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  1. thebarbalag

    Pandora Functionality

    I kind of take issue with a Master action giving a short push and a built in suit as great, compare to, say, Hoffman's crew, which can do better on their own with Power tokens almost incidentally. Her Defensive trigger is almost useless, given that, as I said, her Df is so low, and she has to first succeed, second have the suit, and third actually hit with the attack. I agree that Misery is useful, as is Opportunist, I just don't see how her power level is on par with other Masters. She seems roughly equivalent to Candy at the moment.
  2. thebarbalag

    Colette Survivability.

    Maybe maybe the Bury a defensive trigger?
  3. thebarbalag

    Asura Roten

    She's also possibly problematic with the ability to summon scheme runners to the other side of the board with ease.
  4. thebarbalag

    Colette Survivability.

    100% agree that either something needs toned down for her or nearly every other Master needs toned up (a few do regardless). Maybe start with removing Serene Countenance, but that might not be the right direction.
  5. thebarbalag

    Pandora Functionality

    I'd really love some input from anybody on how she's meant to function. On the surface, she looks a lot weaker than a lot of other Masters. Her defensive trigger seems to have an inordinate number of hoops to jump through to do anything (first, you have to succeed on Defense, then you have to have the right suit in your Defense, then you have to successfully attack them, then you get a negative flip to the damage), compared to other, similar defensive tech, like Lady J, or Ironsides, where they just get a damage flip, needing the suit and success for Lady J, but neither for Ironsides. She's also lost all of her extra speed, which, coupled with her low defense, and relatively short range make her seem comparatively weak, against, say, Colette, who has absurdly good defensive tech and is far better at both damage and debuffing. It also means that her The Box Opens ability is almost too dangerous to ever get use out of. I played several games with her in the Closed beta, in a slightly different iteration that had better stats, and better triggers on Fears Given Form, and she still felt weak. This just looks very lackluster. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe she's a beast, but I don't see it. Changes I'd like to see: Defense increase to 6, and Dark Thoughts built in on Wp, and on resolve rather than success. Or, change Dark Thoughts to an escape hatch - push away after resolving. I can see reducing her health to compensate for increased defenses. Perhaps change Fears Given Form to do 1 damage and a condition, Stunned, or Distracted, or something, to synergize with her crew's core ability.
  6. thebarbalag


    It's certainly a crew that relies on set up, timing, and skillful play. I wouldn't mind one or two more reliable ways to hand out Distracted, but I wouldn't say it's terrible.
  7. thebarbalag


    Hope this means they're hard at work adding art assets...
  8. Join us November 18, 2018 for Brunch'n'Faux IV at Pieces, St. Louis! Starting at 10am, we'll brunch, we'll Faux, we may even TOS! Interested in either Malifaux, or The Other Side, come for the cinnamon rolls, stay to learn how to cheat Fate or lose your soul! Missing weekly play, weekends work better for you? Come out for bottomless mimosas and get a few games in! Pieces, 1535 S 8th St, St. Louis, MO 63104 10am-6pm - No Entry Fee - Demos available! Can't make Brunch'n'Faux, but still want to have a look at The Other Side? Come out to Miniature Market between 1pm-6pm on Saturday, December 1! We'll be showing off the game, and there may even be prizes! Miniature Market 13380 Manchester Rd St. Louis, MO 63131
  9. thebarbalag

    Brunch'n'Faux III

    Hey all, join us for brunch and Malifaux this Labor day weekend! Demos, Open Play, Prizes, Mimosas! What's not to love? September 2nd, starting at 10am and going into the night, we'll be eating and drinking and cheating Fate all day! No entry fee (though your food and beverage is on you, we do get a small discount). Pieces St. Louis - 1535 S 8th St, St. Louis, MO 63104
  10. Discussed this with Mason. Henchmen do get 3 actions when leader. Masters always get 3 actions, leader or not.
  11. Mason did say that the highest cost non-Master models will hover around 9-10 ss so as not to compete with Masters as hires. Compared to other models, Masters still get the third action, and generally have more and more powerful options than other models, even if they're not as powerful (which doesn't mean anything because you can't look at them in that context in a way that makes any sense) as 2E Masters. Consider buying a 10ss Henchman/Enforcer and a 5ss Minion vs a 15ss Master. You do get one more action and one more activation (that also doesn't mean much any more), and more board control (area occupation, engagement range, etc.), but the extra action you're getting is not going to be as powerful or interesting.
  12. thebarbalag

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Confirmed (in my conversation with Mason at Gen Con) that Keywords work across faction without penalty or limitations. Beast is not Marcus's Keyword, Chimera is.
  13. thebarbalag

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Will the alts be available for sale after the con, like Nekima and Hungering Darkness, or limited releases?
  14. thebarbalag

    July 2018 Errata

    If we're gonna say that you need your engine to pump out fresh corpses every turn, we're assuming the summons are still alive (or killed by Lady Justice or something else weird like the Forest Reclaims), and so, one of Nico's 1st turn AP has turned into 10 AP, and on a Hanged, or Punk Zombie, that's absurdly deadly. Also, yeah, he pays a bunch for the engine, but if he gets three good summons in even just one turn, that's almost completely compensated, and that's assuming that Carrion hits nothing with its attack, and the shards don't impact your opponent's positioning at all. Obviously, 1 wound or 5 wounds, summons die, so new corpses will be generated without digging. Kentauroi drop two. Zombies still get buffed by Carrion and Asura. Asura still generates a zombie a turn without essentially any effort, while either debuffing the enemy, or doing damage, and giving your Zombies bonkers attacks (with +flips from Nico, and the ability to reposition before attacking because they're not slow). So, they don't give you cards any more. Oh well, that was too good. Punk Zombies still only need to be healed a little to be an inordinate pain to remove. I kind of agree that the loss of ItW might have been a tiny bit too much. But at the same time, Sandeep retains the ability to do just about everything. Good attacks, teleport, crew buffing, interact shenanigans, 4 AP per turn, summoning. Making him slightly easier to kill is probably not the end of the world.
  15. thebarbalag

    Monday Preview - False Witnesses

    I think the last few Monday previews have been for new models as well...