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  1. Hey there, Mid-West Malifaux players! We're launching M3E at Miniature Market St. Louis and you should join us! On Saturday, June 29th, Miniature Market St. Louis is hosting a launch party, with demos, story encounters, prizes, and cake. Stop on by and have a look at the game (hopefully, with new product available for purchase), meet the local players and henchman (that's me!), have a chat, have a demo, have a slice of cake! Address - 13380 Manchester Rd., St. Louis, MO 63131 Time - 12:00pm-5:00pm Cost - None
  2. Five round tournament!
  3. With the exciting announcement of the June 28th release of Malifaux 3rd Edition, we're getting together to learn the rules and get ourselves sorted. No experience necessary! All are welcome! Every Thursday in May, through release eve on June 27th at Miniature Market in St. Louis (https://www.miniaturemarket.com/retail-stl/) from 5pm-10pm. Join us to cheat Fate or lose your soul!
  4. Pretty sure the Judge is the lady in the red dress with the katana.
  5. Looks like Lady J has gotten another makeover since last Gen Con, but also, that she's for sure getting a new box, complete with the new Judge.
  6. Something needs to be tweaked. Not huge, but I've played several games with her since I started this post, and while she plays better than she did, cracks are beginning to show with more play. The crew is super squishy with insufficient power to account for that weakness. As fragile as it is, they need more oomph. Particularly models like Kade, and Pandora herself. Kade has accomplished almost nothing for me in game after game. He's an expensive, squishy scheme runner whose main appeal is saving a stone on Teddy and a bit of movement shenanigans. He's too suit dependent, does hardly any damage. My opponents ignore him because he's not threatening, and he's not fast enough to justify his position as a scheme runner. He needs some Armor mitigation, built in Ram, higher Df, higher Movement. Something. Sorrows and Poltergeists are to squishy with poor stats. They need to be close to enemies to do their job, and they get knock out in one or two swings with little difficulty. Up their stats, up their wounds, something. Pandora herself is still feeling a bit lackluster. Despair's Influence needs some added oomph for its cost. Maybe change it to a bonus action? Maybe increase the push range? Give it a low target number and a Trigger to draw a card? Something. Why is Fears Given Form once per activation? It's not any scarier that any of the grenades all over the place in a Von Schill list. Every time I've used it, the most it's done is costing a mid-range card or two for my opponent. Maybe remove once per round and add Stunned to the effect? Pandora could use an active way to Stun.
  7. Played two games with Pandora, one vs Seamus, the other vs Von Schill. I managed to eek out victories with canny play, but I have some concerns. Armor and Ruthless. Pandora has, essentially no answers for them. Also, we need to talk about Incorporeal in this keyword. Ruthless - Cuts through most of her already tenuous defenses. With Pandora, you're already facing a constant struggle of what to activate due to the large amount of Manipulative in keyword, and Candy's desire to go last besides. Plus, Pandora's mediocre defense, and neat for control, but not exactly going to save her life defensive trigger, isn't going to keep her alive, especially against something like Seamus (built in +flips in close combat!) or Sybelle. Kade, with Manipulative as his only defense is particularly squishy with average defensive stats and 7 Health. Not sure what the point of him is at the moment. He doesn't do much damage, he's not that quick, and he's not that tough. He's incredibly suit dependent, and yes, Pandora can give him a suit, but that's a lot of resources (card and Master action) for a 3" push and a suit. Suggestion - Lower Pandora's Health to 10 and Terrifying to 12, but increase her Df and Wp to 7 each. Increase Kade's Df to 6, maybe give him the built in Ram for Crit Strike? Maybe increase his Movement to 6? Not sure why the formerly quick (part of their glass cannon thing) are now roughly the same speed as most zombies. Or maybe give him the ability to ignore Armor (hey, that solves one of our other problems!) - preferably not as a trigger, because getting any work out of him requires a trigger. Armor - I wouldn't mind seeing the return of Retribution's Eye as an Upgrade, but for Pandora, I'd take Kade's knife naturally ignoring Armor. It would give him a purpose in the crew. Or, add a point of damage back to Misery (I mean, keep the push when they gain the appropriate condition, add a point of damage). Generally, this crew's damage output is pretty lackluster. Carver and Teddy can do some damage, and in a pinch so can Kade, but all but Teddy depend on suits, and in this list, that seems to mean Pandora's actions (plus cards! No card draw in Keyword, either!) - that's kind of a high price to pay for that extra 1-2 points of damage. More ping from Misery, built in Crit Strike/Armor mitigation for Kade, something to give them a little kick. Incorporeal - a single point of damage mitigation on very low Health, average Df models isn't doing much at all. Sorrows and the Poltergeist drop in one hit pretty regularly, and take two at most to put down. These are models that need to be close to get anything done, and they just can't survive there for any amount of time. Having enemies take out your low cost Minions in a swing or two, when you're struggling to do any damage at all is kind of bleak. My end feeling after two games with these stats is that I'm depending on my opponent's mistakes to get anywhere. I can't kill much of anything, my defenses are super fragile. I feel like glass with no cannon.
