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So The recent thread "Nix and the Red Joker" (no, this is not an additional attempt to get a sandwich) brought up a point that we should really get clarified:


Namely, When The printed rules do not agree, or when they are insufficient to define a rule for a given situation, should FAQs, and pictorial elements such as diagrams, charts, and pictures be used to determine the rules? To wit, are they, on some level, themselves rules, and which has primacy?


If a FAQ or chart introduces an element heretofore lacking from the printed text ruleset, should it be taken as a printed rule, or should it be used only for clarification of the specific situation that is being referenced?


Don't get me wrong. Justin, Mack Dammit and co. did a fantastic job, and have done a fantastic job, at keeping the rules as clear and simple as possible, and ensuring that information in the diagrams and charts are also present in the text—but if we are going to come up with rules of thumb, and answer questions that aren't quite FAQ-worthy for each other, it would help if we knew where the various resources available to us stood in relationship to rules validity.


As it stands now, I'd say that the order of supremacy(which rule trumps which) goes:

  1. errata
  2. FAQ
  3. Card Text
  4. Book Text
  5. Diagrams
  6. Charts
  7. pictures
  8. Word of Justin
  9. Rules Forum


WHere _________ is the line of legitimacy. Anything below that is just a suggestion, whereas anything above that is Gospel and should be used to determine a rule dispute.


I'd prefer to get a general guideline now rather than set ourselves up for endless arguments about how legitimate a source is for determining rules. It just seems simpler.

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As far as I can tell, you've mistaken a dynamic situation for a dynamic one.  Or you're expecting a simple answer instead of "It depends on the situation."


The purpose of errata are to correct printed materials.  The one declared most correct wins.  See Malifaux 2E big book vs. little book chart error.

Same with the diagrams vs. text.  The one declared most correct wins.

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