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  1. First, I think solkan is absolutely right (and many thanks). Second, yes, it matters which one goes, because, if, for example, a model is in both Pandora and a Sorrow's aura, and gains Stunned, if it got to chose which aura activated, the smart play is to chose Pandora, then if the model wanted to, say Concentrate to gain Focused, which would proc Pandora's aura, but not the Sorrow's, Pandora's aura would already have activated, and so, couldn't be used again that activation.
  2. So. Given that when a model is exposed to overlapping auras with the same name...like Misery, the affected model's controller, not the aura's controller determines which aura affects the model, I am beginning to think Pandora has a serious design flaw. Kind of annoying to see my favorite Master's primary ability beholden to my opponent. Thoughts?
  3. The result of the Obey action is, the target takes an action. That action is a separate action, so, despite the fact that the reason the target takes an action is the attack action Obey, the separate action, Walk, resulting in falling damage is not an attack action. There is no such distinction between actions with Scorch the Soul.
  4. Few things, Irreducible damage doesn't overcome Incorporeal because it's not an attack action, but rather, because the damage can't be prevented. Also, the attack doesn't get two damage spreads, one from the attack and one from Burning, rather one incidence of damage that is both from an attack action (and so, regardless of other aspects except for "Ignores Incorporeal" or Irreducible, affected by Incorporeal), and from Burning. The wording of Scorch the Soul says the damage is from the Burning Condition. It doesn't say the damage isn't caused by the action.
  5. I think it's clear that the damage comes from both the attack and the condition, because it's the result of an attack action, and the action specifies that it's from Burning. I can find nothing in the rules that says that damage can't, in this fashion, have two sources. Others seem to disagree, though, so, on that basis, a FAQ is probably in order.
  6. K. They're saying it's a problem on Wyrd's end. It's thrown a huge wrench in our release event plans (as has Alliance's (who is also saying the problem was on Wyrd's end with late shipping) failure to get most of the midwest's stock into stores for tons of others). I'm sure this is annoying for you guys at Wyrd, but as someone who's been hustling to keep his community alive for the last year, to keep product on shelves as our store has considered removing Malifaux due to sales flatlining after the 3e announcement, and scrambling to get everything ready for a big release event this weekend on promises that everything would be in our hands today, none of which I'm getting compensated for in any way, just out of love of the game, I'm extremely frustrated and exhausted. I don't know where the miscommunication is coming from but it is getting really old.
  7. Our shop got everything but Dead Man's Hand, Burning Bridges, and Youko, citing a delay from Wyrd. Did these get disrupted somehow?
  8. Thanks, Nathan, and thanks for being so up front about where everything is!
  9. So, I'm hearing from FLGSs that distributors haven't started getting 3e stuff in yet. Has there been a delay? Is stuff on its way to distributors? If it isn't is there any chance product will be in stores on Friday?
  10. Hey there, Mid-West Malifaux players! We're launching M3E at Miniature Market St. Louis and you should join us! On Saturday, June 29th, Miniature Market St. Louis is hosting a launch party, with demos, story encounters, prizes, and cake. Stop on by and have a look at the game (hopefully, with new product available for purchase), meet the local players and henchman (that's me!), have a chat, have a demo, have a slice of cake! Address - 13380 Manchester Rd., St. Louis, MO 63131 Time - 12:00pm-5:00pm Cost - None
  11. Five round tournament!
  12. With the exciting announcement of the June 28th release of Malifaux 3rd Edition, we're getting together to learn the rules and get ourselves sorted. No experience necessary! All are welcome! Every Thursday in May, through release eve on June 27th at Miniature Market in St. Louis (https://www.miniaturemarket.com/retail-stl/) from 5pm-10pm. Join us to cheat Fate or lose your soul!
  13. Pretty sure the Judge is the lady in the red dress with the katana.
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