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Gremlin Box comming up?


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The Black Friday sale featured Nicodem and Perdita so theres a 99% chance that they'll be February's release. But after that things get murky. After those two the only unreleased crews will be Von Schill, Zoraida and the Gremlins (Well Tara too but shes a special case.) And out of the unreleased only Ophelia and Brewie have updated artwork - though I'm a bit unsure about Zoraida...

So theres hope for a green March..

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Yeah, and I'm really digging it.  Her and the Doll look markedly improved.  I'm not crazy about JuJu or the Silurids, but I'm not crazy about their old models either so it's a bit of a wash.


Zoraida looks just plain evil, which is good and the Doll is a lot better. Juju is kinda cool in my opinion. Silurids are just awful :D 

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