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  1. Orboros

    Wyrd 'Sales' going forward ...

    I applaud your decision Wyrd. This will be a tremendous help for my LGS
  2. Orboros

    January 23 - Through the Breach Core

    This makes me incredibly happy. Got a slight shock when i read 2nd edition but as there are no compatibility issues i'm seeing it more as an update than a revamp. Really excited about the new fluff and all the mysteries being lifted..
  3. Hi fellow players. Our local gaming club Siren Games will have a spot at the venue at Vienna Comic Con this Weekend. Fellow Henchman Shen Long will be running demos of Malifaux on Saturday and i will be there on Sunday. We would love to have you there, see you!
  4. Orboros

    [AUT/VIE] Demos at Siren Games

    Will be available today at 19:00
  5. Orboros

    Divergent Paths: Ten Thunders Edition

    Asami just ate Zipp and his friends so that the child can have her demon fan. Finally won a campaign game, took me long enough..
  6. Orboros

    Divergent Paths: Gremlin Edition

    I really hope that the Kid gets the Chicken. The chicken should then get corrupted by the Neverborn to evolve into evil-demon-chicken. Afterwards Gremlins should win the Kid back so that Zoraida can train her and teach her voodoo!
  7. Orboros

    Predictions for new Masters

    If hair-person is indeed an oni master than i hope she looks something like the girls from the Ring and Grudge
  8. Orboros

    [AUT/VIE] Demos at Siren Games

    Hey guys i'll be running demos on Monday the 18th, 19:00 at Siren Games, Friedmanngasse 13 1060 Vienna. We have crews to spare so you don't have to bring your own. Feel free to contact me!
  9. Orboros

    Guild sanctioned spellcasters

    Sadly i have missed out on Nythera completely.. What is the new governor like and is he himself sanctioned, related to the Arcanists or independent? I can't imagine that a new governor general would make the guild change their anti-mage policy Breachsides.
  10. Orboros

    January 25th - Lucky Emissary

    Didn't expect the wheel to be this broad. Looks great
  11. Orboros

    January Community Contest

    Sir Arthur Illington the Third To Be Human. The perfect soldier, no disobedience, no remorse. Where the Guild failed in creating Lazarus, they would triumph. First they needed a basis for his mind. A trinket, stolen from earth and smuggled into Malifaux. An ancient cube magically imbued with a vast amount of knowledge. A portable library of sorts. Around it they built a body. As he stood there in the image of his makers he was more akin to a human than a simple construct running on steam and heat. The day of his birth was a dark one. Awoken by the screams of the poor souls sacrificed to empower the beautiful stone embedded in his engine, he opened his eyes. Where his two unborn brothers stood before him, getting torn apart by the raw energies surrounding them, he fell to his knees overwhelmed by the world surrounding him. Project S-AI Mk.3 was a success and he was perfect. At first they gave him simple tasks, taught him how to walk, how to speak. The cube, laying where a human brain would normally be, processing it and helping him understand. Than they taught him how to fight, how to kill. All the challenges they presented him with, he overcame with ease. The experiment could not have gone better but at his core something grew. Wishes, questions, fears and emotions he should not have. That he could not have. So came the day where he would be tested. Released out of his lab and let loose on a small mining community at the feet of the mountains. Far out into the wilderness where people die and no questions are asked. He tried to resist their magic but he could not. Drawing his sword he walked into the town and the still of the night was disturbed by horrified screams. He moved on his own as he slaughtered them like cattle. Ripped them to shreds as they tried to flee. All he could do was watch. Falling into madness he attempted to break free one last time. He screamed, he threshed and like it was never there to begin with, their grasp on him slipped. At first he didn’t move, horrified that they were toying with him. Would they really let him go? He took a step, stumbling through the ankle-deep blood of his victims. There, at the edge of insanity he turned inwards. Searching through the wisdom swirling in his head he forged himself anew. He would never kill again without purpose, he would be better than them, he would erase what he had done on that dark autumn night. In the midst of a burning village at the feet of the Slate Ridge mountains, Sir Arthur Illington the Third opened his eyes and he started to run. *** A knight in shining armor Sir Arthur Illington the Third is a strange fellow. He travels Malifaux searching for adventure, not caring much for coin or basic human needs. That is because Arthur is a machine, even if he doesn’t believe all the people telling him so. You can often find him sitting at the table of a dirty pub drinking ale and playing cards. Wearing an old hat and ragged cloak he looks weird indeed which is why he is often rejected by the local townsfolk. Nonetheless the people of Malifaux are in dire need of any help they can get be it against the Neverborn or even darker forces lurking in the shadows. Even the Guild has accepted his manpower on a few occasions although he reminds them of the Freikorps agent Lazarus who hates them so truly. He doesn’t talk about his past because he knows nothing about it but there seems to be more to him than meets the eye. No one knows where he came from. He just stood at their door one day offering his aid. Yet somewhere in Malifaux his makers sit and plot. They want their son back, whatever the cost.
  12. Orboros

    August 3rd - The Other Side

    I think it's still a secret where the Breach is but i bet we will find out soon.
  13. Orboros

    August 3rd - The Other Side

    From the Fluff in the TTB Players Guide i always got the notion that the Guild are practically ruling Europe as well, not only Malifaux and those guys in the preview look pretty guildish to me as well
  14. Orboros

    August 3rd - The Other Side

    I think that the factions will be new/different except for the Guild and maybe Ressers/Arcanists (in some form or another) We know that the Guild is basically controlling Earthside, even more so than they do Malifaux. The forces we see in the Preview look more like battlehardened soldiers than simple Guild guards and the walker looks way more advanced than anything we know in Malifaux. I honestly don't expect Neverborn and Gremlins to show up in force because they can't traverse the Breach with a big army. The Three Kingdoms will be a big player as it is mentioned in the Fluff a lot. Maybe there will be some large scale rebel force against the guild which include the Arcanists and the Union? The creatures in the preview really remind me of Obliteration though. Maybe the Tyrant manages to open portals from the Void to Earth and sends his minions to conquer the planet. And i want to see at least one other completely new force which then starts influencing Malifaux as well.. The possibilities are endless and i think we will not be dissapointed
  15. Orboros

    August 3rd - The Other Side

    We finally get to see more of Earth! This is what excites me the most. New Factions, lore-crossovers between the two games, more material for TTB. I honestly couldn't care less about the size or the model count but something ala Warmahordes would please me. My body and my wallet are ready!!