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  1. ...might well continue. Malifaux was a *GREAT* love of mine, throughout 1st edition and into 2nd edition, before a combination of reasons led to me dropping it in 2018. I have such fond memories of the UK scene, some wonderful heights of competitiveness and a wonderful game with equally wonderful background. Life is still busy, with a summer wedding on the horizon, frequent trips to family and a shared love of football on saturday mornings and Ninth Age tournaments filling a hole till The Old World returns. But. I keep feeling the draw. I want one or two more toes dipped into the pool. Over the next few weeks I'll be exploring the differences between 2nd and 3rd edition, purely on a theory level as I 100% don't have time for actual games, before hopefully (re)buying a Marcus/Lynch/other crew, painting them up and taking them to hopefully an event or 2 in Q3/4 of 2022. I'll be putting some thoughts as to how things have changed, or perceived meta etc in here as I go, if I get a chance to. That's the plan. Now let's see if it works.
  2. Last entries are in 12 hours, at 9pm this evening...so anymore please enter soon!
  3. Just 2 days left to enter, thanks to those who have already! Threads only had 50 views, can I pay to advertise the thread...? @Aaron @Kai
  4. Hi all, I'm doing a Malifaux charity raffle to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, that I'll be drawing atop Ben Nevis, Scarfell Pike and Snowdon next weekend as I attempt to climb all 3. If any of you fancy taking part, for each £1 you donate you'll get 1 ticket, and most of the prize pool is pictured below! (Including my beloved Casino Lynch crew...!). Make sure you type 'Malifaux' in your comment somewhere so I know you're part of the raffle! To enter, go via this link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/craig-johnson37 PnP I will put £3 per UK winner toward, and overseas winners will have to be discussed. As you can see from it being via Just Giving, this is making absolutely zero money for me and prizes have been kindly donated by various people and I'm immensely grateful for their support. I hope Wyrd are OK with me posting this and trying to spread the love of Malifaux and also raise money for life saving research! Thanks all in advance
  5. I'm afraid the wave 4 was nigh on non-existent in my list! I haven't played since August and as such getting to the final was a bit of a surprise but it's the 3rd masters out of the 4 in 2nd edition I've gone solo TT Lynch, with the other one me not being able to attend. I've placed 1st, year off, 3rd and 2nd with him at these events, so he does perform at the highest level IMO. My thoughts are still pretty much contained in that thread where I wrote the list of models I'd use, and when I turned up for day 1 of the masters I realised I had forgotten all my stat cards bar those I'd used in my last game at my last tournament in August, so I played fixed crew pretty much all day Saturday, with the usual mix of: Lynch, Rising Sun, Sometimes Wanna see a Trick, Would love recalled but no room. Hungering Darkness, Recalled Training, Usually smoke grenades. Lone Swordsman with Recalled Training. Shadow Emmisary with Lynch's upgrade. Then a mix of...: Depleted (max 2), TT Bros (max 2), Illuminated, Sniper and...that's it...? Not got Scheme Pools to hand as phone is dead so no social media but will update at a later date Game 1 vs Ressers (Reva, Tosh, Emmisary, Yin, some other bits) in HeadHunter - I played poorly turns 1 and 2, and some poor flips meant I lost hungering darkness and emmisary for no return. Thought I was going down big, pulled back to 7-4 loss. Game 2 vs Neverborn (Lilith normal list) in Stake a Claim - Played against this list so much I was happy to see it! Managed a 10-1 win. Game 3 vs Ten Thunders (Asami, Yasanouri, New Henchman, Terracota, Kamatachi, Low river...some other bits...?) in Squatter's rights. Dealt with the summoning and killed Yasanouri turn 1 with missile Huggy. Won 9-0. So I got through to the Quarter final and knew I was likely to play Sandeep in the morning, so I actually read what he did, and came up with a plan... Game 4 vs Arcanists (Sandeep, Cortez - new hench?, Howard, 2 Raptors, 2 Windies, Effigy) in Interference. So my plan in this was to mix my crew slightly, so I took Lynch, Huggy, Lone Swordie, Emmisary, Depleted, Depleted and Aionus...Aionus did the trick in the mind games sector and forced George to play differently. Aionus physically didn't actually do that much but I'm very happy I took him. I was losing by a few after turns 3 but the pressure had started to pay with Howard dying turn 2 to Huggy, then Cortez turn 3 to the same model. I started to pin in Sandeep, forcing him to retreat. End of Turn 3 I took a 2 minute break with my book of notes and worked out the VPs I needed to go on and win the game, knowing a draw wasn't enough, and managed a 7-6 win. Game 5 vs Outcasts (Usual Viks, Vanessa, Taelor, Johan, Child, Effigy) in Collect the Bounty. (Eliminate the leader AND frame for murder in the pool...). Back to the norm against my old clubmate Ant. I deployed poorly. Hench Vik killed Lynch for 3Vps, Swordie killed Vik (Huggy did 6 wounds then left it to the swordie) for 2 more to him. Turn 2 Taelor smacked the sniper, cue running away. Viks refused to fight anymore and it was a rearguard. I kept scoring for Bounty, despite Huggy fluffing against the Vik Turn 3, and managed to cycle cards enough to build up a hand to kill Vik turn 5 due to enough movement courtesy of the emmisary for a 6-6 draw that put me through. Game 6 vs Ressers (Nico, Archie, Phillip, Crooligan and then 3 belles, 2 doxies and some other summoned stuff) in Headhunter. I don't think TT can win HH with the scheme pool in this game vs Ressers. Scheme pool was: Claim Jump - too many enemies Dig their graves - They drag in before killing, I can't drag, companion and kill, so if I drag, they drag themselves back Insepction - I get outactivated then dragged away from the sides Leave your mark - Means I'm running at them in HH, and outactivation means they can likely get a model near enough Inspect the ruins - They can out activate me last turn before turning some markers off, and meant i had to be in the open, meaning I could get dragged for HH. Ended up going down 9-4, outplayed, outcrewed and I'm not convinced TT has much of a chance in that pool...! Delighted to come 2nd and happy to answer anymore Qs
