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Iron Quill Beta Round Voting!


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This poll is open to everyone. Please vote! We've got some great stories to share, and the writers have done some great work. Please comment as well, we all love to hear from readers! The winner will be announced August 11th, 2012.


Please PM to me your weighted votes. You've got three of them to hand out, and it'll follow a 3,2,1 format. So, your top pick will get three votes, second will get two, third will get one. Also, submit a vote here in the poll. This is a total of four votes that authors can hand out! Additionally, let me know in the sign up thread (Here) what you thought about the changes to this round, particularly the length of time for writing and the word count.

The Stories:

ThePandaDirector I am the Only Son

Thechosenone Shiver

Absolution Black Live the Dream

Mister Monkey In the Dark

Silver Chocobo Frozen

ukrocky Teddy's Big Night Out

Hardlec SASHA

Salix060907 Never Enough Cats

eatenbypotchky The Strange Account of Mary Rose Pinkerton, Sole Survivor

El Indio The Kid and the Reaper

Kabosan Dare to Dream

eudaimon Perchance to Dream

paddywhack A Cod of Cash

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Voted, and just about to send my weighted ones...

Wow, there are some fantastic stories in this round..

Just a thought but is it worth collecting all the stories for each round in one thread, so a thread for the prelims, the beta etc..I mean after the event just so we have a concise record of the entries, rather than look through pages of threads?

All it takes is a brief post at the top stating the brief, then maybe the winning entry first...the rest after.

Just a thought..i would love to re-read some in the future...

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Friends and Fellows,

I sincerely apologize for not leaving much in the way of feedback yet. (re:none) Work has been nothing less than a bear in a bomb suit. I do fully intend to inundate your entries with praise and constructive criticisms. You all deserve it, so stay tuned.

At least I have finally carved out enough time from my schedule to read all of the entries and have just voted. (again, at the last possible moment) Needless to say, I'm glad that I was able to join this forum and oil the writing gears that have been rusting quietly for some time now. Reading all of your creative and impressive short stories has only encouraged me to continue to write more and to support other writers in their work.

Many thanks to Edonil for hosting this word-battle. Good man.


Edited by eatenbypotchky
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