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Found 3 results

  1. I have done a post on opportunity cost and on revs of your crew, those are in the faction section. Now you might be wondering why this person with probably atrocious grammar is doing this, well the answer is simple because these things are in the Meta but not talked about often. So I decided to be the change I want to have happen, and talk about parts of the Meta that get glossed over. So to day I will be talking about the Meta: what is Meta, what levels/type of Meta there are, how it is used and how style interact with it. We have seen that Wyrd recognized that the Meta is a living thing and has no problem working. Where have been a lot of changes that affect the Meta recently, the emissaries which upgrades are directly response to the Meta, the changes to metal gamin, and now the new gaining grounds tournament rules all are having an effect on the Meta. What is Meta: When I think of Meta I tend to see it as Meta-analysis. In gaming each person with an opinion is a different study and the combined opinion of these people allows for a find of the "truth" in this game. Levels of Meta: The level of the Meta is based on where you are getting the data from. There is a local level, regional level, global level (cough the forum cough). When looking at the Meta the most important to a player is local Meta you are in. My recommendation to anyone trying to look at this is to take notes on masters, key models and terrain that is run in your area and that should help you figure out your local Meta. The issue is that most people turn to the web as the be all and end all on when the Meta should be, this is not the case it is more important to focus on your local Meta and use the web as a very general supplement. I mostly use Pull My Finger to help me understand the mechanics of a master or model then what they should take. If how the net affects society interests you then watch this youtube, it is an interesting opinion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQirYEU2LOo Types of Meta: This is casual, tournament, theory and vassal Meta types. Casual or pic up games are the simplest type, even if you using Gaining Grounds rules it all about having fun and win, draw or loss. Tournament Meta is about can have a lot of component, mostly around placement and how to maximize your differential. This has a lot to do with scheme selection, there is an article in Wyrd Chronicle 14 that might help with this called Diving into the Deep End of the Scheme Pool. Yes I have no problem point people at the chronicles. I am not a great tournament player often I come in just under the top 3. Theory Meta or as I call it My Meta is Better, generally I have no love of this unless you are trying to do very simple comparisons. The reason for it is because theory tends to favor straight power but not versatility, I would recommend NOT to take Theory Meta too seriously as often it is highly slanted. An example of obvious Theory Meta: ________ model is great/horrible from a person that has never played it or played opposite of it. PS: Just saying I think hunting party is great for shining some light onto models not often seen such as Samurai. I have tried a Samurai in hunting party and his versatility was great. Vassal Meta is not something I feel conferrable talking about other then it exist as it would mostly be Theory Meta from me so if anyone who can talk about it please do. Using Meta: So fielding Izamu because someone on Pull My Finger is not using the Meta it is fallowing a trend. Meta is made up of a bunch of data it has trends in the data, this when something rises in popularity or dies in popularity. If you want to use the Meta you have to figure out the reason behind the trend fallowing that you can use the reason that model is good more precisely or you can counter that reason. For instance: a gremlin tried playing Gracie taxing Burt with reactivating and it ended up being killed first turn to a gunsmith who loaded armor penetrating rounds. The player stated this should have worked, pull my finger said it should work, why did it not? This is because they focused on what other have done with it and not understanding that you do not run towards an anti-armor model because that cancels out Gracie’s resilience. Style of play: I am going to generalize this into soft and hard and touch on them only a little. Soft style is less based on confrontation and what your enemy is running and more with what you can accomplish. A good example is bodyguard and brake through with the Mechanical Rider. Control and support build masters are often a big part of this style. Attacks are often geared toward other purposes, such as Insidious Madness hitting an enemy for 1 point but the real purpose is to give them a -1 to willpower so they fail a horror check. If you want to read up on it then the Peaceful Malifaux article in Wyrd Chronicle 16 will help. The Hard Style is more confrontational. Often you will focus on killing models and then scoring or scoring while you are killing. Players that favor this tend to play with multiple high damage dealers. Things such as make them suffer or hunting party are good schemes for this type of play. If some people say Soft Style comes at the game sideways then Hard Style comes at the game strait forward. How do these styles interact with the Meta, the answer is a lot. Sensei Yu is a soft style model that according to sum can print VP where I am very meh when I see my enemy with him as I tend to be too fast and aggressive for him to start the printing press. So the style that you play will affect how you see model and deal with them which inter changes how meaningful the Meta opinion of the model is for you. Most people will be a mix of the two style but tend to be in one more than another. I am now 3 into hopefully 13 posts, please make any suggestion on tops in a pm or response. I remember someone posted about me expanding the Rev idea and seeing where I go with it, I will probably get to that in an in two months but if you cannot wait then I recommend reading up on movement tricks in the Professor Pontificates in Wyrd Chronical 10. I originally was going to do this in February but strike while the iron is hot, not sure if I will get another one done for next month.
  2. Posing the question here with the huge release of plastic models that are currently out with the Black Friday deal do you think it will change your local meta?
  3. So The recent thread "Nix and the Red Joker" (no, this is not an additional attempt to get a sandwich) brought up a point that we should really get clarified: Namely, When The printed rules do not agree, or when they are insufficient to define a rule for a given situation, should FAQs, and pictorial elements such as diagrams, charts, and pictures be used to determine the rules? To wit, are they, on some level, themselves rules, and which has primacy? If a FAQ or chart introduces an element heretofore lacking from the printed text ruleset, should it be taken as a printed rule, or should it be used only for clarification of the specific situation that is being referenced? Don't get me wrong. Justin, Mack Dammit and co. did a fantastic job, and have done a fantastic job, at keeping the rules as clear and simple as possible, and ensuring that information in the diagrams and charts are also present in the text—but if we are going to come up with rules of thumb, and answer questions that aren't quite FAQ-worthy for each other, it would help if we knew where the various resources available to us stood in relationship to rules validity. As it stands now, I'd say that the order of supremacy(which rule trumps which) goes: errata FAQ Card Text Book Text Diagrams Charts pictures _________________ Word of Justin Rules Forum WHere _________ is the line of legitimacy. Anything below that is just a suggestion, whereas anything above that is Gospel and should be used to determine a rule dispute. I'd prefer to get a general guideline now rather than set ourselves up for endless arguments about how legitimate a source is for determining rules. It just seems simpler.
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