  8. I've played a few games with the current version of Pandora, and in both, Misery has come up repeatedly. She's very, very finesse oriented, and has a pretty high skill floor. I think some elements of her crew could use a little more oomph, better stats on Sorrows, an extra wound or two for the Poltergeist, maybe. It's also sorely lacking in in-keyword damage. Carver is quite good, but kind of needs Pandora to set him up. Teddy can be good, but he's not that hard to focus down. Kade is a little lackluster in the damage department, and is really, really squishy.
  9. Played her again this week. This time is a very tough match up, versus Seamus. Both Master and Henchman in that crew are Ruthless, ignoring most of my defenses. The addition of Teddy and spending a lot of resources keeping him alive and distract my opponent into keeping Seamus is a scrum with my crew for long enough that he didn't have enough time to complete his Schemes, and his Scheme choices were biting off more than he could chew (he took both Search the Ruins and Power RItual, which is a whole lot of work to do on my side of the board) was the only thing that let me win (7-4). Sorrows, while nice and fast, seem a little overcosted, or underpowered. Along with the Poltergeist, as low/average Df models with low wound counts, Incorporeal is not enough to keep them alive for very long, and their active stats are so low that it's hard to get much work out of them. I don't think raising their active stats by 1 each would be out of line.
  10. Df 6 Wp 6 is better than the majority of Masters. Name another model that has 19 health.
  11. Perhaps, at 9ss, Mv 7 with phenomenal defensive stats, an absurd amount of health, and offense that can easily take any scheme runner, "standard beater" is not his role...
  12. 9ss for 19+ health, plus healing, plus damage mitigation at Mv 7, 2/4/5 damage track, plus incidental damage and damage pulse healing, Df 6, Wp 6 is not worth it? I'm not 100% sure you and I are playing the same game. What are you using him for that you feel you're not getting your stones worth?
  13. The difference between min 2 and 3 is not that huge. It's the jump to Mod 4 that I'm looking at. And yes, the Samurai will take several hits to take down. So with the original A&D, which has 1 less damage reduction. Then switching to the Core which has the same amount of damage reduction. And you're gonna say Archie is fast but the Movement 7 A&D isn't? Yes, Archie very slightly outranges A&D, but not by much. Yes, Archie can get 3 attacks for a discard. A&D gets 4 AP when split, with no discard. You can kill him outright with 5 hits (2 and a half activations) from min 2 chaff minions.
  14. Not sure how it's only 9ss. Looking at similarly costed models, what it can do is kind of ludicrous. I don't care if a savvy opponent can find ways to deal with it, what other model at 9ss can do the amount of damage A&D can do or take the amount of punishment that it can? Consider a Samurai costs 9ss - 8 Health, Armor 2, Df 4 Wp 5, 2/3/5 damage spread. Archie costs 9ss, 10 Health, Terrifying 12, Hard to Wound, some healing, Df 4, Wp 4, 3/4/6 damage spread. Madame Sybelle cost 10ss, 11 Heath Terrifying 11, Hard to Wound, use soul stones, 3/3/4 damage spread. Mature Nephillim, costs 10ss, 10 health, Df 5, Wp 5, Regeneration +2, Black Blood, 3/4/6 damage spread. Compare to A&D - costs 9ss, health 8, Df 6, Wp 6, Incorporeal, Nihilism, some healing 2/4/5 damage spread. When killed, turns into a model with 6 health, Df 1. Wp 8, Armor +2, and healing, and another model with Df 6, Wp 5, Incorporeal, and the same 2/4/5 damage spread. Plus they have the ability to reform, starting the whole cycle over again, and guaranteeing them another 11 health. That's at minimum 19 health - leaving out the damage reduction and healing potential, as comparably priced models have similar abilities. 30 if they get to reform once. That's 2-3 times the health available to similarly costed models. They also double their actions while split. I don't see how these few comparisons point to A&D being anything but drastically undercosted. I would suggest upping the cost to 10 or 11, and decreasing the health of both the Core and the Storm.
  15. Played her tonight. It's a lot of fun. Feels less like I'm hanging by a thread the whole game, but definitely still a skill Master, which I love. Pandora's defensive Trigger actually works. The "limitation" to removing Stunned doesn't feel like so much of a limitation. I mean, I was playing against Perdita, so they weren't applying too many of their own conditions, but it felt powerful enough to have Pandora able to strip their Focus as I pleased. I'm assuming that Pandora's Misery pings on any condition just like her Opportunist? The wording seems to make it work like that. Anyway, the long and short is, the crew feels like it has much more intermodel synergy. Pandora feels more like a Master. I wouldn't mind Pandora and Candy having engagement ranges, but I'll live without it.
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