  6. Mornin' - I was one of them, got to the final - will post up later.
  7. ukrocky

    Banning From Events

    Just to partly play devil's advocate and also to get across the side I've not yet seen. I in part agree with what Dave and Connor have said, and can fully see their points and some of my brain definitely agrees with it all, but as said, to play devil's advocate: If I was to run an event, I would want the event to be as enjoyable for all players as possible, as well as for myself as a TO. I would not run an event where I would actively be at the event not liking someone at the event. I would want to enjoy the experience and is part of the reason I very seldom run events as I prefer to play. If I was to run a Warhammer event nowadays there would be certain people I *would* say no to, as well as certain people I would talk to prior to them attending. There are people in this community, as well as myself in the past, who do not play in the same spirit as a lot of the community and need to realise that it's just a game. Some people push the limits, some people don't get on. That's human nature. If the TO in question has reasons to not allow someone to their event, it is well within their rights and I do not believe they should be witch-hunted over it. I can see the points of those above, and I do believe that wargaming is a hobby for all and should be all inclusive, but if certain people have true differences, then that is for both of them to reflect on and either address themselves, or between one another, and not for the community to decide in my opinion. P.S. I have no idea who's involved, nor am I particularly interested. There are certain people I enjoy playing in malifaux, there are certain people I would have words with prior to an event if I was to run one, but there is no one off the top of my head I would outright say no to in malifaux at present, which is one excellent aspect of the wyrd-verse, as there are very few malicious people, especially compared to some others I've seen in my many years of tournamenting. P.P.S. I would put me 5 years ago in the category of sometimes pushing too far and would likely have appreciated a word in advance back then. I'm a delight nowadays.
  8. Thanks for your reply, appreciate it. Couple quick things: - First off, if I come across as petty, I apologise. But myself and another top player in the UK both see summoning as a massive NPE that isn't a good style. That's just my honest opinion. I dislike playing against summoners where I have no interaction. - Secondly, not sure I understand your counter example involving rats? Ratjoy will hardly scratch dreamer IMO, and still relies on a mass of activations which is a frustrating area of non-competition from a TT PoV.
  9. Morning all, After recent discussion with some good players as well as my own experience in games, I honestly believe that summoning, specifically master summoners, have a negative impact on the game for a number of reasons: - Tournament games with summoners tend to be slowed down massively - Not always true. - Non-summoners have to select their crew blind, whereas summoners can adapt much easier - Part of their style. - Activation control in summoning crews is always massive, and activation control is something important and oft talked about in the game at present. - The sheer amount that can be summoned, especially with little resources, is sometimes incredible. - Some strategies and schemes there is *zero* chance of competing with a summoner. To give some examples: - Dreamer's summoning is insane. Summoning 2 stitched a turn, both can then get reactivate and be on 2 wounds is just crazy with the pushes and activation control available. Let alone Lilitu and lures etc. It's not really that card intensive due to neverborns card draw, and saccing a daydream for masks. Can easily get 40+ss a game out. - Nicodem's summoning is similar. He can get a horrific amount of cards, especially combined with Phillip, a lack of fast, and sheer model count coming out slows the game and makes VPs auto in some strats/schemes. The reason summoning isn't sweeping the tables is that at a top level, the playstyle is boring and slow for many players. Other players who do well with them, I don't begrudge and enjoy games against them, but I personally wouldn't play a summoner as I'd just get bored and be wary of my opponent finding the game boring and frustrating. Long story short, that's my honest thoughts on summoners - I'm not saying they are correct, but some factions simply can't compete with masters Like the dreamer in certain strat/scheme pools due to activation control, flexibility, weight of numbers and so on. My proposal to fix would be: A master can only summon SS per turn equal to those not spent at the start of the game, totems are excluded. Eg, The Dreamer selects his crew and spends 40ss. He can then summon 10ss a turn, not includiing daydreams. This brings summoning into the list building part of the game, and limits the current horrific amount of activations summoners can get, whilst still allowing them to summon plenty of models. I suspect lots of disagreements with this post, but that is my honest current view on malifaux, where summoning is imbalanced. (Note: It's not always overpowered in all strategies and schemes, but some it is - hence imbalanced rather than OP)
