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First Malifaux Models (by SinDrome)


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I know a few of you read my "New to Miniatures" posts, but I finally received my Malifaux models in and I'll be posting them here. I'm new to the hobby, and I'm still learning every day. Please feel free to post opinions and critiques.


As always tips are GREATLY appreciated!!



First box I'm working on is the Lilith Mother of Monsters Box set:


First the Base:






Now together: The skin is actually a "Mottled" light Purple, the camera bleached it out some.





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I appreciate the complements guys! If you have any tips or critiques, those would also be great.


The base is actually a very cool set of Secret Weapon bases that I found online for an excellent price. The rest is just paint job. The blood was done with three reds, and a brown wash, with a glaze of future over the top, to make it glossy for now. I'm expecting some Tamiya clear red, in the mail tomorrow, to further the effect.


Though, I'm doing some experiments with Green stuff as well. Once I make something I like, I'll most likely post it.

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As promised, here are the bases for the Terror Tots, as well as one of the Tots. I will be finishing and posting the other 2 tomorrow. I'll try to get some better pics.


Please let me know what you think!  :)






First Tot: The pics blow, but I'll try to get some better ones later.







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It's people like you that make me want to get the Lilith boxed set and venture into Neverborn.

Those are looking great. Can't wait to see the rest of the boxed set.


I appreciate that. I say, go for it! They were a joy to paint. Frustrating at times, but still a joy. :)



Those tots look excellent, I'm new to Malifaux and haven't faced them yet on the table .. they look down right mean and scary !!



Awesome! Then I accomplished what I intended! I was trying my best to make them look like the nasty little buggers they are.

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