’d be interesting to see a title for him that is less combat/damage oriented and more control/buff oriented. Something to the tune of “I’ve achieved enlightenment and so can you. Also, here’s som chi.”
  11. The hazardous terrain resolves after the current action. So in your example, a model with one wound would resolve a single action and then die if the hazardous deals damage to it. Accomplice wouldn’t resolve, as that happens at a particular timing step that the model wouldn’t make it to.
  12. Yeah, I thought about Charm Warders for this, but I take them at least as often in keyword, if not more.
  13. I actually quite like Rail Workers in keyword. I like to situationally double Pneumatic Toss the Metal Golem on turn 1 and Pneumatic Toss enemies in the Vent Steam aura or other hazardous terrain for extra damage.
  14. I at least like the readily available stunned that there’s access too now. That’s can be pretty big into certain matchups.
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