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Fire & Ice 3 21/22 June Cranfield UK


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Back for the third year as part of the Roll Call event. Through some tough negotiation I have booked the double classroom we used last year. So the good news is we can have 32 players and play later allowing 4 rounds. Bad news is I have to pay for the room and will need to buy some boards.

Tickets are £10 for 1 day and £17.50 for both.

Saturday will be 50SS fixed faction ranked tournament
Sunday will be a Henchman led story encounter

The school have also agreed to organise the catering again and will provide both lunches and new for this year, breakfasts plus an ongoing “snack bar” during the weekend for sales of cold soft drinks and chocolate bars and crisps etc. Breakfast will be available from 8am and will consist of bacon or sausage rolls/sandwiches for approx. £2 plus the usual “wargamers lunches” at £3. The school will take orders for these during the day and they will be available for collection by players from the canteen at lunch.


Last year we went for an excellent curry on the Saturday night.


To be clear on costs, there is a considerable charge for the room, which I'll have to cover regardless, and I think I'll also need to buy a few boards. Any excess will go on prizes.


Prize support courtesy of KR Multicase, Simple Miniature Games and Sarissa Precision.

Rules are available here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12083335/Rules%20Pack%20-%20Fire%20and%20Ice%20-%20Jun14.doc


Confirmed & paid


  1. Joel
  2. Marifaux
  3. Grayne
  4. furysblade
  5. Rocknutter
  6. Bacms
  7. Grez90
  8. lethis
  9. McDoogle
  10. Hutch
  11. Stargazer
  12. Oshova
  13. Panzerharris
  14. Wake of Godzilla
  15. TheFollowing


  1. Joel (Francisco Ortega)
  2. Marifaux (Taelor)
  3. Grayne (Ryle Hoffman)
  4. furysblade (Amo no Zako)
  5. Rocknutter (Samuel Hopkins)
  6. Bacms (Judge)
  7. Grez90 (Toshiro)
  8. lethis (Snow Storm)
  9. McDoogle
  10. Hutch
  11. Stargazer (Sybelle)
  12. Oshova (Barbaros)
  13. Panzerharris (Rusty Alyce Nekima)
  14. Nigglepiggle (Valedectorian)
  15. FantasyFreak (Sebastian)
  16. Swiftreaver (Widow Weaver)
  17. Cathy (Snowstorm)
  18. James (Joss)


Interested in one or both days

  1. SilverBullet
  2. OTP
  3. Renato
  4. Leebat
  5. Barnerible
  6. Mike3838
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fire and ice is always on my radar  - but that weekend is very busy for Malifaux with both Deliverence in Cardiff and the Scottish Summer GT clashing.


Still, this is one of my favourite events of the year so count me in for both days Dave. :)

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I've added a few more details to the first post, and just want to say thanks for the interest.


As the date is fixed its a pity about the clash with the Scottish GT and also the so far unannounced Deliverance 4 (which I'd otherwise be going to  :unsure:  ), but that's life, and its good to support an event that's only a short drive from home. Its also only 2 weeks after MassaCon, which I'm also organising the Malifaux for, so not ideal for my sanity either!


The venue is excellent as the room is a reasonable size, there's space to wander outside and get some fresh air, parking is free and its only 10 mins from the M1 (J14).


The last 2 years have been very successful, and grown in size, and also the opportunity to run 4 rounds on the Saturday is very welcome.


Please keep posting your interest, and I'll provide updates and answer any questions over the next few weeks.


@Tapdancer - not sure what the accomodation is like in Cranfield (maybe at one of the pubs?), but Milton Keynes is only 15 minutes away and has the usual economy brands of hotel (Travelodge, Premier Inn, etc.).

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