  10. Predictions anyone...? I'm going for a Neverborn win...
  11. But 2ss to assume your opponent is going to sloppily place models and then you're going to spend ss on masks...? Note: I like the idea of using a shadow effigy as a 'bodyguard'
  12. Q on misdirection - surely your opponent just does better target selection/better placement of models. They may occasionally have to waste an AP to walk or push a model away from the 2" but that's it...? Sure if my opponent stands in a circle, ace, happy days...?
  13. I just don't get misdirection, never seen the value, but I'm sure I'm missing something. Convince me!
  14. Afternoon all, So after a long time playing the gambling, innocent casino owner that is Lynch I've decided to try and branch out and with a choice across the whole faction, I narrowed it down to McCabe or Yan Lo. After umming and ahhing and asking away on social media, I'm going to go with Yan Lo and his mighty, mighty beard. This thread will serve me as somewhere to get my thoughts down on various models and hopefully get any tips and tricks, as well as a place for me to complain afterward. Now, straight off the bat, I'm not actually sure what strategies and schemes Yan Lo is actually better at than Lynch, but in my opinion, Lynch is more than capable of every strategy and sets of schemes, so I don't know why I'd actually branch out other than playing something different. I sat down to make some lists the other night as starting points to work from and got a tad frustrated that with what I want to use it kept coming out at 7 models, but here's the first list I went with...: Yan Lo with Reliquary, Recalled Training and Brutal Khakkara (+2SS) So Reliquary means going hyper aggressive with Izamu and Emissary isn't a massive issue, especially Izamu. Recalled Training means if he lightning jumps in, he has defensive built in, but can also be super important on his jump in on his 3SS Upgrade (if the situation arises). I just like recalled on masters! The Khakkara allows flexibility, especially with the Emmisary. Soul Porter Seems a decent totem, with some nice pushes, cheap too which in a 7 model crew is handy. The Lone Swordsman with Recalled Training I love this guy. He can be a scheme runner extraordinaire with a potential 5AP and a (0) push, and is such a threat for not all that many SS! He's up and down in terms of reliability but his threat plus scheme potential means I usually find a place for him... Shadow Emmisary with Conflux of Ancestory Well, I've argued this guys corner alot for Lynch and I think his Ancestory upgrade isn't far off being as good as Lynch's. It improves Yan's late game Ml potential, he can be brought back and can reasonably reliably get fast from Yan, all on a model I love that provides pushes to Izamu/Swordie that also gives fast. Mint. Izamu the Armour with Recalled Training So I've never actually used Izamu as he's always a stone or two too expensive for what I need, and especially compared to the lone swordsmen, but I've got him in for the reliquary potential, as well as the amount of pushes he can be given and the potential lightning dance. Also in for 'Chi tactics' below. Komainu Cheap, and arguably more useful than a TT Bro in a Yan Lo crew, though I always run one TT bro in my lynch crews. Just a chance to have a play around with him! Illuminated or Katakana Sniper Torn as I love both models. Snipers for their persistent threat, and illuminated for 'Chi tactics' and generally just being decent even without brilliance! Chi Tactics So gaining Chi with Yan seems key but I think a turn 1 stone for cards is important, and the generic plan being hit the illuminated for severe, and hit izamu for severe. Both of these can heal back up to full for 0s during their activation, as well as Yan instilling youth (or as close to full as needed!), but it seems a very card intensive way to get to 3 Chi! Once on 3 Chi it depends on opponents crew IMO but you either go Incoporeal or the 3SS one I can't remember the name of. Preferably both by the end of the game. Long Term Tactics Go aggressive with Swordie, Izamu, Yan and the emmisary, using lightning dance and the 3SS upgrade on Yan. Either isolate with lightning dance, or 'Semi-whirlwind' with Yan's ability. I'm still not sure where/when I'd use Yan over Lynch, or how to get an 8th activation without skimping, but it's my first crew so any tips appreciated!
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