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  1. Didnt spot this thread until after I replied to the old one, but my second ticket on the Saturday (#32) should be for Aron Britchford. Rick
  2. Grayne

    Masters 2015

    Mike - My second ticket on the Saturday (currently #32) should be for Aron Britchford. Rick
  3. Welcome! There are many of us fellow players dotted aroud your local area. If you want at intro game then there are many active local clubs (personally I tend to play at the Pheonix gaming club, Rushden) and some very active henchman. There are also quite a few local tournaments that are really beginner friendly and a great way to see some other crews in action.
  4. Count me in too for the curry please David.
  5. To keep things as unique as possible for the guild, I'll declare Ryle for the Sunday.
  6. It'll be Hoffman for me please David.
  7. I'm definitely interested too. Fire & Ice was great last year.
  8. Sign me up for this one too please David! Looks like I missed the original post back in November.
  9. If there's space, I'd like to sign up please David. I've not played any henchman led games, but the more I think about it, the less it concerns me. I'm not sure that they look as well balanced as the usual Masters (some seem to have better crew synergy than others), but they certainly look good enough for a few games and might inspire some more unusual crew builds.
  10. Excellent, thanks Joel. Payment sent *happy*
  11. Definitely a good problem to have and should speak volumes for people's opinions of M2E, at least in the short term.
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